Pet King - Chapter 867

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Chapter 867

Zhang Zian and the others sighed when they heard about Chu Manhua's story .

Just then, the ambulance arrived with its siren still on .

Although there was no longer anything wrong with Chu Manhua, the emergency care personnel still did a check on her .

Wang Qian wondered, "I have an old relative who's also a diabetic, but he's still doing fine––he's energetically going on with his life . This year, he even got a mistress and went through a divorce… She's also a diabetic, but why is it so different?"

Zhang Zian also did not understand why .

"The situation is different," Masanori Suzuhara explained . "Your relative must be diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and Type II diabetes has little effect on our daily lives . Generally speaking, it can be controlled by anti-diabetic medication . She has Type I diabetes, and she is only able to maintain her life by injecting insulin every day––you can see the insulin pump hanging around her waist . She can't even leave that thing for a moment . Sports that young people like––for example, swimming and mountain climbing––are cut out from her life . She's also not able to eat most food, and she has to live every day being very careful… especially when she's still so young…"

Wang Qian really wanted to ask if she needed to bring that thing along when doing
"the deed," but if she did, then it might really cause some influence…

"In fact, even Type I diabetes is not the end of the world . I have seen many cases in medical school where some patients have changed their previous, unhealthy lifestyle because of getting sick, and now, they are living much healthier than ordinary people! She's probably depressed because her longtime boyfriend broke up with her, which caused a big blow," Masanori Suzuhara analyzed . "She looks smart, and I believe that in time, she will be able to walk out from this heartache and re-embrace life . "

"I hope so . " Zhang Zian agreed with her opinion .

From what Chu Manhua had said, they understood that she used to be an otaku, which meant that she did not like to exercise and was slightly chubby––it was hard to say for sure that those weren't the cause of her diabetes . If she was able to get over what happened to her and walk onto a new path, then she might be live a better life in the future .

Initially, Chu Manhua did not want to go to the hospital with the ambulance, but there seemed to be a problem with her insulin pump . After some persuasion from the doctor, she laid on the stretcher and decided to go with them for a complete check at the hospital .

Zhang Zian carried the mini poodle and walked up beside her . He said, "Pets are probably not allowed on the ambulance, I guess . "

She raised her arm up from the stretcher and rubbed the mini poodle's head .

"So small," she said . "Just like a delicate porcelain doll . "

Zhang Zian added, "Delicate and extremely frail… It requires a lot of care from the owner . The amount of food and water per meal should not be too much or too little . The amount of exercise per day should also not be too much or too little . When it's brought out of the house, you need to keep your eyes on it . Be careful not to let it be kicked or stepped on by the pedestrians… It's very troublesome to take care of, and I haven't been able to find the right owner for it yet . "

But Wu Manchen seemed to have heard about something fun . She smiled happily . "Isn't that almost the same as me?"

She seemed to have seen herself in this mini poodle––her life from then on also required careful planning . She had to pay attention to her diet, be careful when she exercised… She had to be careful of everything . All it took was one mistake and it would be dangerous for her .

Her ex-boyfriend was not willing to take on that responsibility, so she could only take it upon herself––not only for herself, but also for the mini poodle .

The ambulance driver and doctor started to rush her .

"Can you keep this dog for me? I'll come back and pick it up once I'm discharged from the hospital," she said .

"Sure, no problem . It'll be here waiting for you," Zhang Zian answered .

Having received Zhang Zian's promise, she smiled and waved at the poodle before she was carried into the ambulance by the emergency care personnel .

The ambulance drove further and further away before it slowly disappeared at the end of the street .

"I really have to thank you for today . Someone would have lost their life outside my shop entrance if it wasn't for you . " Once again, Zhang Zian thanked Masanori Suzuhara .

"Haha! Don't mention it . I just happened to be here . With that, I'll see you tomorrow!" Masanori Suzuhara smiled and waved goodbye .

She was covered in sweat from her run and the weather was still very cold, so she was very eager to return back to the dormitory for a shower and to change her clothes .

Zhang Zian did not try to keep her . Anyway, he basically saw her every morning .

The beagle Snoopy had gotten bigger again, and it looked cooler than before . Being led along by Masanori Suzuhara, it kept turning back while it ran, staring at the mini poodle in Zhang Zian's arms, as if to say, "Bark! Why aren't you barking anymore?"

"Disperse, disperse! All go back to what you're supposed to be doing!" Zhang Zian placed the mini poodle back on the floor and waved to Wang Qian and Lu Yiyun .

Wang Qian made up an excuse to help out next door and slipped away to gossip with Li Kun .

Seeing that there were no customers at the moment, Lu Yiyun plugged in her graphic tablet and started to draw .

"Hmph! Who would have thought that us felines would be suppressed one day… Do you think that cats do not exist anymore?" Fina stared at the mini poodle with dissatisfaction .

"Speaking objectively, a dog's sense of smell is, indeed, better than that of cats . Nothing can be done, even if you're not happy about it," Zhang Zian said .

Fina turned and stared at Zhang Zian . "Do not belittle us cats . There are millions of cats, so don't assume that there's a lack of talented ones!"

Zhang Zian nodded . "I know! Some cats are really able to eat––it's almost a talent . "

"What did you say?!" Fina suddenly stood up . "Do not think that this queen is unable to understand what you are trying to hint at!"

"Nope . You're thinking too much into this… It was a random speech . " Zhang Zian laughed and tried to brush it off .

Snowy Lionet took the chance to interrupt . "Meow! Meow! Meow! Your Highness, there's no need to entertain this stinky man . From what this one sees, we should just castrate him before we say anything else! This one has heard of a folk prescription; it's said that eating a deep fried human whip can cure and prevent diabetes…"

Zhang Zian felt a chill in his crotch, and decided to leave immediately .

Old Time Tea sighed . "Who knew that a day's goodwill actually saved another person's life today . "

"Yeah, who would have thought that it was able to detect the abnormal blood sugar levels of a diabetic…" Famous echoed after it . "With it by her side in the future, it should be able to help her––at least it can give her a warning when her blood sugar falls again to prevent what happened today from happening again . "

"Ga ga! From what I see, she's only suffering today because she's blind . She treated a crap of a man as true love! As for what true love actually is… well you know!" Richard cast a look at Zhang Zian . Its first sentence had made a lot of sense, but what came after was back to its original nature .

"I don't know! I also don't want to know!" Zhang Zian understood what Richard meant, but he pretended to be dumb . At the same time, he picked up the feather duster and went after Richard . "Earlier the dog barked for a reason, but why did you join in?"

"Ga ga! Bird slaughter! Help!" Richard flapped its wings and flew everywhere, while Zhang Zian chased it from behind with the feather duster in his hands . Left on the ground behind them were bird and chicken feathers .

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