Phoenix Ascending - Chapter 369

Published at 11th of September 2019 10:43:48 AM

Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Worthless Deaths

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The officers had heard what was going on . They knew there was no need for so many of them if they were only going to steal the supplies . They assumed Nan Xun was going to pick one of them to lead a team .

“I’m going to lead the team for intercepting the supplies myself,” Nan Xun said .

The officers didn’t expect that . Stealing supplies might seem like a simple enough task, but it wasn’t . It was a common tactic . Eastern Wu was likely to have foreseen their action . If their operation failed, it could mean deaths . That was why anyone of importance was rarely assigned to such a task .

“Please allow me to do it,” an officer spoke up .

Nan Xun waved a hand dismissively and sat down . “I’m not arguing with you . What I want to talk about is the general battle plan tomorrow . ”

“Eastern Wu will be ready, but they know they can’t put too many people to safeguard the supplies . At most, they may put one officer in charge, and they won’t do anything until noon . If that’s the case, there’s no reason for us to go head to head with them… March out tomorrow morning and catch them off guard . Forget about the supplies… I’ll teach you how you’re going to command the troops . Do not make any mistakes . You have to convince them that I’m still in the army . ”

Nan Xun talked until his voice was hoarse . He finished a pot of tea himself, which helped a little .

The officers had learned a lot from Nan Xun that night . Their eyes were bright with excitement .

When the meeting ended, the day was about to break . It was time for them to set out . Nan Xun made his way back to his tent .

Jun Huang was already awake when he entered . She looked up at him and smiled . “You must have formulated a plan already . We should go . Time’s a wastin . ”

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Nan Xun took the tea Jun Huagn had asked for earlier and left the tent with her . They joined up with a team of soldiers and rode out .

The sun hadn’t risen above the horizon . It was dark, and the wind was chilling . Jun Huang leaned closer toward Nan Xun . The horses left hoof prints on the snow .

They moved quickly . Soon, they heard something approaching them . They exchanged a glance and dismounted . After hiding the horses, they went up a hill and lay low .

Nan Xun was almost on top of Jun Huang, shielding her from the falling snow . He pulled her closer, worried that she would feel cold . “Take this . Just to be safe . ”

Jun Huang turned to see Nan Xun handing her a dagger . She took it without hesitation .

Illuminated by the rising sun was a group of men . They were Eastern Wu’s couriers .

Once they had entered the circle Nan Xun’s men made, Nan Xun charged out with his soldiers . The sudden turn of events caught the couriers off guard .

Nan Xun’s men were quick and agile . The couriers had been in a rush to deliver the supplies . They didn’t dare cause a delay when Ji Bo was in such a hurry . Thus, they hadn’t gotten much sleep . The ambush caught them by surprise . Many of them were struck down before they could even draw their swords .

A courrier who had been staying at the back started . Recognizing the futility of resistance, he fled . Jun Huang spotted him running away . She narrowed her eyes and went after him .

The man didn’t expect that . He drew his sword . Jun Huang only had a dagger as her weapon . She picked up a wooden branch to block the blade .

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The man relaxed when he saw that his pursuer was a woman . He struck at Jun Huang with quick and precise moves .

Jun Huang backed away from a coming slash, her back knocking into a tree . With an eyebrow raised, she kicked the trunk to propel herself and leapt over the man’s head . The man dodged to the side quickly, but Jun Huang’s dagger managed to cut his arm .

Nan Xun finished off the couriers and came for Jun Huang before the man could strike again . He kicked the man in the back and knocked him off the hill .

Jun Huang was going to rush down to take care of the man, but Nan Xun stopped her .

“Are we just going to let him go?” she asked .

Nan Xun shook his head . “The fall is enough to seriously injure him . Besides, the dagger is tempered with poison . He won’t live for long . We should return now . ”

Jun Huang nodded and followed Nan Xun back to their group . They did an inventory on the supplies before making their way to the camp .

The man had survived the fall . He struggled to his feet and patched himself up, gritting his teeth . He didn’t notice anything wrong with the cut on his arm . He stumbled his way to Eastern Wu’s camp .

Ji Bo almost spat out blood when he heard that Nan Xun had taken the supplies . He was going to ask more questions when the man died of the poison suddenly . Ji Bo’s face went dark . His urge to kill Nan Xun intensified .

Things weren’t looking good . Ji Bo had no choice but to use one of his trump cards . He collected his thoughts and summoned his shadowguard, making the order .

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The shadowguard was surprised initially, but it made sense for Ji Bo to make that move . It’d be uncharacteristic of the strategist to do nothing after the failure he suffered .

He had Ji Bo’s letter delivered to Northern Qi’s imperial city . It was time to fight back .

Sir Zhao heard about an incoming letter as soon as he woke up . Instead of having the letter delivered to him immediately, he had breakfast first and made his way to the study . He prohibited anyone from bothering him before opening the envelope .

His expression was unreadable after reading the letter . He burned it with candle fire and rubbed at the calluses covering his palms .

A scholar official shouldn’t have such callused hands . He was actually a fighter who had been laying low for revenge .

His lips curved into a cruel smile . He quickly schooled his expression into one of indifference and summoned all his men .

Once, he’d been the general of Tianyu . After its destruction, he had wanted to take his own life, but Ji Bo stopped him . He told him to lay low in Northern Qi . The years of waiting was all for this moment .

Everyone in his manor was secretly a special-trained deathsworn, as capable as any soldiers . Now that Ji Bo was in trouble, it was time for him to come out of hiding .

The Zhao Manor was emptied overnight . It was as if they’d all vanished into thin air . Qi Yun was surprised when he heard, but he couldn’t figure out what had happened . He knew Sir Zhao as a disciplined scholar official . He ordered his men to search for the official, but failed to inform Nan Xun .

All of a sudden, Sir Zhao led more than a hundred of his deathsworns and charged at Nan Xun from within Northern Qi’s territory, catching Nan Xun by surprise . No one had anticipated the turn of events . Sir Zhao specifically had been targeting Nan Xun .

Their paths had crossed before in the imperial city . Nan Xun didn’t expect them to one day become enemies .

Ji Bo had ordered Sir Zhao to assassinate Nan Xun . However, he only had about a hundred men with him, while Nan Xun had almost ten thousand . His only choice was to carve a path through the border city gate . Once the gate was forced open, the waiting Eastern Wu soldiers’ advanced in droves .

It was a hectic fight, but Nan Xun didn’t lose his calm . He deftly countered the enemy’s attack .

It was fortunate that they’d had dug a moat a few inches from the city wall, which was filled with oil rather than water . Nan Xun had the moat lit and a wall of fire soared up, keeping the enemies from getting close . Those who had slower reflex even got burned to death .

Nan Xun moved quickly . After the enemies had backed away, he had the moat emptied and put out the fire with snow . Immediately, he led a charge against Eastern Wu .

Ji Bo had no choice but to order the soldiers to retreat . Nan Xun didn’t give chase since his men weren’t in a better condition . Neither side won the battle, and both suffered casualties .

Nan Xun was no stranger to loss . War showed mercy to no one . He’d witnessed countless deaths himself . He had someone make a list of those who hadn’t returned to the camp . It’d be ideal if they could find the bodies . They submitted the list to the imperial court and requested for the families left behind to be taken care of .

Eastern Wu soon recovered . Ji Bo officially declared war against Nan Xun, who used it as a way to motivate his soldiers . They began to prepare for the next battle .

Jun Huang could never get used to witnessing deaths . It pained her to see the crippled soldiers whining on the ground . Some of them were missing an arm . Others, a leg . She couldn’t bear looking at the blood-tainted snow .

Nan Xun knew Jun Huang was naturally caring . He didn’t want her to be numb to deaths like he was . Thus, when Jun Huang said she wanted to join Oleg Cragfiend as a war medic, he agreed . He told her to be careful . The soldiers might get rough . He didn’t want her to get hurt .