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Published at 9th of October 2019 04:05:04 AM

Chapter 139: 139

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Caesar didn’t speak, an unspoken acknowledgement .

Actually, if he just tried to explain a bit, even the worst laughable excuses would make Rosie feel a bit better, rather than the despair silence brought .

“I-I know! Caesar, you believe that I’m weaker so I’ll drag you down! Am I right?”

Caesar frowned, but remained silent .

Thus, he lost his last chance of redeeming himself .

“Hmph, I should’ve known! Caesar, you actually look down on me all this time, right?”

Finally, Rosie who was always passive in front of Caesar snapped .

“I know you’re a genius, and no matter how hard I work, you’ll leave me further and further behind… but I always naively thought that even if I can’t catch up toyou, you’ll be able to see my efforts!” Rosie lowered her head, her trembling words made one heartbroken .

It was like she took this opportunity to vent all her pent up frustration and discontent .

“You’re a prince, I’m a commoner, you’re a genius, I’m a normal person… so you think that I’m not even worthy of being your teammate, am I right?”

“Caesar did you know? In order to participate fair and square in the intramural selection competition, I spent all my time to meditate and train… I tried my hardest! But I couldn‘t do it, I cant become as strong as you… so I could only use other ways to approach you, is that also my wrong?”

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“That’s right, by comparison, you must like princess Shen DaiYing a lot more, right… she’s so gentle, so beautiful, so strong, she instakilled me with one swing of the sword, all my efforts must have seemed so foolish… heh . ”

Rosie was worked up and shaking all over, yet Caesar still was silent, letting Rosie say whatever she wanted .

“Um… sister Rosie, please don’t say those kinds of things . ” Shen DaiYing awkwardly smiled, and ran over to be the peacemaker, “Caesar didn‘t mean anything bad, he just…”

“Just what! You vixen!” Rosie didn’t appreciate it, and swiped her hand away, releasing all her anger on her, “Shen DaiYing, don‘t get cocky, you’re stil not married to Caesar! You don’t have to keep up your pretenses, you’re still not his wife yet!”

“Ah? I…” Shen DaiYing stopped and slightly opened her eyes, revealing the awkwardness .

“Remember this, you definitely won’t become his wife! I, Rosie, definitely won‘t hand Caesar over to you! I swear!”

“Eh? Sister Rosie, that…”

“Hmph, just you wait!”

Leaving that line behind, Rosie stormed out of the room, leaving everyone dumbfounded in the room, no one speaking .

The first person to break the silence, was of course Lin Xiao .

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“Hey, her eyes looked pretty red earlier… was she crying?” Lin Xiao quietly asked his maid .

“Cry? No, she didn’t cry . ”

“Then what was it?” Lin Xiao blinked, rejoicing that Elena finally spoke more than four words to him, so he continued to ask .

“Humans will shed tears when they’re are hurt, but, if they endure it and don’t blink, and take a deep breath, the tears will go back . ” Elena rationally analyzed .

“Uh… isn’t that just crying, whats the difference?”

“Of course they’re different . She didn’t shed a single tear, so strictly speaking, it doesn’t conform to the definition of crying, so, she didn’t cry . ”

“Heh, it seems like this little kitty is an anthropologist now, you sure learn fast . ”

“Hey, you two…” Shen DaiYing could only bitterly smile at the master and servant pair .

Were they just foolishly chatting? No, of course not, Shen DaiYIng heard their underlying words .

They were actually speaking to Caesar, spilling salt on his wounds, letting him know how deeply he hurt a gil that liked him .

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“Sigh, as expected, I’m already too old…”

Finally, the bystander, Woos, helplessly sighed .

Usually, he would not interfere with relationship fights, and he doesn’t want to . Love is always bittersweet and it’s normal to have a dispute once in a while .

But this time Caesar did go overboard .

“Caesar, are you that worried that Rosie will hold you back?” Woos shook his head, and lectured him, “Compared to winning, shouldn’t you much rather cherish those next to you? Even if you won and became a hero, so wat? You’re going to fall hard one day if you treat life like that . ”

“Yes, teacher, you’re right . ” Caesar had an expressionless face, he retorted with a muffled voice, “But teacher, I’m not worried that Rosie will hold me back . ”

Now he learned to look for excuses .

“Excuses!” Woos scolded, “Aren’t you opposed to her participating because she isn’t strong enough? . . Now you’re making excuses, it’s too late!”

“No… teacher, the participants in the academy tournament are all very strong, right?” Caesar didn’t directly answer, instead, he asked an irrelevant question .

“Yes, indeed, there are also geniuses comparable to you! But even so you shouldn’t…”

“Teacher, there are no judges protecting the participants during the competition, right?” Caesar interrupted Woos and asked again .

“Protecting the participants?” Woos stopped and understood what he meant .

So what Caesar was actually thinking was… .

Before waiting for Woos to respond, Caesar continued on .

“If I remember correctly, there are always injuries every year during the competition, more than ten times compared to the intramural selection competition, let alone serious injuries, even dying is common . ” He still had a poker face, but his eyes were filled with unwavering determination, “Teacher, I can’t guarantee I can protect her during the competition, I don‘t want anything to happen to her . ”

“…” “…”

“…” “…”

After he said that, Woos, Lin Xiao, Elena, and Shen DaiYing were all staring at him like they were looking at a monster .

“Wait! Caesar… cough . ” Woos held his head and asked, “So you’re saying that you believe Rosie is too weak and will be in danger, so that’s why you object to her participating?”

“Precisely . ” Caesar nodded, and seriously explained, “I’m a magic swordsman and have to be completely concentrated in a fight, that’s my biggest weakness . In the actual combat drill in Black Lake forest, it was because I was too concentrated and didn‘t protect her properly so she was snatched away by a Jackalwere, it was all my fault . ”

“The actual combat drill?” Woos stroked his beard for a while before remembering .

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