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Picked up a Demon King to be a Maid - Volume 1 - Chapter 96

Published at 13th of June 2019 06:41:03 PM

Chapter 96

Chapter 96 – Treasure You

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Lin Xiao has been pretty idle for the past few days .

The other contestants were still proceeding with their battles as prescribed, but what about him? He was the first one to finish the competition in Loran Academy, also, he was the fastest one to obtain number one in their groups .

Is it a symbol of strength?

Peh! More like a lucky bastard . He didn’t even fight and won all his battles because of his opponents forfeiting, what kind of strength is that?

Speaking of strength, can Lin Xiao even compare to Caesar and Shen DaiYing?

Look at Caesar, a handsome prince, a valiant magic swordsman . If the opponent is a magician, he’ll use magic to defeat them! If the opponent is a warrior, he’ll use his gorgeous sword skills! Within group B, Caesar inevitably won all his battles and successfully advances!

Similarly, Shen DaiYing also won all her fights . She won all her fights in high heels using just one move, Cherry Dance, Blossom . Unsheathe, slash, sheath, every time her figure crossed the opponent, after the blossom, she instantly won .

Originally, everyone didn’t accept it when the principal announced the engagement between Caesar and Shen DaiYing a couple of days ago . But now, everyone accepted it .

All the students came to a consensus that Caesar and Shen DaiYing, the prince and the princess, the hero and the beauty, was a match made in heaven!

There was also a saying circulating through the academy, whoever opposed their marriage were rebels and would be beheaded!

Of course, even if they would be beheaded, Lin Xiao and Rosie vehemently opposed this marriage!

Lin Xiao’s residence

It was another day of leisure vacation, Lin Xiao had nothing to do as usual . He was lazily lying on the sofa reading the newspaper with a cup of tea in his hand while Elena, with her usual facial nerve paralysis expression, was wiping all over the place with a piece of cloth, performing her obligations as a maid .

“What?!” Lin Xiao shivered and almost spilled his cup of tea .

“What’s wrong?” Elena curiously asked, “Is it… information about Elona?”

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“No… but what’s with this?” Lin Xiao spread open the newspaper and angrily pointed at it, “Look at today’s headlines,「Loran Academy’s Magic Department’s S class Muddler, Lin Xiao, Luckily Passes Group Stages, Three Brothers Fall Prey to Plot by Evildoer」, what are they saying? Are they suspecting me?”

“…” Elena was speechless, “You were the one who injured those three anyway . ”

“This and that are two different things! They came and provoked me on their own, I didn’t plot anything against them . They can’t smear my name!”

The three brothers recovering in the church already regained consciousness, and told others that they were plotted against by a evildoer, when the were asked who this “evildoer” was, they stammered and couldn’t answer .

“Hmph, do they have the balls to say it? Three warriors were beat to severe injuries by one fourth level magician, they would become a laughingstock if it was revealed!”

“… don’t play dumb, you’re clearly a sixth level magician . ” Elena retorted .

Wouldn’t it be too effortless for a sixth level magician to beat three fourth level warriors?

“Sigh, whatever, since they won’t come bother me anymore . ” Lin Xiao continued to flip through the newspaper, he soon noticed another interesting news,「Mysterious Killer Appears in Winterless City, Prominent Merchant Jackson Assassinated」

Lin Xiao has heard of the merchant Jackson, he heard that he mainly engaged in transportation jobs and had close ties to Flowing Cloud Courier . It’s said that other than transport, he also secretly did human trafficking, illegal slave transactions, and other shady business, getting assassinated would be considered as getting his just desserts .

The newspaper said that Jackson suffered two mortal wounds, one was at the neck, where there was a deep cut, the other was at his heart, where there was a hole pierced by some dagger-like weapon . The killer was adept and efficient, not a single clue was left behind, like a ghost . The preliminary speculation was that it was done by a killer association .

“Mysterious killer, huh… who cares, as long as they don’t come after me . ” Lin Xiao lifted his teacup and slurped, then continued to read .

“Hey, take a look to see if there’s any information on Elona . ” Elena stopped what she was doing and also came over to read the newspaper .

It has already been a while, yet there was no information about Elona, none about her being captured, and she never came to them in Winterless City, it was like she vanished .

Elena became more and more anxious, to the point where she wanted to drag Lin Xiao to Sheryl City and look for her personally!

“It’s pointless even if you worry, there’s nothing on the newspaper . ” Lin Xiao impatiently flipped the pages and was suddenly attracted to a headline, “Eh?… 「Holy Light Church Clergy Change, Winterless City to Welcome New Saint」”

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“New Saint?” Elena curiously got closer .

Personnel transfer across dioceses of the same rank was extremely rare, although this news only occupied a small space, Lin Xiao knew that this was the most important .

Unfortunately, the content was extremely brief, and there was pretty much no info regarding the identity of the new Saint, only that she was a very young girl .

It made sense, the Holy Light Church always ensured that nothing leaks until they reveal it at the last second, it was rare that even this little info was leaked .

“Right, Elena . ” Lin Xiao suddenly put down the newspaper, “Do you want to go out by yourself and investigate about Elona?”

“Are you an idiot? I…” Elena wanted to ridicule him but got interrupted .

“Yeah, yeah… I know, you can’t leave me because of the slave contract or you’ll get soul rebound . ” Lin Xiao smiled and said, “That’s just too inconvenient, I have to go to school, participate in the competition, and you can’t do anything but follow me around . It’s probably better if you can go around and investigate what you’re interested in, right?”

“Yes… . ” Elena nodded and suspiciously looked at him .

What is he getting at? Does he have a way of dissolving the contract?

“Magic crystal!” Lin Xiao took out a finger sized rhombus shaped crystal as he said that . The translucent crystal was emitting a pale purple light, “This was originally a normal crystal without any magic power, but I’ve poured my magic in it, so now it contains my magic power!”

“Contains your magic power… what’s the point of that?” Elena suspiciously asked .

“I discovered a couple of days ago in the library, the core of the slave contract is bound by power, not the soul . Which means, as long as you carry a crystal with my magic power in it, it’ll treat it as if I was by your side, so even if you leave me, you won’t suffer soul rebound .

“Really?” Hearing Lin Xiao’s explanation, Elena was pleased beyond expectation .

All because of the damn slave contract, she had to always stay by Lin Xiao so that she doesn’t die, with this magic crystal, she didn’t have to follow this damn pervert around all day!

Thinking about it, she quickly reached over and tried to take the crystal, but Lin Xiao suddenly retracted his hand and took it away .

“If you want the crystal, there’s a condition . ”

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“Hmph, I knew it . ” Elena coldly snorted .

This damn pervert, why would he give her any benefits? Without condition, he wouldn’t be the perverted Lin Xiao!

“Speak, what condition? If it’s to sleep with you or bathe with you naked, then you might as well kill me . ”

“Hey, hey, what are you saying, am I that kind of lecherous pervert?”

“Is that not the case?”

“Of course not! I only like one person, which is Shen DaiYing . I won’t feel anything even if a big breasted maid like you stripped naked!”

“Ohh, you’re awesome . ”

“Erhm… getting back on track . ” Lin Xiao paused, “Demon King, I want your blood!”


Elena stopped, then she quickly understood his intentions .

The Demon King’s blood, “Demon King HP Potion”, Elena’s blood had super effective healing capabilities, it was equally effective for humans! This guy had his eyes on her blood for a long time, and now he’s finally extending his devilish claws!

“Elena, I won’t force you if you don’t want to . ” Lin Xiao nonchalantly fiddled with the magic crystal in his hand, “But, if you don’t give me blood, I won’t give you the crystal, so you can stay by my side and be a maid for the rest of your life . ”

“…” Elena bit her lips .

For her, a magic crystal containing Lin Xiao’s magic power was vital, with it, she could leave Lin Xiao and regain her freedom!

Blood, on the other hand, wasn’t too important to her, even if she bled, she just has to rest for a few days and eat some stuff to recover, it doesn’t matter even if she gives her blood to Lin Xiao, but…

It’s just too humiliating!

A dignified Demon King has fallen to the point where she has to sell blood to make a living! Now it’s blood, but what about next time, would she have to offer her own purity and use her body in exchange?

“Elena, give me your blood! Think about it, as long as you have this magic crystal, you can walk freely in Winterless City!” Lin Xiao’s voice was like the whispering of the devil, as it nibbled away at Elena’s remaining pride and stubbornness, “Don’t worry, I won’t go back on my word and I won’t restrict you, you can go anywhere you want!”


“Isn’t it just a bit of blood? Compared to freedom, which is more important?”


After struggling for a while, in the end, Elena couldn’t fight the enticing freedom .

“Okay, I’ll do it . ” She helplessly said, “But I’m currently in human form, I can’t give you too much blood, so…”

“Don’t worry Demon King! I won’t kill the goose that lays golden eggs, I’ll treasure you!” Lin Xiao sincerely said .

“Treasure me?”

Elena felt uncomfortable with his words, without even talking about how he said “treasure”, what did he mean by kill the goose that lays golden eggs?

Who’s the goose!?

“Come, Demon King, please sit here…” Lin Xiao brought a chair over as he said that .

This chair wasn’t like a normal one, it was larger, wider, and there were also some strange handcuffs and leather straps on it, it looked pretty scary .

“This is?”

Elena felt like something wasn’t quite right…

“This is called a restraint chair . ” Lin Xiao explained .

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