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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 10

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:52:33 PM

Chapter 10

Translator: Ranka Editor/TLC: Miri

Picked Up In Winter – <10>

"No matter how I look at it, I think he doesn't like you guys . "

After looking at my state for a while and seeing how I persistently did not open my mouth, Jun Hyung turned to them and said this . They looked at me with bewilderment .

"Why? What did we do?" "Right . We didn't do anything . "

They protested, feeling falsely accused . I suddenly thought this situation was funny . It was not even a comedy, what exactly was this supposed to be? Jun Hyung  who abruptly brought a person with him and explained 'This is my pet human, his name is Happy . ' and these guys who accepted the whole situation with the mere words 'You’re still the same……' . As if that was not enough, to think that Jun Hyung’s stance of 'It seems like my pet animal doesn't really like you guys, so sharing a table is impossible . ' was met with strong protest by the guys, as if they felt wrongly accused…… Even amongst comedies, there was no comedy like this . The funny thing was that this was a real situation . And this comedy that was not even funny, it was all happening simply because of the existence of Jun Hyung .

"There exist people in the world who you might not like, for no reason . " "What?! Hey, Jun Hyung . How can you say that to a friend you have met in a long time? You're really too much . " "Hm… Jo Jun Hyung from Daeil High . I heard a rumour he's a bit of a weirdo, but I didn't know it would be this much . " "…… How is this a bit?"

Hearing their conversation, I figured out their relationship . The guy named Han Sang Ryul and Jun Hyung seemed to know each other, the others did not . But the remaining two had also heard of Jun Hyung .

"Right, isn’t Jo weirdo such a fitting nickname?"

The other guys’ words were not really anything to be proud of, but Han Sang Ryul mentioned this with pride . Jun Hyung was looking at the three indifferently, and then answered simply .

"Anyway, play by yourself . I'm going to the second floor . Happy, let's go . " "What?! Hey, Jun Hyung . Wait!!" "…?!"

Jun Hyung turned back and started walking, I followed after him . Suddenly, the guy named Han Sang Ryul instinctively stretched out his arm to catch us . The one who got caught by the arm was me . Feeling a rough sensation on my wrist without any warning, I turned my face and directly met his eyes . Seeing that I felt taken aback, the guy unconciously widened his eyes .



But a hint of confusion flashed across those eyes . It was not surprise that stemmed from holding on to me, Jun Hyung’s acquaintance, but it somehow felt slightly different . …… What is it? As I was thinking it was weird, he already loosened his hand .

"U-Uhm……" "Why?"

Hearing the guy’s mumbling, Jun Hyung stood behind me and asked . The guy looked a little like he left his mind somewhere and was so startled by Jun Hyung's voice that his body started to tremble .

"Oh?? Ah…… Ah . "

… Was there something on my face? Looking at a person's face and showing such an expression would normally be quite offensive . I unconciously raised my hand and gently touched my face . The guy stared at me for a while, then turned to Jun Hyung and spoke .

"Let's play together . " "Like I said, Happy doesn't like it . " "Uhm . I got it . Wait a moment . " "?"

The guy told Jun Hyung to wait like that and drew closer step by step . Then he bent his upper body in my direction . What the hell… What is he trying to do? Feeling uneasy, I looked up and glimpsed at Jun Hyung . He wore a poker face . I unavoidably had to face the guy once again . He was looking at me with a profound gaze and I felt indescribably  uncomfortable having to face that gaze .

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"Happy… Why do you not like me?" "…… . "

The guy whispered in a friendly tone . And I was left speechless . At a loss for words, I stared at him blankly, and he also scratched his head bashfully . What on earth… is that way of talking, as if he’s asking a child for something…… I was so taken aback I could not find any words . This guy looked like a punk on the outside . A terrible first impression, full of exaggerated gestures to overpower his peers . A loud, intimidating voice . No matter how you look at him, he was a so-called delinquent . If I bumped into them on the road, they were the type to utter comments like 'This bastard has eyes only for decoration' etc . , and beat me without a second thought, as if it was no big deal . But right now, because his friend's pet animal did not like him, that guy was doing his best to win my heart by any means, reading the atmosphere and trying to humor me .

"…… . " "Um, Happy . Why do you hate me?"

The guy asked once again when I did not respond . But this time, it was impossible for me not to open my mouth .

"It's not that I hate you… . "

Even while replying, I felt strange . I felt like even I was becoming weird . Were these guys weird from the start, or did all the people by Jun Hyung's side have no choice but to become weird? Or if that also was not it, did only weird guys gather around him? I had no idea . Confusion arose in my head .

"I don’t care…"

I narrowly finished talking and looked at him . His face changed into an expression brimming with happiness, which soon transformed into vigour and spirit and he looked at Jun Hyung . That face full of confidence made me speechless once again . What the hell, was he someone weird from the beginning…… I did not have to uselessly worry about it .

"That’s what he’s saying?" "Hmm…… Is that so? In that case, alright . "

Jun Hyung was making a face that said he was not really happy with this, even slightly furrowing his eyebrows, but he did not say anything in particular and went to sit next to the guys like that .

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"Do you want to eat this?"

His name was Han Sang Ryol . Currently attending the public school next to mine, alumni from Jun Hyung's middle school…… So the guy introduced himself, and offered me French fries while smiling at me . I stared at the French fries in front of me with a puzzled expression .

Presently, Jun Hyung was at the counter in the middle of ordering food for himself and me . The guys' food was already served, but they did not touch it yet and waited for Jun Hyung to bring the food . I felt uncomfortable sitting here and wanted to follow him but after his words, 'Then sit obediently, Happy,' I could not help but feel disheartened and sit still . I was feeling this depressed but the guy looked at me with a gaze saying he found me incredibly cute . There was no way for me not to be dumbfounded .

"Eat . Okay?" "…… . "

Don't tell me I really changed into a dog? Is that why I look like a dog to this guy? …… That was impossible . But the way the guy treated me was no different from a pet . The influence had spread from family to even friends now . I was genuinely beginning to question the existence of <Jo Jun Hyung> .

"You……" "Yes?" "You don't really see me as a dog, right?" "…… . "

My words surprised the guy for a moment . But soon he gave me a wicked grin, put the French fries he pushed to me in his mouth and chewed . The guy leaned against the wall with a laid-back expression .

"Then you really think of yourself as a dog?" "… No . " "So why are you asking something so obvious?" "…… . "

…… As expected, this guy is just like Jun Hyung . It was true that people got along with people similar to themselves . It was also true that Jun Hyung was unusual, and that he dyed his surroundings with uniqueness, but this fellow was clearly not normal either .

"Then why are you dancing to that guy's tune?" "Dancing…?" "When I first saw him, he also had five friends next to him . Out of nowhere, I was told that from now on my name was Happy, and everyone seemed to accept it even though they were puzzled . " "Hm . "

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My throat had become parched again due to the bitter feeling . I gulped down the coke that was in front of the guy . As the strong carbonated drink went down my throat, I felt slightly better . He narrowed his eyes at my actions and then raised his leaning body and straightened his posture .

"Well, that’s a given . He's like a real lunatic, that guy . " "…… . " "If it was anybody else, they would've been branded as mental case and immediately ostracized by others . " "…… Then what is different about that guy?" "Who knows, I’d say it’s due to his own ability . Just like how, even if people do the same action, depending on the person who did it, the reaction from people near them changes accordingly . "

The guy said and cast a sidelong glance at Jun Hyung who was standing in the row and waiting .

"He has a lot of energy when he fights . Once a fight takes place in a classroom, he makes everyone in that class his fans, without exception . And he has something that attracts people’s attention even though he's just standing there . "

At the guy's words, I also turned my head and stared at Jun Hyung's back . In fact, all the people passing around him glanced or stared at him at least once . Whether it was unconsciously or not .

"That guy is always trapped in his own world and doing whatever he wants, but to people that are already drawn to him, it's just another charm . Well, if I had to put it into words, he's an idol . I may be his friend in name, but basically all the guys next to him think like that . " "…… . " "In short, I want to look good to him . If I had to answer your question about why am I dancing to his tune, this would be it . " "…… . "

Then you are like that too…? He seemed to be about to ask but did not say anything . I suddenly thought of Dae Hyung . The one who cursed him, calling his brother a mental case and crazy, but deep in his heart he constantly longed for the other's affection . But thinking again, Min Hyung was not like that . Min Hyung did not seem to follow Jun Hyung much . He followed Dae Hyung more and liked him more, as for his oldest brother who was indifferent towards him, he always seemed to be hesitant . If one thought about it like this, it seemed like Jun Hyung's existence did not appeal to everyone as that of an idol’s . Then again… When I saw him hitting Dae Hyung, I felt only the horror of that cruelty and nothing else . If so, is it only accepted by these who have fantasies about violence…… When I was lost in deep thoughts by myself, that guy laughed again and spoke to me .

"What about you? Aren't you the same?" "?" "Why are you next to that guy?" "…… . "

Why, next to… next to that guy……? At least I was not next to him like all the other guys who thought he was cool and wanted to look good in front of him, but I did not reply . It was because I was confused myself . At first, I had followed him because I needed a place where I could just forget about everything and live however I wanted to . However, it seemed that I had followed someone who was not ordinary and everything became more and more confusing . At least now, I could say that it was not because of such a simple reason like in the beginning .

But I could surely say that in my case, it was totally the opposite of the other guys . Because I was attracted to his existence that gave me affection .

"Did you wait long?"

Jun Hyung's voice brought me back to my senses . I raised my head and looked at him who was holding two sets of burgers on a tray and grinning from ear to ear like a child . He sat next to me, even tore the paper in which the hamburger was wrapped and put it into my hands . Apparently he believed that I had wanted to eat hamburgers since before . Where in the world was that charisma the guys talked about? Suddenly feeling suspicious, I looked at Han Sang Ryul, who had an expression like he alone realized some huge truth . Shortly after, he shook his head and then started to eat his own hamburger .

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