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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 13

Published at 28th of July 2018 06:51:43 PM

Chapter 13

Picked Up In Winter <13>

When I opened my eyes, it was already bright as the morning had arrived . I stared blankly at the ceiling covered with white wallpaper, then I abruptly arose . The reality was that the weight was still strong enough to knock me down, but if I continued to lay down it would only make me feel worse .

Thinking like that, I was suddenly startled . What ‘the weight was too strong’! Wasn’t that the reason why I escaped? Even here I feel the ‘weight’, but it seems it is of a different kind, the kind I never would have guessed .


“…… . ”


I suddenly felt pathetic . The day was up, and I couldn’t sleep a wink . Nevertheless, my mind was overly clear, though my body felt tired . Even if I went back to bed, sleep would elude me and I’d end up worrying about sentimental things .

When I looked at the clock on the wall, it was a little after seven…… . After coming here I kept waking up late, so it was an hour earlier than usual . Slowly, I climbed down the ladder and saw that Jun Hyung was still asleep . He seemed like an early riser, is he sleeping more because it was winter vacation?


“…… . ”


For a moment, I quietly stood in front of him and observed his face .

Jun Hyung seemed to be in a deep sleep . It seems I didn’t have to worry about him waking up so I continued looking at his face . A handsome face adorned with beautiful half-moon eyebrows, the eyes below that were closed now were actually quite innocent and sharp .

He gave off a rough feeling, the face somewhat identical to a child . Was it because of the purity inside? A guy with a very innocent smiling face . And his sleeping posture was also not…… bad .


“…… . ”


…… You …… You … Why are you so kind to me?

As I continued looking at his face, resentment started to enter my heart .

Why are you giving me this affection, this unconditional love, which I always craved for? Why did you help someone like me? You have no reason to be good to me . I know it well . So it makes me insecure . I am afraid of the fact that I depend on this behaviour which has no meaning behind it .

I know that he has affection, but not towards , but rather towards .

Suddenly, I remembered the time when I first came into this house . The reaction of his family appeared strange . When they heard the name “Happy”, they were deeply moved to the point of tears, which was quite difficult to imagine . And when his older sister told me about their family, it was obvious . Dae Hyung also spells trouble but Jun Hyung is different . Fundamentally different . And it seemed that there was some story behind .

…… Then, does his nuna know? The reason for his kindness towards me . What am I to him?

If he’s just a guy with unusual character and is just playing ‘house’ for fun…… If that is the case……

I would feel really miserable .




─Creak…… .

I carefully opened the door and entered the living room, someone was sitting on the sofa . When I came closer, that someone turned out to be Dae Hyung .


“Oh, what’s up? You’re up early . ”


The boy who spotted me, said as if he was very close to me . When I first came to this house, it was a reaction I’d have never imagined . Usually, Dae Hyung won’t speak to me in presence of other family members, but when, by chance, it’s only the two of us, then he would talk to me a lot .



“…? What’s wrong?”


On seeing my depressed face, Dae Hyung asked curiously, seemingly having forgotten everything . Surprisingly, Dae Hyung might be the most diligent one in this family . Not only does he gets up early and exercises, but he also prepares his own breakfast . I also heard that he gets good grades too .


“Do you not feel good because it’s morning?”

“…… . ”


Not answering Dae Hyung who looked concerned, I quietly sat down on the sofa . The air was still cold . As I shrank my body a little, Dae Hyung softly handed me the blanket he had covered himself with . I pulled the blanket up to my neck and looked at him . Dae Hyung was studying, he held Math textbook and a mechanical pencil in his hands . Not a third year in high school nor in middle school yet studying during holidays from the morning…… I was surprised .


“…… During holidays, why…”

“Hm? Ahh . It’s homework . They told me to revise everything I learned during the second semester and write it down . I’ll do this in advance and so I can have a good time later . ”

“… . …”


He’s really diligent . Having nothing else to say, I slowly nodded and leaned my body sideways on the sofa . Was Seon Hyung-nuna still asleep? When will she get up? It would be bad if she wakes up later than Jun Hyung . While I was thinking, Dae Hyung, who was beside, called me .


“Happy? Are you sleeping?”

“…… Ah?”

“Ahh . I thought you fell asleep . ”

“…… . ”

“Do you maybe know how to solve this? You’re older than me, right?”


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Holding out his Math textbook he asked . The sudden learning atmosphere surprised me and I ended up sitting in a straight posture . Of course, I’m older than you . I’m even older than Jun Hyung . But would I remember what I learned in middle school…… I dazedly took the Math textbook and looked at it, it was a short question concerning deposits, a commonly asked question with a mathematical expression . They didn’t want an answer but a formula, at that . Fortunately, it seemed like I could solve it, and roughly nodding, I solved it .


“How did you solve it?”


Dae Hyung looked at me in amazement .


“…… . ”


I still would be a third-year in high school next year and if I can’t even solve this, I’d be in big trouble .


“It only looks complicated in words . Actually, it’s easier to calculate it using this expression . As the first money deposit, I put it as X, and then taking interest as 10% then next…… . ”

“Oh, oh…… Oh . I see . I get it!”


Dae Hyung in the course of listening to my enthusiastic explanation repeatedly gave exclamations of understanding . Then he suddenly looked at me with admiration in his eyes .


“Wa, Happy . You’re really good at explaining . Whenever such a problem came up, I’d get it wrong . Now I just need to apply what you’re saying…… I got it now . You’re great . ”

“…… . ”


It would be disgraceful for me to hear I’m great at such level of a question because my math is weaker than my other subjects .

Dae Hyung then went back to solving problems with a happy expression on his face, while I watched with an embarrassed look, then suddenly it occurred to me, wouldn’t he know a little something about Jun Hyung? From the start, this boy didn’t seem to know a lot, but still, he’s a family . Maybe he knows something .


“Dae Hyung… . ”


“You… Do you think your hyung is normal?”

“…… . ”


At my sudden question, Dae Hyung looked at me with a stunned expression for a moment and then spoke .

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“So you think you’re normal?”

“…… . ”


…… They say that the crayfish sides with the crab . 1 I was little offended by the quarrelsome tone in his voice . I only asked because I was genuinely curious .


“Anyway, I’m embarrassed since you asked something so obvious . ”

“…… . ”

“Obviously he’s not normal . ”

“…… . ”

“And you also, don’t really seem to be all that normal . ”

“…… . ”


Dae Hyung put down his Maths textbook he was holding and spoke . It seems he noticed that I have a few more questions . I thought them over and asked him again .


“Your family is really warm and harmonious, but somehow Jun Hyung feels out of place . Why is that?”

“…… . ”

“And…… what special meaning does the name ‘Happy’ hold?”

“…… Hmm . ”

After Dae Hyung heard my questions, he wrinkled his forehead thinking something then seemingly dismissed it .

“I don’t really know . ”

“…… . ”

“I heard it when I was just a baby…… . I don’t know the details, but hyung does . ”


“When he was a child, he was like an autistic kid . ”

“…… . ”


I became momentarily speechless . When he glanced at me who had a blank look, Dae Hyung awkwardly continued .

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“I don’t know, it’s hard to say… but I heard about some of the symptoms, I get what you want to say . You are thinking, ‘isn’t he an autistic kid even now’?”

“…… . ”


I felt ashamed as he had hit the nail on the head .


“Anyway, he’s better now . And Happy is……”


“That, I also don’t know the details . It seems like it was the name of a dog when I was young . In hyung’s room, there’s a picture . I really don’t know the details either . Only that it was hyung’s favourite dog…… . ”


……so it really is a dog’s name .


“Probably, nuna knows it better……”

“At what time does Seon Hyung-nuna get up?”

“Nuna is a late riser . She’s up at around 11 . ”

“Jun Hyung?”

“Hyung normally gets up at 7 . Today, you got up early, and instead, hyung is late, I guess . You guys are a funny duo . ”

“…… . ”


So I won’t have a chance to ask? It would be bad if Jun Hyung woke up before Seon Hyung-nuna .

As I quietly turned to sit in a more comfortable position while thinking, Dae Hyung once again picked up his Math textbook and started solving problems . Soon, only the sounds of the mechanical pencil could be heard .

Autism…… It fit him frighteningly well . And Happy . The dog in the picture is Happy . The one who got all of Jun Hyung’s love was that dog .


‘Only that it was hyung’s favourite dog…… . ’


Then what…… .  Why did you name me Happy? Did you see me as a replacement for that dog?

I was very curious about the details . About his present incomprehensible behaviours and his dog, Happy . And why he gave me that name .


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