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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 19

Published at 25th of September 2018 08:52:38 PM

Chapter 19

Picked Up in Winter – <19>

What the hell was going on……?

Unsettled, I looked between him and Patrasche again and again . Jun Hyung sat stupefied with his eyes widened as if he had received a big shock and was nailed on that spot . And because of that, my heart was about to burst with anxiety and curiosity . I was sure I wouldn’t see such an anxious look on him ever again .


“Big…… hyung…?”


Fortunately, just before I went crazy from curiosity, Min Hyung broke that awkward silence . Min Hyung held Patrasche by the belly and looked at Jun Hyung . The eyes that were looking at Jun Hyung were palpitating with anxiety . Children were more sensitive . Staring at him, Min Hyung seemed to sense that something wasn’t right .


“Wha…… What’s wrong, big hyung…… eh?”


Then Jun Hyung moved his stationary body as if his soul had returned . He looked at Patrasche with his eyes still widened and then lifted his sight a little towards Min Hyung, who was holding her…… then lifted them once more to look at… me . The pupils that met mine quivered terribly once again . I felt something weird within which I was unable to express as his expression had started to rapidly contort into one of distress .


“What is it…”


“What’s wrong, Jun Hyung……”


That suppressed voice came from my throat . It was surprisingly calm while I was feeling the total opposite on the inside . My heart and attitude were miles apart . In fact, I was so nervous that I could have gone crazy while my voice was low and quiet .


“……… before……”


Jun Hyung bit his lips and opened his mouth .


“Before Patrasche, I had a puppy . ”


His lips were slightly trembling as he talked .




He swallowed once more before he continued .


“…… it died . ”


“……it had caught… a cold . ”



…… it died?! It had caught a cold?

I was astounded . It was a great revelation to me who only understood that ‘Patrasche had caught a cold . ’ Wait…… Wait a minute . Hold on . You die if you catch a cold? Isn’t it an illness that gets better if you eat a lot of food and a few medicines and rest a lot? A cold was just a light sickness…… even if it stretched out, it wasn’t life-threatening…… it’s such a mild illness…… .


“Cold is a serious illness for dogs . ”


He replied as if he had read my mind . My mind went blank for a moment due to a shock . Jun Hyung kept biting his lips as if he didn’t know what to do . At Jun Hyung’s words, Min Hyung became teary-eyed, and soon big tears began to drop . For some reason, he didn’t cry loudly . Our mental state was very bad right then .



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“Must be closed . ”

“Well, then, let’s keep an eye on the situation for now, then tomorrow morning…”

“…………tomorrow is a holiday . ”


To my words, he answered in a hopeless voice . His words left me desperate myself . I didn’t know what to do . And in the meanwhile, Patrasche kept constantly coughing . Her nose was running, and her eyes had gunk in them too . At first glance, the wet pupils made her look as if she was crying, making my heart hurt .


“What should we do……”


He mumbled . He was nervous and insecure and needless to say so was I . I had never raised a dog…… And I didn’t know that cold was a deadly disease for a dog(s)…… . Carefully touching Patrasche’s head, it felt hot . It seemed like she was also having a fever . Meanwhile, on the TV they were talking either about Daesang award or acting award .

I also bit my lower lip tightly . Since it happened when there weren’t any adults around, I didn’t know what to do . Suddenly before my sight were Jun Hyung and Min Hyung, who were looking at me with great trepidation . I was taken aback . Why were you looking at me? I don’t know a thing… . Or so I wanted to say, but when I saw the two depending on me, I thought I should come to my senses . For starters, I had to calm down, being the oldest one here .




I took a deep breath and tried to think calmly . Since we didn’t know anything, we should ask someone else first .


“Let’s notify the others . ”

“…… . ”


Then it seemed, as if their eyes which were both quivering with the anxiety of the situation, had found a ray of hope . Looking at those pupils that looked at me with trust, though I felt burdened, yet at the same time I also felt my courage soar up .


“Jun Hyung, you call them . Family members……”


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He nodded instead of answering . I felt a sense of unease in that action .


“I… I also have no idea, I’ll look it up on the internet . You never know . First Aid procedures, there might be something like that…… . ”


Then, Jun Hyung and Min Hyung furiously nodded, so much that their head would’ve fallen off . In any case, as soon as we finished talking, we went into action . Jun Hyung grabbed the phone while I sat in front of the computer . Min Hyung hugged Patrasche tightly and crawled into the warm blanket . He seemed to think that the cold might get a little better if she stayed warm .


“Hello? Nuna, you know……”


I could hear him talking on the phone behind . I grasped the mouse with trembling hands . In these cases, it felt like the computer was booting even slower than normal . Feeling endlessly nervous, I just pressed the button .

A few minutes later, the Windows screen came on . I immediately went on the internet and entered the words on the search site . When I searched for the information about a dog’s cold, I found the relevant knowledge one by one . Many of them were worthless, so I quickly scrolled through the titles and read some information that looked useful . As I was reading them, Jun Hyung who had finished the call, walked towards me and stood behind me .


“She said she’ll be home as soon as she can . ”

“Ok… . ”

“What did you find?”

“Hold on……”


It could have been a wrong information, so I clicked on all the seemingly similar things to read about it . Diverse opinions were too risky to consider so I chose the safest method possible . And while I was organizing it in my head, I suddenly felt a heavy weight on my shoulder . I was surprised .



“…… die……?”

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“…… . ”

“…… won’t… die……?”


Hearing his trembling voice made my heart hurt . It seemed to be difficult at first glance . My shoulder felt the weight of his crushed heart . Nodding furiously, with my restless hands I speed read a few more articles .


“Not all die due to cold . ”


He flinched and straightened himself . He seemed to be asking ‘Really?’, so I calmly nodded once again .


“If they die, it’s due to Canine Distemper… It’s like pneumonia to humans . If it’s a serious cold, they’ll die in 90 per cent of the time . But it seems to be a light cold so she can get better in no time . ”

“…… . ”

“For treatment, the safest thing to do is to take her to the vet…… In case you don’t have a regular medication in an emergency, you can give it a ¼ dose of medicine for adults or children’s……1 Do you have something like a First Aid Kit at home……?”


At those words, Jun Hyung disappeared in a hurry somewhere . It seemed like he went to get the medicine . My whole body seemed to have lost all its energy, so I took a deep breath and leaned back . The shoulder he had just buried his face in, felt hot . Have I ever said so many things in detail in my life…? I felt awkward thinking about those words that had come out of my mouth as if they were not mine, and clenched my fist . My hands felt clammy, they were covered with cold sweat .





Translator/Editor Note:

1) This is by no means the correct medical treatment, so please don’t apply it in your home . It is just a fictional representation, everyone . Hope you understand .



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