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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 20

Published at 1st of October 2018 06:18:12 PM

Chapter 20

Picked Up in Winter – <20>

Jun Hyung soon brought the cough syrup that was for children . It was the medicine most recommended by the people on the internet . I was really grateful for the existence of the 6-year-old Min Hyung in this house . Thanks to Min Hyung we were able to give Patrasche the medicine with the least risk . I felt relieved at that fact and patted Min Hyung’s head, who was sitting next to me, staring nervously . Then after pouring the medicine on the spoon and gesturing, Min Hyung put Patrasche, who was in his arms, on the floor .


“I hope she eats it…… . ”


Even though I felt a bit relieved, yet I wasn’t completely free of worries . I held out the spoon containing the medicine towards Patrasche and mumbled in an uneasy tone . I sincerely looked at Patrasche while Jun Hyung and Min Hyung looked on nervously . Patrasche just watched the spoon and then laid on the floor as if she didn’t have any strength in her body . I felt my heart tearing apart looking at her face turning away .


“Eat . Eat, Patrasche…… Please…… ok?”


Seeing such Patrasche, Min Hyung pleaded . Patrasche turned her head away from the spoon, eyes half-closed as if she was exhausted and seemed not interested in what was in front of her . Why was she not eating? What if she won’t eat it? Even if there’s a medicine, it’s no use if you don’t take it .


“Please, Patrasche…… ok? Please, eat it…… . ”


Min Hyung’s voice rang sadly in the room . Just then, Jun Hyung who was sitting behind Patrasche came next to me . He glanced at me oddly and took the spoon from my hands . Then he turned to Patrasche who was lying down weakly and sat down again .


“Patrasche…… . ”


He quietly called Patrasche . It was a soft and affectionate tone . It suddenly struck me that it was similar to how he called me ‘Happy…… . ’And at the same time, I was startled by that . Then Patrasche who was down slowly raised her head!

I stared at him and Patrasche with eyes wide in astonishment . Facing Patrasche, who was slowly starting to raise her head, he smiled tenderly .


“Patrasche . ”


He once again called Patrasche affectionately . Her name…… Did he always name the puppies after naming Happy? He didn’t say anything other than that . He again called the name of the puppy in front of him, calling her in such a sweet voice that it almost brought me to tears, and he only quietly offered her the medicine . And at that moment, the name that was just comical when I first heard it, suddenly became the sweetest name in the world .

Patrasche began to lick bit by bit the medicine before her .




Seeing Patrasche, Min Hyung shouted in excitement . However, Jun Hyung held up his hand to block Min Hyung, who was so excited that he would have pounced on Patrasche . While I quietly observed as Patrasche licked the medicine .


“…… . ”


Schlick, schlick .

Only the sound of Patrasche licking the medicine echoed in the silent room . It must have been because Min Hyung and I were breathing quietly as we watched Patrasche eat the medicine . After a while, when Patrasche finished taking the medicine and stepped away from the spoon weakly, Jun Hyung smiled lovingly and stroked Patrasche’s head .


“Good girl . ”


He said and hugged Patrasche then he took Patrasche to a warm room and put a thick mattress on the floor and laid Patrasche on top . Patrasche quickly fell asleep .


“…… I’m also…… slee…py . ”


As soon as he relaxed, Min Hyung began to doze off next to Patrasche as drowsiness overcame him . I roughly spread some blankets and softly laid Min Hyung on it . Min Hyung soon fell asleep as his breathing softened .

We turned off the lights and came out of the bedroom .


“…… . ”

“…… . ”


Coming out of the room, it was like a lull after a commotion .

I had nothing to say . Jun Hyung also didn’t say anything in particular .

It was always like this . Whenever I and Jun Hyung were left alone, there was mostly a long silence . Unless he had any special purpose, he wouldn’t speak to me . ─I thought it was also good . I thought it was good enough to be in the same place .

When he did have some business, he always asked me with a friendly voice if he should do this or that . He had always whispered to me in a gentle voice .

…… However .

He hadn’t asked anything yet . He did not ask anything of me .

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At first, I really liked it . I liked the fact that he didn’t care about me at all, I liked the friendly but uncaring him, so I followed him . Feeling something like liberation and dreaming for a moment, I ended up coming to this house .

However right now…… .
You know what, Jun Hyung?

Because of that, my heart is in a little… pain .



I thought it was only natural to be interested in someone you like .

For instance, how I was right now . I was always deep in thoughts . I wondered what kind of guy Jun Hyung was, what was he normally thinking about, what he likes and cares about, me…… What does he think of me? Why was he calling me Happy…… . I had wondered about it dozens of times a day .

But he doesn’t . He doesn’t care about who I am or what am I . For him, I only needed to be Happy . I just needed to be his cute pet human, only staying as Happy .

When I saw him deal with Patrasche a while ago, I became certain . Thanks to that attitude, which was no different from when he treated me as a Happy . Because of that voice which had no change . At that moment, I felt that my existence may be not any different from that of Patrasche’s . Of course, I didn’t disdain the uniqueness of the name . But now that I thought about it, it was just like a puppy sitting next to a puppy that was not one . The only difference was that of a pet you care about and a pet you care about a little more…… that was the idea .

You, what I was thinking about now and how I felt about you, you’re not interested at all, are you? That’s because you didn’t have to care about what your pet was thinking about .

Since a pet was just… an existence for you to dote on .



By the next morning, Patrasche’s condition had improved a lot . However, since it was a holiday, we had to make do with the cough syrup and nutritious food instead . Fortunately, Patrasche’s cold didn’t get any worse, and the next day we took her to the vet . The doctor said she needed to be treated at the hospital for three days . He added that it wasn’t a serious cold, so she’ll be cured in no time . We returned from the hospital with great relief . Three days later, when we went to the hospital to pick Patrasche up, she greeted us by barking ‘Bow-wow’ and looked healthy enough . And as soon as she was in Min Hyung’s arms, she climbed his chest and licked his face . The usual and unchanged sight made me somewhat moved .

On the way home, Jun Hyung held Patrasche . Min Hyung tried hard to take her in his arms, but he couldn’t stop Jun Hyung, who did as he wanted . Min Hyung who was sulking heavily came to me and yelled, ‘Hold me!’, from the side immediately came a voice saying ‘No’ . It was the voice of Jun Hyung who was holding Patrasche . Min Hyung started to cry loudly, feeling unfair . And seeing Dae Hyung who had a painful past himself soothing him, trying to calm him saying that he understood him, I felt sorry for his younger siblings .

With no other choice, I grabbed the crying Min Hyung’s hand and continued walking . Min Hyung’s ear-splitting cry stopped when I held his hand, it got reduced to only sobbing . Jun Hyung reluctantly allowed that…… he looked at us with an odd expression, then thinking he wouldn’t be able to do it again he stood by my side and grabbed my other hand stealthily . He held Patrasche in one hand and held mine with the other, the 6-year-old Min Hyung and him had a fierce staring contest .

…… As expected, this guy was weird . I couldn’t make heads or tails of him .

I sighed inwardly in relief . What if Patrasche had died…… showing his delicate side after being heartbroken . He gave medicine to Patrasche, who refused to take it, in an infinitely gentle and composed voice . And I was well aware that even if he had a childlike fight like this, he can sometimes turn into a violent person . On the other hand, he can become an ordinary high school student who has many friends, sings well, and was good at games .

Even his own family didn’t seem to know what he was like or what he was thinking .

I after all…… seemed to have fallen in love with a really unique guy…?

It was a very novel story though .




“Hey, Patrasche . Eat your food . ”

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When we came home, Jun Hyung held out a bowl filled with food to Patrasche . Patrasche barked once and furiously shaking her tail, she started to eat .


“Thank god . You are very healthy now . ”


Looking at this scene, Seon Hyung-nuna mumbled in a delighted voice . Jun Hyung was also satisfied and he rubbed Patrasche’s head, who was eating, roughly while smiling . In fact, rather than petting, he pushed her head into the bowl . Patrasche, who got bothered while eating, growled .

…… hmm . When she was sick, he didn’t let anyone disturb her when she was taking the medicine .

Standing next to him, I glanced at him in disbelief . After understanding that my and Patrasche’s position was similar, I thought the things he had done to me also applied to her . Feeling my eyes on him, Jun Hyung sent a questioning look, saying, ‘Why?’ . I stood up from the seat with a sour expression .


“No, that……”


“Patrasche… won’t you give it to her?”



Ah, what have I said .

I was so flustered, those unexpected words popped out . Jun Hyung was still staring at me questioningly . ─What? His eyes seemed to ask .


“The… reward . She ate the medicine well, received the treatment, too…… Now that she’s okay…… . I think Patrasche should get some reward… as well . ”



At my words, Jun Hyung fell into deep thoughts .

My heart was racing . I didn’t mean to say it aloud, but I really wanted to test it . I was greatly curious . What kind of prize will he give to Patrasche, ‘the real dog’ . If he’d peck her on the lips quickly, my heart would really drop…… but if it’s not, I really want to check if it’s the same or different peck .


“Hmm . ”


With a short exclamation, he looked at me . I avoided it because those eyes oddly felt like they were piercing me . He looked at me and soon smiled with the mischievous smile similar to the one he had when he kissed me .

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“So, you’re saying that Patrasche… should get a prize?”

“…… . ”

“All right . ”



My heart was beating wildly . In the next moment, Jun Hyung grabbed Patrasche who was eating . Patrasche, on being disturbed again turned her body away . To the present Patrasche, kissing seemed more like a torture, not a reward…… I was thinking that when Jun Hyung suddenly turned his face and looked at Min Hyung .




Already unhappy with his brother today, Min Hyung glared at Jun Hyung in rebellion .


“Min Hyung . ”

“…… . ”

“Happy said it would be nice to give Patrasche prize . ”


“Come on, give her a reward . ”


He said approaching Min Hyung and handed Patrasche to him . Min Hyung, who was deprived of Patrasche for the whole day, looked at him with suspicious eyes . He then turned around and looked at me, and again stared at Jun Hyung, and then at Patrasche .




Seeing the truly happy Min Hyung, I felt a bit stunned .

What, this now…… What should I think of this?

Feeling someone staring at me suddenly, I turned around to look . It turned out to be Jun Hyung, who was still watching me with a playful childlike smile, and when our eyes met, he turned to Patrasche, who was being kissed, avoiding my gaze .

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