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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 28

Published at 22nd of April 2020 07:27:23 PM

Chapter 28

Picked Up In Winter – <28>


“…… . ”


At that moment, I was so shocked that it wouldn’t be strange if I passed out .

Unless it was done on purpose…… .

That thought fit his movements along with his expression that he had now . My eyes widened in shock as I watched him slowly close the door .      

Thud .

In this quiet room, the sound of the closing door lingered for a long time before disappearing .   


“…… . ”

“…… . ”


When he entered the room, he didn’t say anything . He just silently leaned back against the door and looked straight ahead . It was as if the tensed atmosphere burst and wrapped around us . I couldn’t move a muscle . If I even as so as lifted a finger, it seemed like the equilibrium would be broken . Jun Hyung also didn’t move . For a moment, the heavy silence weighed upon us .   Suddenly, I could hear Patrasche’s feeble barking, along with that the sounds of scratching the door appeared from outside .  

Did he lock her out?
…… But why?

I frowned as doubts began to arise in my mind, then, the tense equilibrium that existed between us, broke .  

He slowly turned his gaze towards me!



“…… . ”


Ah…… .

The moment our eyes met, I felt so surprised that I backed away unconsciously . My feet appeared to be at disagreement as my body started tilting backwards only for my butt to hit his studying desk behind me .    

His eyes darkened and appeared to be tinged with a profound gleam .   


“…… . ”


He slowly walked towards me . Feeling somewhat scared, I started to gradually step backwards .   But because of the desk behind me, I couldn’t escape . Rather, I appeared to be sitting on his desk, in a funny position .           


“Happy… . ”


He called me in a friendly voice as if trying to diminish my fears, but deep down, his voice was laced with heavy desire .  

Why, why now… why… why now……!

Suddenly, resentment flooded in me . After that incident happened, it was him who still treated me as a dog . It was he who had forgotten all about it as if it had never happened .

But why now… why were you looking at me with that gaze again? Why were you calling me like that?

I…… I .

It wasn’t good to release your accumulated desires whenever you felt like it…! 


“Happy…… . ”


In no time, he was standing in front of me as he called me again . While trying to increase the distance between us, I ended up completely sitting at his desk .  

His eyes slowly looked at my naked upper body . Starting from the neck where he had left his mark to shoulders to chest…… He looked at them one after the other with a piercing gaze and suddenly moved his hand . His cool fingers touched my cheek . That simple gesture made goosebumps rise on my skin as I shut my eyes tightly .  


“…… . ”


Ah… I can’t be pulled into it again like this…… .

I must refuse . I must hit his hand away .

There was still a bit of reason in my mind . However, my whole body burned . I couldn’t move . I tried to shift backwards by taking the support of the desk . At the very least I could refuse this way .  

When my back touched the wall, I knew I couldn’t escape . When the cold wall touched my bare skin, the chill made me open my eyes in surprise . His deep look came into my line of sight . His fingers, which were just touching my cheek, slowly moved downwards to the nape of my neck then to my shoulder line and finally stopped at my chest with a flinch .  

I looked at him as I trembled . His eyes travelled upwards from my chest as if sensing my gaze . When our eyes met, he faintly smiled .  


“…… . ”


…… I was really weak to that smiling face .

The moment my guard dropped, he again chuckled at me . This time the sound of laughter was faintly mixed with a ‘kuh’ . He leaned down as if he had my permission and then slowly touched his lips to my own . As our lips touched, the fingers that had stopped on my chest began to move again . His thumbs gently pressed the protruding bumps on my chest as our kiss deepened .  




The lustful kiss with our tongues entangled and his fingers stroking my nipples made me overly stimulated . Unknowingly, I breathed out through the crevices between my teeth, and a mixed sound came out, startling me . He gradually lowered his lips and bit hard on my hardened nipple . Then, slowly rolled his tongue and licked it as if tickling .


“…! …! …!!”


I felt a tingling sensation due to his movements and bit my lip in spite of myself, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from making sounds . I desperately suppressed the sound making its way to my mouth, the repressed desire wandered around my body because I couldn’t let it out . I shuddered as I couldn’t make a sound . Shivering again and again…… Every time my body trembled, his breathing turned rough as his obsession with my nipples increased .  


“Haaa…… hng…… . ”


In the end, it wasn’t me but him who made a noise . He stopped moving his lustful lip on my nipple and touched the wall behind my back . Haa, haa… I felt him breathing violently beside me as I completely leaned against the wall .


“…… . ”


Suddenly he lifted his face to look at me . When I looked down at him with drowsy gaze, he looked at my half risen important part, and again looked back at me .


“…… . ”


My face burned with shame . When he saw me like that, he whispered shamelessly in a deep throaty voice .


“You also… feel… it, right? Hm, Happy…… . ”

“…… . ”


How could he say that? I contemplated but then realized that his condition was similar to mine . No, it was worse than mine, and it didn’t lessen one bit . He was making a dangerous expression as if he were going to explode any minute .


“Ha……  Damn it . We have to move to the bed . ”


He muttered suddenly . That remark made me completely hard .  

Why do we have to move to the bed?……No, rather, did it mean he wanted to continue……




Before I could properly frame a question in my mind, he inserted his hand in my pants . I was so startled that I grasped his shoulder . His hand then cupped my gradually hardening part through my underwear . He slowly raised his body and whispered softly in the rim of my ear .


“Voice . ”


His hand slowly crept in my underwear .


“Let it out . ”



I moaned even though I felt embarrassed upon hearing those words . He held my erection in his hand before mumbling again .   


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“Nobody is here . ”



I buried my face into his shoulder and let out a loud cry . His body shuddered harder . He then stealthily came very close to the desk .  




“The type to let out sounds . ”

“Hmm…… Haa, aahh…”

“Better…… Damn…!”


His sudden outburst of curses surprised me . As I looked at him with half-lidded eyes, he opened his pant’s zipper with his other hand which wasn’t touching my thing .  


“…… . ”


Seeing him so excited that it made his hand too jittery while opening his zipper, I regained my reason for a brief moment .

Why was he so excited?

What did he see? What did he hear to become this excited?

No way…… .

I took a deep breath at that thought .

He looked into my eyes and whispered in my ear as his body responded to mine . My every little movement, every little moan, made his body stiffen and made him hard .  


“…… . ”


I shut up for a moment and looked at him .

He was so aroused that he couldn’t even manage to stand properly and roughly dragged down his pants .  Finally, when his bare skin was revealed, I had to bury my face into his shoulder again due to embarrassment .  


“Happy…… . ”


He whispered as he encircled an arm around my waist . His body came very close to mine, I could feel a squirming sensation on my thighs . The ticklish sensation from the single thin cloth separating me and him, in our current position, was too explicit for me making me unable to raise my face to look at him . He teased by slowly slipping his hand in my underwear then removed my pants . I could feel a cold chill in my lower half .  


“…… . ”



After doing that, he paused .

I tightly closed my eyes . After waiting for a while, I opened my eyes curiosity . Suddenly I heard a rustling sound and lowered my head to look .

He had taken out something from his back pocket and roughly tore it open with his mouth . I was perplexed for a second followed by shock in the next moment when I realized what it was .  

This guy… From the start, it was intentional…!

By the time this thought hit me, it was too late .  

And honestly, I understood that it was planned from the very beginning . Purposely spilling beer on me, entering the room while I was changing…… It was all planned from the start .  

But I didn’t expect the planning to be so thorough…… 

I was speechless . Only the thought “I was duped” kept running in my mind . He had already taken the condom out and rolled it over his thing .  


“…… . ”

“…… . ”


He looked like a child caught red-handed by the teacher . I stared at him incredulously as he smiled awkwardly .   


“Without this, it would be troublesome tomorrow, Happy . ”

“…… . ”

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“Happy…… . ”

“…… . ”

“… No?”

“…… . ”

“Don’t… want?”

“…… . ”


His voice was so innocent that it was troublesome . In fact, content and intent were lewd, but the way he whined like a child made me speechless .


Instead of answering, I slowly reached out and trailed my fingers along the nape of his neck . He recoiled in surprise with a tremble as he continued to wait for my answer while frowning . His expression was so stimulating that my heart started beating fast .  I continued stroking his neck with my fingers as his body again flinched and shuddered .  


“…… . ”


Ba-dump Ba-dump

My heart started to beat loudly .

His response to my touch, when I only used my fingers… His looks, his expressions, my heart was beating so fast as if it would jump out of my chest .  


“……say, Happy . ”


Suddenly he spoke with a husky voice .  


“Just now . ”

“…… . ”

“You seemed to be pro-provoking me . ”

“…… . ”

“Weren’t you…?”

“…… . ”


When I didn’t answer, he pushed me against the wall in a slightly painful manner then lifted my legs on the desk in such a manner that my calf touched the underside of my thighs . With my body in such an embarrassing position, I was tongue-tied as my face heated up . Despite the reversal of positions as now I was the one being touched, he leaned his forehead on my shoulder as if unable to wait any longer .  


“Khh, Happy… I anymore…… haaah, can’t bear it… . ”

“…… . ”


The tone of his voice was so lustful that it sent tremors all over my body . When I didn’t do anything, he took that as my answer and slowly spread my legs . He rubbed his thing on my thigh and slowly pulled out something from his back pocket again .


“…… . ”


In that instant,

He had arranged everything, this jerk .

…… I mused .

That thought quickly passed by as I was so excited that soon my mind went white as unbearable pleasure began to dominate me . He grabbed his hot erection and moved it on my thigh repeatedly in a slow rhythmic fashion . As his harsh groans slowly increased, my reason also gradually disappeared .


“…… . ”


And what came out of his back pocket was a round, cylindrical-shaped cosmetic . He paused his movements to open its lid . Taking advantage of the brief moment of reprieve, I leaned against the wall and let out rough gasps .  


“…… . ”


With a clatter, he opened the lid and dipped his fingers to scoop out some amount of it . It was only then that I found out what it was supposed to be used for . I was shocked .


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“Ah…… . ”


I shrunk back with a small cry . He smiled affectionately and licked my ear as he slowly pushed his finger into my butthole .  




I bit my lip, barely managing to hold back a scream . It was a very strange sensation . Then pain . I frowned and was at a loss on what to do, but he pushed in another finger .



“… Let out . ”


He licked the back of my ear and suddenly whispered in a husky, subdued voice .



“Don’t suppress it . ” 

“Haaah, hmmm……”

“Nobody will come today…”

“Mmh, aaaa…”

“Yes, Happy…… . ”


My mind went completely blank . The voice which called for Happy was so sweet that my heart hurt . And when he finally slowly pushed in with his thing, it was so painful that I couldn’t hold back hitting and struggling . The desk shook back and forth with my violent movements . I nearly rolled over .


“…! Happy!”


Startled, he quickly grabbed the ends of the desk to steady it, holding me tightly in his arms in the process .  




But that action resulted in his thing being inserted even deeper, I sank my nails into his shoulder while trembling in pain .




He let out a deep moan as his sweat clad body leaned back . I couldn’t bear the foreign sensation of his thing fully filling me .


“Haah… Hnn, Happy . It’s okay . Relax . ”


“Happy…… . ”

“…… . ”


Hurts . It hurts . It really hurts .

He slowly caressed my hair as I tried to tone down the pain by leaning on his shoulder . I buried my face on his shoulder and desperately tried to breathe out .

Until I relaxed, he didn’t move even as he was in me .

When my breathing calmed down to an extent, he started brushing his hands slowly against the small of my back .  He then placed one hand on the wall behind me and continued stroking my head as he started thrusting .  


“Happy…… haaa…… . ”

“Heuk . Aaaa……!”


And finally, as he removed his hand from my head and hugged me, we both climaxed .  

Then, I seemed to have lost consciousness .

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