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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 29.1

Published at 22nd of April 2020 07:27:36 PM

Chapter 29.1

Picked Up In Winter – <29> Part 1


Next day, I woke up early due to the intense pain in my waist and lower body. Initially, my mind was a complete blank as I wondered what the hell happened. When I tried to force myself to sit up, my body screamed in pain all over as I grimaced, and flopped back down to the bed on my back. 




Only then did I realize that the bed I was lying on, wasn’t my bed. Another bed’s bottom was visible instead of the close ceiling I was used to seeing.  

Ah… his bed…….

I thought in daze as I wondered for how long had I been sleeping here. Suddenly I heard soft breathing sounds coming from beside me. I turned my face to see. 




Jun Hyung’s perfectly innocent sleeping face faced me. With the pillow on one side he was sleeping with his arm under his head. His face seemed a bit tired, like a kid. It was hard to believe it was the same person who did such a thing last night. 




Suddenly, the events which took place last night popped up in my mind, one by one. I felt too embarrassed while looking at his face. How the hell did it happen anyway? That too on nowhere else, but on his desk, we completely lost all reason. Now that I thought about it, you cannot do such things unless you are out of your mind.

…… don’t think that he will be able to study on that desk from now on. 

I subconsciously turned away to avoid his face, only for my gaze to land at that desk. Immediately a blush climbed my face as I had that inking. I closed my eyes and let out a long breath, doing my best to assess my current condition. 

My lower body was sore. Needless to say……repeatedly being held down in an odd posture, it felt so painful that I thought my waist would break. Since I couldn’t find a comfortable position and as the desk continued to sway, the ends of the desk kept scraping against my heels which were stinging now.


I sighed unknowingly. My eyes opened and shifted back to his sleeping face. Since I fainted midway, I didn’t notice but he had skillfully cleaned all up and moved me to bed, and he also must have dressed me because the clothes I was wearing now were the same ones I had taken with me to change into later.




……now I really had to return home. 

I never thought this would happen.

Until now, you had been treating me no differently than how one would treat a fond pet. What the hell were you thinking? Why are you making me so confused? 

I began to resent his sleeping face, blissfully unaware.

What if I said I’m not Happy but Kang Hagil? If I said I don’t want to be your Happy anymore, would you still treat me like always? Will you still…… think… of me as a special existence? 

Suddenly, I remembered his voice filled with emotions while crying out Happy at the peak of passion. My heart ached.

Why aren’t you curious about me at all? Who am I? What am I? Didn’t it matter to you at all?

From the moment I came to this house, I was allowed to leave whenever I wanted. So from the start, there was no guarantee that I would continue staying in this house.

So, Jun Hyung.

Ask me about myself…….

So even after I left this house, I could still come back and find you. Give me permission. Tell me, it’s okay even if I’m not “Happy”.


I suddenly felt like crying as I quietly closed my eyes. 




When I opened my eyes again, it was due to the sounds of Patrasche barking. She was left out of the room. I blinked my stiff eyes and listened quietly. It was quite evident that Patrasche was scratching at the door and barking. Especially her occasional exhausted and pitiful whining made me unable to lie still in bed. I sat upright with a frown. However, with each movement came a fierce pain from my waist and lower body; I was immediately drenched in cold sweat. Next to me, Jun Hyung was still letting out soft snores and sleeping.




I was going to wake him up, but he seemed tired so I just let him be. Since he hadn’t got up yet, it seemed like it was still quite early. I slowly lifted a leg out of the bed. Pop, the bones let out a heavy scream as the joints bent. I gritted my teeth and bit back a groan. 

Come to think of it, Patrasche had been kept out in the main room since yesterday……. 

For some reason, I felt sorry for Patrasche, and moved quickly. Anyway, I felt hungry too. I slowly put my legs on the floor and raised myself.




I thought that I must have been tortured to death. 

Wobbling, I almost fell back as my knees gave out. My legs quivered and I barely managed to support myself on the bedside ladder. There was no strength left in my body.




I thought it would be better to crawl. However, it would also require me to lie back down which, in this state, would be a lot of work so I ended up doing nothing but standing while holding onto the ladder for a while. Even now Patrasche continued to bark pitifully, making me uncomfortable.




Finally, gnawing on my lips, I challenged myself to walk again. Precariously balancing myself, I took one step with great difficulty, a low groan escaping me. When I finally took my hand off the ladder and took another step—

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I swallowed a scream that came up to my throat as I fell down.


A loud noise reverberated through the room.

My reflexes seemed to have become dull. My body became pliant as I face planted on the floor. Tears prickled my eyes due to the tremendous pain. My already unwell body gave a creaking sound as it fiercely complained of agony.

……truly, the most intense agony I had ever felt in my whole life.

I groaned for quite some time while lying down on the floor, unable to pull myself together. But, even if I could suppress any sounds, I couldn’t suppress the intense tremors of pain in my body. Jun Hyung must have woken up.


“…… Ha…ppy…?”


A drowsy voice came from behind. 

I strongly wished to come back to my senses and adjust myself as I was sprawled out on the floor in a weird position but…… I couldn’t. My body didn’t budge an inch.


“What are you doing ther……… Happy?!”


As he woke up, his voice that was initially a mumble turned to a shout at the end. In a flash he  came running and sat next to me.


“Are you ok? Did you fall? Why are you up? Did you need something?”



He said so many things so quickly that I couldn’t understand any of it. He grasped my waist and slowly lifted me to an upright sitting position, all the while looking at me in concern.




I hesitated before cautiously opening my mouth.


“Patrasche was…….”


“Patrasche is barking…”

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For a moment, he was confused before he soon caught on and exclaimed an “ah”. 


“Patrasche, should I bring her to you?”



Actually, I was asking you to take me to her. 

Well, it was similar, so I just nodded. He said he understood then lightly embraced me before lifting me up to place me on the bed. 




Somewhat embarrassed, I stared at his back absentmindedly as he walked out. 

His back, it was strangely reliable.

That strange feeling once again blossomed in my heart, I scowled as I felt unsettled. How should I deal with these feelings? Feeling endlessly embarrassed, then getting depressed, then becoming happy again…… A complex feeling that couldn’t be explained.

Slowly, it inflates. Slowly it becomes cherished. Strangely it expands more and when you think it can’t get any deeper, they do.

I really like that guy. 

Looking at his back again, I became aware though it was useless to realize it now as it only served to deepen my despair, still I thought once again—

That back…… that guy…… I really like him a lot.






He quickly appeared in the room with Patrasche. Probably wanting to come to me, Patrasche was wriggling and violently shaking her body. When Jun Hyung let her go (most likely he found it annoying) she wildly ran around the bed in excitement, craving for my attention.




However, the downside was that she stepped on me, everywhere, as she was so happy. Well, as long as it was on my arm, it was still okay but, when Patrasche stepped hard on my chest with both legs, even if it was Patrasche I really had the urge to throw her away. As I frowned and trembled, Jun Hyung, thankfully, expressed my anger for me. 

“If you won’t behave yourself, you’ll be locked again.”

He caught Patrasche by the back of her neck and growled. Whether Patrasche understood his words or was oppressed by aura, I don’t know, but at those words, she docilely lowered her tail and lied next to me.

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“Good, behave.”


Seeing Patrasche like that, Jun Hyung let her go with a warning then looked at me.


“Want to eat, Happy?”



I don’t have any strength to eat….

Truthfully, it’s a hassle.


“I’ll bring it.”


He stared at me, who had a blank look, and added. I had no appetite but refusing his kindness would be awkward so I nodded my head helplessly. His face instantly brightened up. Soon after he left the room, he appeared again in a moment while holding a table. 1


“Patrasche must also be hungry…….”


When I muttered again, he replied with an ‘okay’, and appeared once again with Patrasche’s bowl filled with her food.


“It’ll be hard but come and eat something, Happy.”


He lightly hugged me then placed down the table in front of me. He also placed a pillow behind me so I could recline against the back of the bed. And then he lifted Patrasche with one hand and set her on the floor before placing her bowl in front of her. 

This really did feel like he was raising two pets…… 

It occurred to me while eating.





1 – this kind of table

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