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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 4

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:52:43 PM

Chapter 4

Translator: Ranka

Editor/TLC: Miri

Picked Up In Winter <4>

"Happy…… . "

She murmured in a daze .

However, her reaction was somewhat different from ours a while ago . In her surprise was no sign of absurdity .

Compared to our at the same time silent and dumbfounded selves, it was a curious spectacle that even seemed holy in a way .

She was simply watching me with a feeling of wonder .

"Happy? His name is Happy?"

She hastily asked Jun Hyung a little bit later .

She was also considerably tall as it seemed to run in the family . Long straight hair extended to her slender waist and arms .

Even though she was wearing a loose T-shirt and wide pants, she still looked stylish and it was clear that she had just woken up but there was no sign of the usual messiness after getting up .

Still showing an expressionless face, Jun Hyung turned to reply to her again .

"Yep . "

She looked at me .

"Your name is Happy?"

What a strange brother and sister…… Thinking so, I hesitated how to answer this .

'Yes, my name is Happy,’ replying like this would sound funny, but denying it would put the guy on the spot . I did not have the slightest intention of revealing my real name here .

"Well…… . "

Because I was unable to answer easily, she could not wait anymore and asked Jun Hyung .

"Don't tell me you named him?!"

"Yes . "

Despite the yelled question, the guy's answer was overly monotonous .

She looked at me with a face full of disbelief and even though I was somehow embarrassed, I fully understood her feelings .

All of sudden, at dawn, having somebody saying to you 'My name is Happy . I was picked up . ' Anyone would find it hard to believe .

My thoughts were not always on the normal side but fundamentally, I was a person with common sense . I was at least aware that this matter was not something very normal .

Somehow, I had a feeling it would be hard to stay overnight .

Along with a bitter feeling came the recurring thought, what should I do now……  uneasiness about the future weighed on my mind once again .

Although only a small amount, since I did have some money, should I go on a trip somewhere? Yes, let's go on a trip . I will not last long but let's leave first .

Sea . I wanted to see the sea . And the deep and clean sea at that . I want to see the East Sea . Should I go see the sea? Won't it be cold? No, before that, I had no idea how to get there .

The thought quickly crossed my mind, and outside the room, I heard the voice of yet another stranger .

"What's the matter? Seon Hyung, Jun Hyung…?"

This time it was a female voice that gave off a feeling of mature beauty .  She looked like the mother of the family and along with the voice, a faint light illuminated the living room brightly .

The dog was still rolling at my feet as it was noisily scratching the floor with its claws .

It did not forget to break the silent air with a quick 'Woof, woof' from time to time .

"It's loud, hyung . 1 If you came so late, just go to sleep quietly!"

"Patrasche, where did you goooo……"

From behind emerged two grumbling voices . Among the voices was that of a whining child .

The door which was originally left slightly ajar, now was opened fully, I was confronted head-on with the guy's family that definitely could not be called small .

"Ah…… Jun Hyung's friend came . "

His mother awkwardly mumbled . The figures of those who just woke up looked rather disheveled . The one standing right in front seemed to be his mother and although she looked a bit older, maybe because she gave birth at a late age, she gave off the feeling of a warm-hearted person .

Her voice was endlessly friendly .

Two boys stood next to her at her sides .

One of them looked like a student from the upper grades of primary school or a middle school student . His darkly tanned face, skinny body, defiant look in his eyes and lips in a pout, made him look like he had a fierce temper .

He gave off the impression of a kid who was being respected as the leader of the kids in the neighborhood when he was younger .

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The other boy’s height did not even reach up to his mother’s behind, it looked like he was the owner of the child's shoes I had seen at the entrance .

He was around 6 or 7 years old . Apparently he was a late child and, maybe due to this fact, it was quite obvious he grew up being spoiled .

While clinging to the guy's mother's leg, he stared at me with big round eyes .

"It's not my friend,"

"He says he's Happy, mom . "

Interrupting Jun Hyung who was about to say the same words as before in his monotonous voice, his older sister explained . To be honest, it was a bit lacking to be called an explanation .


His mother muttered with surprise . But how many times exactly did I have to hear that name today?

"Excuse me, but is that your real name?"

His mother was a pure person . Or maybe she was just trying to escape reality .

"Ah, I……"

"Jun Hyung named him, mom . "

She added once more . Then his mother widened her eyes in disbelief .

However, the surprise was mixed with an overwhelming emotion that could not be expressed .

I had the same feeling with his older sister as well but at that time, it was too vague so I ignored it .

However, his mother showed it explicitly . In no time tears were welling in her eyes . I was a little taken aback .

"I see, Jun Hyung…… Jun Hyung gave you the name ?"

What a weird family……, I thought while broadening my outlook .

Watching me closely with her eyes full of tears, his mother made me feel as if I was sitting on pins and needles .

The two brothers were also staring at me with expressions saying they did not understand, the slightly taller one even had a scowl on his face .

"What the . Why did you name that hyung2, hyung? And what the hell is Happy, it's like a dog's name . "

The taller one grumbled . The guy who seemed like he just hit puberty, was rebellious in every way . His words were also pretty harsh .

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"Dae Hyung!! What's with that arrogant way of talking!!"

His mother roared with surprise . He pouted and mumbled, 'Tsk,' which somehow really suited him just as I had imagined, so much that it felt scary .

Looking back at me, his mother kindly apologized .

"I'm sorry, he's recently at a very rebellious age……"

"…… . "

"That, if it's okay, could we go talk in detail outside about the situation? I'm curious . "

Huh? This, somehow… . . There seemed to be more to this .

Only then did I feel a glimmer of hope .

"I picked him up on the street . "

The story suddenly began .

The guy's father who was in his room came out to the living room and after he sat on the sofa, getting the stare of his mother to start with the explanation, Jun Hyung spoke in an indifferent voice . At the guy's remark that ignored basic human rights, his parents looked at each other with expressions filled with astonishment .

After a while of trying to compose himself and clearing his throat twice or thrice, his father looked at me .

"That, so, Happy student3…… You left from home?"

Happy student……

Despite the careful and gentle question, I almost spat out the green tea I was drinking . Still, I managed to swallow it, but the guy's older sister and bigger younger brother, who were listening to the story silently, could not bear it and ended up spurting it out . When they hurried to find a tissue, the mood became chaotic, his father also realized his problematic way of talking and scratched his head full of cold sweat . In the midst of everything, the only ones who stayed composed were the little kid who had been staring at me fixedly since a while ago and Jun Hyung who seemed somewhat different from a normal person .

And their dog that was still next to my feet─ Patrasche, seizing her place and laying there drowsily .

"Cough . I'm sorry . As we still don't know your name…… So what's your real name? Aren't your parents at home?"

"…… . "

Again . Another question that brought me to reality .

Even if I got their permission to stay here, I had no thoughts of revealing anything regarding my personal details to them . This place was like a dream to me . Therefore, I could not connect this place with my reality, which may someday return .

"…… . "

When I kept my mouth shut, they wore awkward expressions and started sweating profusely . I sensed Jun Hyung's gaze directed to me from the side . Was he thinking of rescuing me again? Jun Hyung faced his parents and once again opened his mouth .

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"This guy's name is Happy . And he also agreed to follow me . So everyone else doesn’t need to mind, I'll be the one to raise him . I'll feed and bathe him . "

Bathe…… Putting aside the idea of getting fed, but bathing me?

I did not let it show but I thought about it in astonishment . It seemed like this guy totally saw me as a pet dog . Nevertheless, I was still a person who had the ability to learn how to take care of myself . And it was already long ago that I learned how to do those things by myself .

"Ah, I… Jun Hyung . No matter how much you want, first Happy student, (is a) person……"

"Wait a minute . "

His father's words that again called me by the awkward title were cut off by the guy's mother . She held back her husband and asked me with a serious look .

"Do you need a place to stay for a while?"

It was a sharp question that struck the point . That was right . That was the purpose of me following him, the reason I was now sitting here obediently while being treated as a dog, all because of that . I sat silently, but nodded fiercely .

"I see…… . So towards Jun Hyung's words, you also have no objections?"

I again nodded .

"Do you not want to tell me anything about yourself? Do you just want to stay in our house as Happy, like Jun Hyung says? Do you think it is okay?"

I nodded again .

"Okay, so…… stay, in our house . But when you want to go back, don't mind us and leave whenever you want . We're not tying you up, just taking care of you for a while . "

There was a warm, lingering sound . And those were the words I wanted to hear the most at the moment . I felt deeply touched, getting somewhat choked up .

Patrasche who was lying next to my feet woke up and let out a yawn while raising her head . Jun Hyung was still expressionless, and his mother was looking at me with a warm smile . Although his father looked a little perplexed, he had a small smile on his lips, and his older sister also seemed to like it . His bigger younger brother let out a loud tsk . The youngest in the house, although not understanding, broadly grinned .

I felt like my something warm was stuck in my collar . Feeling awkward and happy at the same time, I slowly nodded my head to signal that I understood . His mother asked while grinning .

"You can't speak?"

"…… No, I can speak…… Thank you . "

At the quiet murmur, the kid's grin widened even more .

And like that came the first daybreak after I left my house . Under the name Happy, I got accepted into this house .

Patrasche, with who I will be sharing the same position in the future, rubbed her soft fur gently against my legs, as if to welcome me .


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