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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 5

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:52:41 PM

Chapter 5

Translator: Ranka

Editor/TLC: Miri

Picked Up In Winter <5>

So now I have become something like…… their pet human .

After suddenly waking up at dawn and having a family meeting, they now felt tired and wanted to go back to their rooms . The youngest kid was dozing off and the second with the wild temper also kept yawning and had his eyes half-closed . So everyone arrived to their own conclusion . Then where was I supposed to sleep? While I was worrying about that, his older sister grabbed me and gave me a brief introduction to the family .

First off, this house had two parents . They were known as a devoted couple in the neighborhood, apparently both working hard to raise their many children . ─That was why in this house, one had to fend for oneself except for special things .  I was told that their father is an ordinary salaryman, but he looked like a henpecked husband to me, the one who seemed to have the absolute upper hand between the two was their mother . I could guess this even just from looking at the situation when they accepted me . I was also told that their mother is a teacher in middle school . Her ability was good enough to undertake the role of the dean of students, due to which she was unable to get off work on time and always came back late, and it was said that she often was focused on work even after returning home .

The girl explaining to me right now was the oldest daughter of this house, her name was Jo Seon Hyung . She was 20 years old and as the school she was attending was not too far from here, she went back and forth between home and school . Now that she was a college student, the classes ended early but because she went out playing at every opportunity, she arrived home quite late, so she said playfully .

Jo Jun Hyung, the eldest son who picked me up . The troublemaker of our house, she added while knitting her eyebrows after saying his name . According to her, he was 17 years old and attended Daeil High School . Befitting his current stormy period of adolescence, he was in the midst of wandering around and feeling lost . Maybe because he got into a fight again somewhere, there were many instances where he returned home with a bruised face, he surely must look unusual from your perspective but that guy is a peculiar existence to our whole family ─ so she said . Finally she said 'But as you get to know him, he's a really pure kid…… . ' and seeing that warm smile, she really looked like a true older sister .

Second son, Jo Dae Hyung . Currently 14 years old . As he liked to play tricks and pranks, during elementary school he had teased and bullied the girls, their parents were summoned to school many times . I tilted my head seemingly wanting to say if he was not the real troublemaker, she added 'That's right, this guy's trouble, too . But Jun Hyung is in essence different . I'll tell you about it slowly later . '

The youngest, Jo Min Hyung . Because he was 6 years old and there was nobody at home, in the morning he was usually left with the next-door-neighbor to take care of him . But in the future you'll probably watch over him…… she said and sheepishly laughed . Hmm, is that so . While living in this house, it seemed likely he would be the one who will spend the most time with me .

Summing up her long explanation, thinking about my relationship with them in the future, she smiled and again opened her mouth .

"Since it's late already, let's go sleep . Actually, I want to say more about Jun Hyung, but it's impossible to say it all today . "

"…… But where am I supposed to sleep?"

When she did not tell me the thing I was the most curious about, I asked her .

"That, sleep in Jun Hyung's room . Wait a minute . When Jun Hyung comes, I'll tell him to put some blankets on the floor . And I'll also go to sleep . "


After a while, Jun Hyung came out of the bathroom .

"…… What . Why aren't you sleeping?"

When he saw me and her sitting on the sofa, he asked with a scowl .

"Let's go to bed, Happy . "

Saying so, he suddenly grabbed my arm and forced me to stand up . Hey, I'd like to wash up as well . Being dragged and not being able to speak out, I thought inwardly . Behind she hurriedly exclaimed 'Jun Hyung! Lay down blankets for Happy!' and without waiting for an answer, she returned to her room .

"Um…… . "

I groaned in a tiny voice with difficulty .

Above my head, I could feel the unfamiliar breath of another person . Even if I opened my eyes, the only thing I could see was the guy's chest and my nose was filled with the strong odor of a person to the point of being uncomfortable . I even had trouble breathing in this awkwardness .

"…… . "

Who could have imagined he wanted to hug me while sleeping…… .

Even though I tried to raise my head and look at him with these ridiculous thoughts, his chin pressed on my head and I could not lift my face . What was with this guy? Did I really look so much like a pet? …… That could not be true . From a common-sense point of view, there was no way that was possible . But unless that was the case, how could he be like this? No matter what, I was still a man of similar age . How could he think of going to sleep while hugging me? If someone who did not know the situation saw us, we now surely would look like two homosexuals who like each other .

"…… . "

I could not sleep . His conspicuously protruding collarbone was touching my forehead and bothering me . And feeling the warmth of another person with my entire body, despite being tired, it kept me from falling asleep . As I was still lying in the same position the guy first dragged me into, my whole body stiffened . If I have to sleep in this condition every day, I'll have to rethink staying here…… . I pondered quite seriously . Suddenly the surroundings brightened, and I lost consciousness due to an unbearable sleepiness .

"…… I'll be… back… soon……"

I woke up from someone muttering into my ear . What the . Just how long had it been that I fell asleep for someone to wake me up already . When I opened my eyes and narrowed them while wrinkling my forehead, a guy with short hair and a face with distinct/striking features entered my field of vision . What was this guy? Looking at my face that wore a bigger and bigger frown, the guy grinned and petted my head . Surprisingly it felt extremely good so I closed my eyes again .

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"You must behave, Happy . "

Happy……? What was with this old-fashioned name…… .

Without thinking deeply, I fell asleep again .

"Happy! Wake up, Happy!!!!"

After that, it was another person who made me open my eyes . I could not stand the high-toned voice and opened my eyes . Because I had rarely been woken up by anyone before, I felt an unbearable irritation flare up . When I suddenly raised my body and looked at the target, a little kid was looking at me with eyes wide open . Who was this…? Looking around the strange surroundings, the unfamiliar room and bed came into sight .

"Ah…… . "

Then I remembered what happened the day before . Right, I was accepted into this house as a pet human . And today was the first morning in that house .

"Now stop sleeping and get up, Happy . Play with me . There is a lot of snow outside now, you know?"

The little kid spoke with a friendly voice . Was his name…… Jo Min Hyung? The child's coaxing way of talking was somewhat irritating . He probably was as pure as his age was young and because he was without prejudice, he had the ability to absorb unusual things quickly . It seemed like the kid really believed, like his family said, that I was a pet human . Holding Patrasche in his bosom, his eyes looking at me were clear and pure, without a speck of dirt .

"…… . "

Having nothing to say, I got up quietly . It was only for the time being anyway, so I thought it would be okay to live like this . I really would not think of myself as a human, mindlessly spending time with the kid, forgetting about everything…… If I could live like this, it would be rather comfortable . I was now lethargic to the point where even thinking itself was tiresome .

"Happy, you have to walk carefully . If you go outside, it's really slippery . "

Min Hyung gave me a serious look and lectured me . This was probably what he himself was told by the adults this morning . I followed after him with a giggle . Holding Patrasche in one hand, the other holding my hand tightly, he stepped out of the house with somewhat heavy footsteps . When he opened the front door, the snow really was piled up . It was not that much, but it was enough to make the world seem white .

"Come on, let's go! Guys!"

…… Guys, he says .

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Min Hyung, who was totally oblivious to the fact that I was asked to look after him, walked carefully in the garden with big and bright eyes . It seemed like he had fiery sense of duty when it came to taking care of Patrasche and me . When I saw that, I somehow found it ludicrous, but I felt my chest getting warmer and warmer .

"Uwaaa~ It's cold!"

But Min Hyung was soon attracted to the snow and forgot about us . Children were indeed simple beings . Although he did not want to drop Patrasche and clumsily held on to her, because I was taller than him, my hand was soon released . I watched my hand which still had warmth from the little kid for a while, then swept away the snow on the stairs at the entrance and sat down . My bottom was cold but it was bearable . Sitting like that, I suddenly looked up at the gray sky .

School…… After all, I did not go . What was going on at school at this time? Since I had not missed a single day yet, they were probably surprised . They would probably try to call to ask if I was sick . But even if they called, nobody was at home right now . Ah, maybe mom, did not leave for work? Was…… she worried?

My heart felt heavy . No . Let's not think . I did not want to think about reality . I did not run away permanently . I would return soon . So let's not think about it now . Until now, I patiently suffered and lived diligently . So…… So even if it was only for a moment . Right now, I wanted to run away like this .

Everybody has such times . When the weight of reality is too overwhelming and one is merely unable to endure it anymore . Times when you want to throw everything away, when you want to escape somewhere . I think the most extreme form this can reveal itself in is suicide . But I had no desire to die . I merely wanted to leave . That was why this period of time right now was the reward I gave to myself .   A reward for me, who endured hard until now .

Jun Hyung was now at school, right? I attempted to change my thoughts . Yes, let's think about my living here . The world of my dreams . My fantasy world . My owner, who picked me up, what could he be doing now? Strangely left in my memory were the hazy memories of this morning . The kind hand that swept my hair . Although he looked like a rather odd guy, and while it was uncomfortable when he treated me like that, I still liked it . It was nice that he treated me fondly .

"Happy? Happy??"

Cute little hands suddenly wavered in front of my eyes . Only then did I come back to my senses after having fallen into deep thoughts and looked in front of me . Min Hyung was looking at me with a worried expression . The hands in front of my eyes were bright red, maybe due to him using his bare hands to touch the snow .

"…… . "

Raising my hand, I wrapped it around his small one . Min Hyung stared at me with wide eyes . Although my hands were also cold, but compared to hands that touched snow they were be slightly warmer . I held the little kid in my arms, and brought him closer . The sound of his small heart made my mind peaceful . I kept still and closed my eyes .

"Hehe… Happy, you're warm . "

Min Hyung mumbled into my bosom and snuggled closer . However, soon I heard an ‘achoo’ and he let out small cough . Oops…… he'll catch a cold . I opened my eyes thinking we should go inside . But suddenly, feet wearing white sneakers came into my sight  . I raised my face .

"…… . "


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Then I came upon an angry face looking down at me . It was the second son of this house . What was going on? Why was he looking at me so angrily? My eyes strangely met his for a moment as he stared at me . The boy called Jo Dae Hyung was wearing a school uniform like he had just returned from school . Apparently it had been already pretty late when I woke up .

"Hey, small hyung . 1"

Min Hyung also turned his face towards him, and got out of my arms after his discovery . Then he approached Dae Hyung . Dae Hyung, however, harshly shook off his approaching younger brother .


"…… . "

Min Hyung fell on his behind on the stairs buried in snow . Min Hyung opened his bunny eyes in surprise and looked at his brother . Dae Hyung looked at his younger brother with eyes so cold, they made it hard to believe he was middle-schooler, and then shifted his attention to me . My heart sank .

"…… . "

Glaring at me without saying anything, he passed by me and went into the house . Soon the door closed with a click . Min Hyung, who looked stunned, finally burst into tears but no response came from inside .

As if something hit my head severely, I could not move for a while .

At Min Hyung's crying, Patrasche in his bosom also gave a violent bark . It was a mess . It was this noisy outside, but it was blissfully quiet inside .


Isn’t Min Hyung so cute~? And aren’t you curious what’s the deal with Dae Hyung~? Haha, I’m tease, right~ So far I’m 1/3 through this and I love it with each chapter more and more~ Chapter 11 has a very nice surprise~ so look forward to it, hehe~ ;D

Anyway, I almost clicked on the publish button while going over the chapter making sure everything is right, but it’s two step action, so it checks me~ I’m sure you’d welcome if it was up earlier, though~ ^^ Btw, , so talk to me (about anything) if you want~ I’m bored~ ^^

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