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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 9

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:52:33 PM

Chapter 9

Translator: Ranka Editor/TLC: Miri

Picked Up In Winter – <9>

When we arrived at home, I realized that my feet felt especially heavy . My thinking was also slowed down, and my vision was dimmed . Yes, it felt like I was in a dream . I was thinking so absently, while watching Jun Hyung open the door with a key . But suddenly one of my legs gave out . What, why don't my legs have any power…? Oh… oh my…… my body gradually tilted to the side . I tried to keep my balance but it was not enough .


I caught a glimpse of Jun Hyung looking at me weirdly but this image soon disappeared . Instead I saw a grey, thick parka . These were…… the clothes Jun Hyung was wearing . As I was trying to think with difficulty, somebody caught my arms and held them . I unknowingly frowned in pain .

"Happy? What's wrong?" "…… . " "Are you hurt? Happy?! You've got a fever!!" "…… . "

…… Is that so? Do I also have a fever? The large hand touched my forehead and dropped . Well, it was not unexpected . Walking around the town in such a cold night with my body in a bad state, it could much rather be seen as a matter of course . Even keeping my eyes open was hard for me, so I just left them closed .

"Jun Hyung and Happy, you came?!!" "Did you find Dae Hyung??"

Just then, the door was opened with a loud noise . Because the noise was so loud, I opened my eyes faintly and could see all the three members of the family . What, nobody is sleeping yet…… . By the time I thought about why they were looking in our direction with wide open eyes, staying concious became too hard and my whole body lost all of its strength .

I opened my eyes to the warm touch on my forehead .

"Ah… Are you up?"

As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Jun Hyung . Because of a splitting headache, I unknowingly frowned while gazing at him . Apparently, it was his hand that touched my forehead . It looked like compared to other normal people, Jun Hyung had a higher body temperature .


I stared at him for a while and wondered why I was laying here . Yesterday, Dae Hyung lost his temper and left the house… Yes, so we went looking for him . Somehow things went well and we came back…… I think . I lost consciousness during the process .

"Because of the fever, you kept sleeping . "

He said, seemingly noticing my curiosity . Only then did I remember that I collapsed in front of the door yesterday .

"What time……"

Wondering why he was now beside me, I asked . Isn't it time for Jun Hyung to go to school? Don't tell me it's already night? If so, how long did I sleep for? Those questions flashed through my head quickly .

"A little after 2 . " "…… . "

I wondered if it was dawn for a moment but seeing how it was very bright even though the lights were not turned on, I concluded it was early in the afternoon . Why was he here at such time? As if he noticed my doubts, Jun Hyung let out small laugh and petted my hair . But that hand was too natural, to the point that I thought if he had only done this action half as well towards Dae Hyung the day before, he would definitely have started wailing .

"Today is Saturday so class ended early . " "…… . "

At Jun Hyung's words I realized just how much I lost my sense of time recently . …… Aaah . Right . Was today Saturday? Come to think of it, the day I left home was Thursday . It was about time for the weekend to come .

"It seems like the fever went down . How's your throat?"

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I coughed a little as a reply . The scratching feeling seemed to have disappeared, the pain also got weaker . Though it seemed like there was still a little inflammation…… .

"It got a lot better . Can you get up?" "… Yeah . " "Ok . So would you go out with me for a while, Happy? Let's go take a walk . " "…… . "

Walk…… . As I repeated his words inside, I was not even surprised anymore . As expected, building up immunity was great . Walk, he says…… . Thinking about it, I felt it would be nice to look around since it had been a while . I did not really like walking around all that much, but I would like to get some cold wind because my head felt heavy . So I nodded my head, then Jun Hyung smiled broadly like a child and started to prepare for going out .

But once we stepped outside, a difficult thought entered my head . It was because there was the chance of meeting people who recognized me . I was not the type to know a lot of people, but even so, there was always a slight possibility . It would be troubling if that happened…… therefore, I had no choice but to walk somewhat crouched . We came to Bupyeong where Jun Hyung and I had first met and because this place was my school's gathering place, the chance of meeting people I knew was higher .

"Happy, you’re hungry, right? What should we go eat?"

…… to think that he would call that name so loudly in such place . I could feel the people passing by glancing this way . Ack…… Even I felt a little embarrassed . I could hear the girls who were standing beside me chattering and talking in loud voices . ─Hey, did you hear? His name is Happy . Bwahahah!!!! …… Dammit . Speak a little more quietly .

"What should we eat… . "

Even under the pressure of other's watchful eyes, the guy was excessively unperturbed . By nature, he seemed to be completely unconcerned no matter what happened around him . Thanks to this, I was the only one suffering . With his unchanging overbearing attitude, the guy asked me .

"What do you want to eat, Happy?" "…… . "

Like I'm saying, don't call that name in such a loud voice . I gave him a look that was slightly filled with resentment . But the guy was still in his own world . If I did not give him an answer now, I thought that 'What do you want to eat, Happy?' 'Tell me what you want to eat, Happy . ' 'Yes, Happy?' 'Happy~' …… and so on, might come out continuously, so I urgently raised my finger and pointed anywhere . The place I pointed at turned out to be Lotteria . Phew…… It was a relief that I chose a place students usually frequented .

"Hmm? You want to eat hamburgers?" "…… . "

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It was not like I really wanted to eat it, but I did want to just quickly go somewhere . So Jun Hyung seemed to be extremely delighted to take me to a place where I wanted to eat . At times, he really was of similar mental age to Min Hyung .

"Oh? Jun Hyung?"

When we entered the store, I heard somebody call his name by the door . Damn, there was someone he knew here . I chose wrongly… so I thought, and took a look, luckily it was not our school’s uniform . There was a group of three students wearing the school uniform of a technical high school in the vicinity of our school .

"Han Sang Ryol… . " "Ya, it's been a long time . Have you been well?" "… Well . Just okay . " "What do you mean, just okay . It's either good or not . Did you come out to play?"

Glance . They spoke and secretly looked at me standing next to Jun Hyung . What's with these guys… I also stared at them . The guys' appearances seemed to be exactly those of delinquents . One look at their attitude and one could tell they were delinquents . Widely spread legs and the exaggerated gestures overflowing with self-importance . Their uncomfortably puffed up hair allowed me to know which position they had in school and how much trouble they caused .

"Who is this? Younger brother?"

With strange gaze, one guy asked . Younger brother…… . Did my face look that young? Come to think of it, Jun Hyung's friends that I had met before also thought I was a middle schooler . Jun Hyung faced them and indifferently answered .

"No . My pet animal . " "What?" "…!"

Pet… animal…… . ? I widened my eyes . Because it felt like the words Jun Hyung spat out became a hammer and hit my head . Pet animal, he says… Not even pet human, but pet animal . Well, humans are also a kind of an animal . However, from the connotation, these words were completely different . It was a thoughtless remark that did not respect my character . A remark that completely degraded me in front of his friends . I opened my eyes wide and looked forward, unable to bear the sight of Jun Hyung .

"Pet animal? Who? This guy?" "He's called Happy . " "……… You still say things I can't understand . Anyway, since you are already here, don't you want to play with us? We also came in just a moment ago . " "…… Uhm . What should we do, Happy?"

Jun Hyung turned to me and asked . But I got such a great shock that I was still in a state where I could not think properly . Right, it was ultimately me who accepted becoming Happy . It was something I accepted…… despite that, it was a shock . I knew that he did not treat me like a human, but he was kind to me so I liked it . But was it not me who wanted to become an animal because it meant I did not have to think about anything? Right, it was me who decided to go with it for the time being . Accept it…… . But unlike my head which was thinking rationally, my heart felt differently . I wanted to quickly get away from here . My instinct strongly wanted this . All of sudden, I found it odd that I was so shocked . Why would I be shocked after being aware of it all this time?

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A worried voice came from beside me . It was Jun Hyung . Only then did I slowly turn my face to look at him . Jun Hyung looked at me with a concerned expression .

"What is it? Are you dizzy again?"

…… Aah…… Aaaah . I see . That was what it was . Looking at his figure, I could see why I received such a shock . I did not care if he treated me as a human . I also did not care if he saw me as a pet animal . Because I was dimly aware of it . The importance of the name "Happy" to him . I did not know the detailed behind story, but it was apparent that this existence was something "special" to him . Moreover, when he spoke to me for the first time, my body and soul were in a state of tiredness . I ran away from home, unable to endure living while having to suppress all my emotions . Without any reason, I just ran away . I just thought that something I had suppressed until now had exploded . But maybe…… this was just what I had been longing for . Eyes that would look kindly at me . Living every day in front of those eyes . I was hoping someone would stay next to me . I did not need a space that could separate me from reality, what I really needed was someone to take care of me at my side . So, from the first time our eyes met, what attracted me was the existence of a guy who looked straight at me . Becoming Happy was also temptation I could not resist . An existence that could unconditionally win other's affection without thinking . Was that not the position of a pet animal?

'No, my pet animal . '

…… But in the moment I heard my designated position, I got hurt . It was because of the deterioration of the position I had thought was special . To degrade me by using the words <pet animal> in front of others, what kind of existence was I to him?─ It was because my head was filled with this thought only, that I was thrown into confusion . From the beginning, I could not know why he was so nice to me, yet I fell for the affection that was placed in front of me and quickly came to rely on it .

What do I do, I'm…… Miserable .


Jun Hyung kept calling me in a concerned voice, but for quite a while, I was unable to answer .


For those who don’t know, Lotteria is a fast food chain .


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