Pokemon: An Adventure - Chapter 9

Published at 29th of January 2019 08:22:00 PM

Chapter 9

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Pokemon Center - Jubilife City

Saad was sitting beside Camper waiting for Nurse Joy to finish treating their Pokemon . RIght now, both the boys were busy chatting with each other . It's been an hour since their battle and they seem to hit it off quite well .

Camper told Saad that he has been an instructor at the Pokemon School since his father retired and that was one year ago . He wants to be a great instruction like his father . He also told Saad that he does not have a specific Type of Pokemon that he likes . His just likes every Pokemon that are Tanky and have a solid defense . The reason behind his preference is that Pokemon School likes to give lessons to new Trainers about how to counter Type-Disadvantage and fight Pokemon that have a great defense .

Saad listened carefully to Camper words and thought,

"So, that's why they allow the challenger to choose the first Pokemon . It was so that they can choose the Pokemon with a Type advantage over it . "

Saad and Camper kept talking for about an hour . The talk between them was very constructive and beneficial for both of them . Camper knew a lot of techniques to counter Type-Disadvantage that he learned from his father so, Saad got to learn new things from him . On the other hand, Saad had quite a vast reserve of Knowledge about Pokemon Training and Breeding so he helped Camper by giving him some tips .

They both enjoyed the company of each other . Camper was impressed by the knowledge Saad possessed and wondered, maybe he wants to be a researcher but Saad denied it saying that he has no such plans for now . As they were talking excitedly, a voice interrupted them .

"Trainer Saad and Instructor Camper, your Pokemon are ready . You can take them now . "

Saad and Camper looked at each other and smiled .

"Well, looks like this is it . I think I should go back to the School . I enjoyed talking with you", Camper said with a sad smile as he extended his hands .

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"Hm, I enjoyed our conversation too . I hope we will meet again but I am sure It will be a while because I am planning to head out for Oreburgh City today . ", Saad replied while shaking hands with Camper .

"Yes, hopefully, we will meet again"

… .

Saad and Camper went their separate ways after getting their Pokemon from Nurse Joy . Camper went back to the School while Saad decided to go buy some special items .

From his conversation with Camper, Saad realized that Physical Attributes of a Pokemon play a major role in overcoming Type-Disadvantage while battling a Pokemon .

Speed, attack power, agility, dexterity, all of these qualities are important for a Pokemon . That's why Saad decided to prepare a special training for his Pokemon to further enhance their physical prowess . So, he went according to the plan and after buying the items he needed, he set to his next adventure .

. . . . .

In the forest, a team of two Pokemon and a boy could be seen walking . The boy had a relaxed look on his face as he was looking at the map in his hands . After confirming the direction on the map, he looked up and his eyes went to the two Pokemon walking in front of him .

The Pokemon were looking kind of pitiful . Their eyes were bloodshot and their bodies were covered in sweat . They were trying their best to raise their heavy limbs to move forward .

Saad looked worryingly at the strange bracelets on their limbs and asked his Pokemon,

"Are you guys alright? Want me to remove the weights?"

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Shinx and Chimchar who were covered in sweat trying to move their feet paused after hearing Saad and looked at each other . Both of them glared at each other as sparks lit up in their eyes and they furiously shook their heads .

Saad stared at his Pokemon with confusion . It seems to him that these two had developed some kind of rivalry against each other . Saad knew that they had crossed their limits but they still didn't give up as they wanted to show who can bear it for longer . Seeing his Pokemons Saad gave a helpless smile and took out a book from his bag to read . He didn't want to look lazy to his partners .

. . . . . . … .

After days of walking and training, the trio reached a lake . Their eyes lit up as they rushed towards it . Days of walking in the jungle, battling wild Pokemon, and training, made their bodies covered in dirt . They looked filthy and were began to feel grossed out of themselves so seeing the water they could not help but feel excited .

Saad quickly took off his clothes and jumped in the water wearing just his shorts, along with his Pokemon who were feeling energetic after removing the weights .

The trio washed their bodies clean and began to play around in the water . After playing with his Pokemon, Saad went ashore and began to wash his clothes . Shinx and Chimchar ignored their Trainer and just kept playing .

As Saad was washing his clothes, something strange happened; the clothes flew out of his hand and began to float in the air . Saad was surprised and let out a cry of astonishment . Hearing his voice, his Pokemon quickly rushed out of the water and surrounded him as they began to look at the flying clothes in suspicion .

Saad looked around trying to find the culprit and after eyeing here and there, he found it . It was a humanoid Pokemon with a white body . It had thin arms and legs that widen toward the feet . There was a wispy extension trailing off the back of its feet, creating the overall impression of a nightgown or oversize dress . Most of its face was covered by green hair that resembles a bowl cut, but a pair of pinkish red eyes was somewhat visible . There are two flat, red horns on top of its head: a large one toward the front and a smaller one at the back .

It was a Ralts . Right now, It was looking at Saad with a cute smile on his face . He approached the vigilant trio and started to cutely speak its own name .

"Raallts… . "

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Saad looked at the cute creature and turned soft . He quickly picked it up and began to pat it . Shinx and Chimchar didn't let their guard down and closely monitored the creature .

Saad looked at the Ralts and said,

"Cute little one, what are you doing here?"

Ralts look at Saad and just kept saying its own name . Saad nodded and said,

"Hm, so you were walking around and seeing that we are enjoying ourselves, you wanted to join us?"

"Ralts . . ", the little Pokemon nodded .

Saad smiled at the creature and turned towards his Pokemon . Seeing them vigilantly staring at the cute Pokemon, he smiled,

"Don't worry you guys . He didn't mean any harm . Come on let him play with you . "

Shinx and Chimchar stared at Ralts for a brief second and nodded . They talked to him as if asking to follow them . Ralts got down from Saad's embrace and began to run behind them like a small kid following his big brothers .

Saad looked at the three Pokemon enjoying at the lake and smiled as he carefully started picking the clothes to wash them again .

. . . … . .

After playing around for a bit, Saad asked Shinx and Chimchar to get ready as he planned to walk forward again . The Pokemon quickly got out of the water and started to wear the weights again with a reluctant look on their faces . Saad smiled seeing their faces and began to make fun of them .

As Saad was enjoying teasing them, he suddenly felt a tug on his leg and looked down . Little Ralts was staring at him with stars in his eyes .

"Ralts . . . "

"Oh, you want to come with us?", Saad said as he pointed to himself .

"Ralts . . . Raalts . ", the Psychic and Fairy Type Pokemon nodded .

Saad careful looked at him and pick him up . He took out a Pokeball from his bag and said,

"Well, if that's what you want… . . "

Ralts looked at Saad and then turned his face at the Pokeball . After staring at it for a while, he swiftly pressed the button and with a flash of red light, entered the Pokeball .

Saad looked at the trembling Pokeball and smiled,

"Who would have thought I would get my third Pokemon like that?"