Possessing Nothing - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10



With Sungmin in the front, heading towards the north side of the wall, he thought about the situation .

Small Pegasus Wijihoyun . The person who would spread his name around… He was now a ‘friend’ with him . He wasn’t sure how much Wijihoyun valued this relationship, but a situation like this didn’t happen to him in his past life .

‘Friend . . . friend…’

Thinking about that word made Sungmin a bit bitter . In his past life, there was no one that he could really call a friend . Living 13 years as a No Class only made him bitter towards humans .

Instead of trusting other No Classes in the same situation, they mostly fought each other to try and take what they had . Humans were like that . They can’t leave people who are doing better than them . Humans were such selfish animals .

The past Lee Sungmin never had anything great . However, even those were stolen by others . Therefore, Sungmin didn’t have much of a positive light on the word ‘friend . ’

“You said you practiced martial arts . ”

Wijihoyun who was behind him asked . .

“Yes… no . Yeah . ”

He didn’t want to be polite, but it seemed so strange to Sungmin . The nickname Small Pegasus kept swirling in his mind .

“Then why are you not using any speed techniques?”

Sungmin looked back his words . Wijihoyun had a bit of a surprised face . Well, yeah, if he used that, his speed would be much faster . He would be at the destination at many times the speed .

“That is… I’m not strong enough yet . ”

He bitterly smiled back at him . He practiced martial arts . He already told him that looking around at a bookstore, he learned a few skills . But to Wijihoyun who didn’t know much about this world, he probably didn’t understand Sungmin’s situation .

“Ah, I forgot . You aren’t a martial artist . ”

Wijihoyun nodded his head .

“It’s been about a month now? Since you didn’t have any potions… it’s very possible for you to not have much power . ”

Was this Wijihoyun making fun of him? It was like the feeling of someone stabbing him .

“How about you at least try it?”

Wijihoyun asked . Lee Sungmin hesitated and nodded . And then he used the [One Thunder]

From his stance, he could only use it for about 10 minutes . He was going to save a bit of power to use at the hunting grounds, but…

Now he used up all his power on the [One Thunder]

“ . . . HA! Ha!”

Seeing the end of his power, Sungmin stopped his running . And then he put his hands on his knees and breathed hard . He was sweating hard, and his legs hurt . His head was dizzy

“Hmmm . ”

Sungmin looked forward . Unlike the sweating Sungmin, Wijihoyun didn’t look tired at all . In fact, he was a few steps ahead of Sungmin .

“It’s not a really good skill . ”

Wijihoyun criticizes . Hearing that, Sungmin’s chest was filled with anger .

‘Of course, idiot . [One Thunder] is barely a second rate technique . ’

He couldn’t fill that with his power either . Sungmin raised his body . HIs head was still dizzy .

“If this was the cult, I would have given you a potion . ”

Wijihoyun muttered and went to Sungmin . How good would it have been if he was revived at a demonic cult . Sungmin thought of that as he looked at Wijihoyun . Of course it was just a thought . He wouldn’t be friends with Wijihoyun if he was truly revived there .

“Give me your hand . ”

Lee Sungmin put his hands forwards . Wijihoyun touched Sungmin’s wrist, and blew some power into his body . His body suddenly felt refreshed .

“You don’t have much power . Was it the [Genuine Heavens]? It was must be a Taoist cultivation method . This… isn’t that good either . ”

“ . . . Ugh”

This b*tch! Sungmin cursed in his mind . Wijihoyun may have said that with no ill feelings, but to Sungmin, it felt like an insult .

“The Taoist’s cultivation methods were slow but steady… It’s something that many people say . ”

Wijihoyun muttered and let go of his head . Sungmin had a annoyed face as he said .

“Thanks . ”

“It’s nothing really . No need for thanks . ”

Wijihoyun smiled heartily and said .

“Is the city wall over there?”

Using speed techniques did help him get to the city wall quicker . Wijihoyun pointed to the door over there . Sungmin nodded .

“I’ll go first . You follow . ”

Using that Wijihoyun disappeared . No, he just moved faster . Lee Sungmin laughed sadly .

“Why couldn’t I be a vice head of the demonic cult?”

Sungmin muttered as he followed using the [One Thunder] .


“Boar, rabbit…”

Wijihoyun  walked through the forest . He was very composed like he was touring the place . Lee Sungmin was walking next to him with a annoyed face .

“There’s a difference between monsters and animals… you said?”

“Yeah, they look like animals, but they are monsters . ”

They went in, but they haven’t seen a monster yet .

“Do they taste good?”

Wijihoyun asked . Sungmin had no answer to that . Delicious? Never ate one . The rabbits and boars were omnivorous, but they also hate humans .

And really, Sungmin never tried to eat one of them . At least not in Genavis .

“They probably aren’t good . They have too much muscle . ”

“You never tried?”

“Yes . . yes . ”

“Well then, you should try now . One of my few hobbies is eating . ”

Wijihoyun laughed out loud . The hobby of the Small Pegasus was eating . He never knew that . And it was useless information .

“There’s something there . ”

Wijihoyun  muttered . There’s what? Sungmin tilted his head . In a few seconds, a rabbit came out of the bushes .

“That must be a rabbit . It’s big . ”


Wijihoyun  wasn’t surprised at all . Instead, his eyes looked like they was curious as they glared at the rabbit . The rabbit was looking back . Wijihoyun opened his mouth .

“That thing looks delicious . ”


At that moment he asked, Wijihoyun moved . When he pointed his finger straight, the rabbit’s forehead had a hole . Psh! In the wound, blood kept flowing, and the rabbit fell to the ground .

What did he do? Sungmin was looking at Wijihoyun with his mouth open . He knew what happened in his mind . When Wijihoyun moved his finger, the power came from his fingertips, and the rabbit's forehead was broken by the attack .

Fingertips! In his 13 years of training, Lee Sungmin didn’t know how to use power from his spear . But fingertips!

‘Those 13 years spending my life aren’t even good for a 13 year old kid!’

He wanted to cry . He had heard of the name Wijihoyun so many times, but looking at it from his side, it felt worse .

“Let’s eat . ”

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“ . . . later . Later…”

Sungmin muttered . Wijihoyun looked but listened to Sungmin . Sungmin went towards the rabbit, and picked up his small knife .

“One leg would make me full . ”

Wijihoyun muttered and Sungmin wordlessly chopped off a leg . And using the interdimensional pocket, he put in the leg .

“What is that?”

Wijihoyun asked with curiosity . Sungmin talked about the interdimensional pocket, and Wijihoyun was surprised again .

“That’s a cool thing . ”

They started to move again . Sungmin pulled out a spear from the pocket . He wasn’t going to hunt everyday, but he was going to catch a few goblins to get their teeth and blood .

“You use the spear?”

“Yeah . ”

“The spear is a good weapon . It’s easier to learn than others . ”

“ . . . What do you use?”

“I learned the spear, but I don’t use it . The Pegasus’s Grace is an art known to the heads and the vice heads, and if you learn that, you don’t need weapons . ”

“Then why did you learn?”

“It’s to learn the basics . ”

Wijihoyun said solemnly .

“Starting from long range to short range, learning how to use all the weapons is important in facing them . ”

A 13 year old was saying that . Stupid genetics . Someone barely knew how to use a spear after 13 years . Someone else was saying they knew how to use all the weapons in the world at just 13 .

“What did you learn?”

“Chase Soul Technique . ”

“There was a technique like that in my area . It wasn’t a great technique . ”

The techniques that Sungmin learned and Wijihoyun knew weren’t the same techniques . There were martial artists in Eria, but the techniques were all different .

“Chase Soul Spear Technique, Chase Soul Sword Technique… I don’t know why people like the word Chase Soul so much . Do you know what they have in common . All the techniques with Chase Soul in them are not really that good . ”

Wijihoyun’s face had pride in the techniques that he knew . Looking at that made Sungmin sad again .

‘He doesn’t have a bad personality…’

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Sungmin moved forward with his shoulders drooped . He headed towards the goblin's nest .

He wasn’t going to the same area all the point . There were 8 points in this forest that he put . If he captured goblins from the same place all the time, goblins were that dumb to not notice that .

About a week of hiding made the goblins come . Before, he ambushed them but now he was better than that . He was getting used to the spear techniques, so now he was going in directly recently .


It was strange . During the way there, they had met a rabbit and a boar . A rabbit may have been like that, but the boar also ran away as fast as he could . Sungmin sighed as he looked at that sight .

It was because of Wijihoyun . Sungmin didn’t notice completely, but the aura from Wijihoyun made the monsters run away .

“It’s the goblin's area . ”

“The green midgets that you said are called goblins . Are you gonna fight them?”

Wijihoyun asked, and Sungmin nodded . He pulled out a spear, but since Wijihoyun was making the monsters run away, he didn’t even get to use it .


As soon as they entered the area, they met with 3 goblins . Seeing Sungmin and Wijihoyun, they cried .

“They look ugly . ”

Wijihoyun muttered behind him . Sungmin picked up his spear and got his posture . Wijihoyun seemed to not move .

‘To be using a spear technique in front of the Small Pegasus . ’

Not the goblins, but Wijihoyun made Sungmin nervous . Sungmin looked at the goblins . They were gazing at him threateningly with their knives .

Then, Sungmin moved forward . Using the [One Thunder], he pulled out his spear .


The spear fell in a goblin's chest . He pulled the spear out .


He swung the spear on the goblin’s head, and then he pushed in another goblin’s body . The three goblins fell easily .

“ . . . Phew!”

It was clean . Lee Sungmin smiled to himself as he congratulated himself . He practiced for a month . He now had a bit of muscle so the spear techniques was much better than before .

“Hmm . ”

Wijihoyun had his hands on his chin .

“Trash . ”

The fact stung his chest hard .