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Possessing Nothing - Chapter 5

Published at 19th of June 2017 08:35:34 PM

Chapter 5

There were various species of monsters in the forest . There were monsters that could communicate in simple sentences and others that couldn’t speak at all . For hunting purposes, the latter were easier to kill . They were the monsters that relied solely on instinct  like giant rabbits and boars .

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Ah . Of course, they weren’t actually rabbits or boars- they just looked like them .

It was easier to hunt those . However, hunting monsters with a higher intellect reaped bigger rewards . Goblins and orcs may be hard to fight, but he would receive a lot of profit in return if the hunt succeeded .

The teeth of Goblins and Orcs were used as ingredients for various magical equipment . Their crude equipment would earn him money if he sold them to an armory . If he was lucky, he would be able to meet a monster carrying money, although that was a rare occurrence .

He needed to prepare himself . He sat down with the spear that he brought . He also took out a small dagger from his waist . It was the one he took from the man he had killed .

Lee Sungmin cut the spear to suit his height . It wasn’t easy trying to cut a spear with a knife, but he sawed it carefully nonetheless . He lifted the cut spear and stood up .

One dagger, 3 throwing knifes, one spear, and one club . It was better than the equipment that he had before . He didn’t have enough money to afford equipment that offered protection, so he just had to make do with what he had .

‘I only brought a club before…’

He was partying with 3 No Classes . It made him bitterly smile . It wasn’t a great memory .

‘Let’s get the rabbit first’ . He stood up and walked . He didn’t try to fight goblins or orcs . Orcs were stronger than humans and Goblins were usually in packs and used poison . Goblins were also smarter than orcs .

In comparison, rabbits were easy . They were slightly smaller than a medium sized monster . They only had basic attacks like headbutting and biting .

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Even a No Class would be able to catch one with just a club .

In a short while, a small rabbit with white fur emerged from the grass . It was a young one . It was the best opponent for his current status .

The rabbit looked at Sungmin with red eyes . They were not violent creatures . If they weren’t provoked, they would just eat grass and disappear without attacking anyone .

That made Sungmin become aggressive . He used the Chase Soul Spear Technique . It was a skill that increased his speed and made his body lighter . The skill’s basic use was to lighten his body weight through the power from his feet .

His body charged forward quickly, faster than any 14 year old . Accelerating, Lee Sungmin stabbed the rabbit with the spear .

His left hand grabbed the body of the spear . It acted as a gun barrel . The spear went smoothly through the grip of his left hand . When the spear protruded far enough, his right hand pushed against the spear’s handle .

Pwackkkkk! The rabbit’s head fell on the end of the spear .

For this spear skill, only acceleration was needed . The body accelerated . The left hand acted as the gun barrel, and the spear became the bullet . The right hand acted as the hammer hitting on a nail .

It was hard to change his course of direction . It wouldn’t work on an opponent that was able to dodge in time, but it worked fine for a rabbit .

‘My hand hurts…!’

He wrinkled his forehead as he looked down . His left hand was red because of the abrasion from pushing the spear forward . His right hand was the same as well .

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“I need to form callouses on my palm, first . ”

A 14 year old’s skin was too fragile . He grumbled as he shook his hands .

There wasn’t much he could earn from a rabbit . He didn’t have that much inventory as well . Magic inventories were sold in Genavis, but they were so expensive that the current Lee Sungmin couldn’t even dream of buying one . He didn’t have a bag, either . Thus, all he wanted to do was to get a few Goblins .

Of course, that would be done only after he became familiar with the current state of his body . He caught a few rabbits while walking around .

He mused over a few things . He couldn’t execute many spear skills and carry out a drawn out battle . He was so weak that he already got tired after thrusting the spear a few times .

‘I don’t have the strength . And, the stamina… I came back, but I can’t believe I’m jealous of the past me . ’

He grumbled . His hand was bleeding . He was hungry and thirsty . Tired after all he had done! He sighed as he came to terms with his dire situation .

But, he didn’t have anything . If he had a bag, he would have gotten bread . Sighing, he used the Genuine Heavens . It wouldn’t give as much experience as compared to seriously practicing, but he would still gain experience points as he was walking slowly and not moving his body around greatly .

He was getting closer to the goblin and the orc nests . He knew it was practically suicidal to try and go there, thus he stayed away from their habitat .

Remembering the layout of the forest was hard . However, he could remember a few things from his past life and relied on that information .

Looking at his surroundings while walking, he saw a tree with a symbol . It was a circle: a goblin symbol .

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The term goblin is used generally, but not all goblins were of the same tribe . There were about 50 goblins in each tribe . They fought against each other in competitions . This… was the tribe that used the circle symbol .

He looked around and saw that there were only circles inscribed on the nearby trees . Noticing that, he moved to the edge of where all the circles were located . As he walked, he ripped off a small section of his sleeve .

He cut his forearm . It wasn’t a deep cut . As the blood dripped down slowly, he used the ripped piece of cloth to soak up the blood and threw the bloodied cloth into a bush . After putting down his spear, he began to roll on the ground . His body became covered in dirt .

Next, he peed near the brush . Using  a weird pose to not get any urine on his pants, he walked around slowly as he peed in the nearby areas .

He finished doing everything . As he bandaged the wound with another ripped section of cloth from his shirt, he climbed a tree . It was rather difficult for his young body to carry out, so he needed to use some of his powers .

Atop a branch, he quieted his breathing and slowed his heartbeat . It was time to wait . Goblins who fought with others often scouted the area to scavenge for food and ensure there were no intruders in their territory .

It took around thirty minutes before goblins appeared . There were three of them wielding small knives and a long stick .

A poison needle .

A goblin’s physical power wasn’t great . However, they moved in packs and were intelligent and equipped themselves with poison .

It was a poison that took away the body’s freedom but was not lethal . Right now, it would be hard for him to fight against 3 goblins alone . Thus, he would avoid fighting them directly .

The goblins smelled their surroundings . The scent of blood, urine, humans, and various other smells pervaded the area . They sniffled their noses as they walked closer to the bush . From where Sungmin hid, he could see the top of their heads easily .

Lee Sunmin took out the small throwing knife . Taking a few deep breaths, he used his power . Pwh! His dagger went straight down .


The dagger landed on the back of the goblin’s neck . Seeing that, Lee Sungmin immediately threw the other daggers . All the daggers headed for their necks and landed accurately .

The branch he jumped off of was rather high, but the impact on his legs was lessened by using his power .

He pulled out his knife and swiped it against the goblins .

The three Goblins were dead . He pulled out the throwing knives embedded in their necks .

He began to loot their corpses . Their knives were sprinkled with blood . As it was dry, it seemed like the Goblins had killed something before coming here . Probably…  a No Class . Lee Sungmin bitterly smiled as he took their knives .

Three knives, three poison needles and guns that shot them, and finally three bottles of poison . He was lucky . They had a wallet as they took it from the dead No Class .

There was 20,000 Erie in there . Lee Sungmin took everything that the Goblins had and ripped their necks off .

Using the 5 empty potion bottles, he filled them up with blood . He also pulled out their teeth one by one . Since he did not have a bag, he stuffed his spoils into his pocket .

It was the end of hunting for today .

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