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Published at 13th of May 2019 07:34:41 PM

Chapter 25

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Priya and Divya anxiously waited for Visha to show up . The last round next week would be the last chance they will have to humiliate Visha in front of everyone . Even if they had to go overboard they will . Priya wanted Visha gone so she could have Vikram and Divya didn't want competition as the Queen bee . When they saw Visha enter through the college gates, Priya nodded at Divya and left her to greet Visha .

Visha called out to her and waved her hand as she saw Priya in the crowd . Priya waved back and gestured her to hurry up . Visha caught up to her and then they headed to class together . Visha sat down at her desk and started talking to Priya . Their teacher entered with a cute girl in pigtails and a young boy in glasses following her .

"Students! These are your new classmates Vishakha and Pranay . Be friendly . "

Visha instantly recognised them . They were the witches at Dhira's place yesterday . The ones from that Devdoot coven . Visha waved at them with a smile . Pranay ignored her kind gesture but Vishakha waved back and dragged Pranay to the seat behind Visha .

"Hey, it's good that we are in the same class . I was worried cause I didn't know anyone . " Vishakha looked relieved .

"I can understand . I was like that on my first day too . Relax, I will definitely help you around . " Visha knew that these people were important . She should keep them pleased for the sake of the coven and Dhira . After the lecture was over, a few girls approached Visha and surrounded her .

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"I really loved your dress at the fashion walk . " one said enthusiastically and Visha smiled humbly in response .

"Yeah you looked so fabulous . I'm a fan now . "

"It looked really expensive . Was it some famous designer?"

"I don't know . A friend lent it to me for the show . I'll ask her and then inform you . " Visha explained apologetically . They shrieked in excitement and told her to ask right then . Visha picked up her phone and called, Priya tried to steal a glance and saw Big Sis written on the screen and sighed . She had made these idiotic girls praise Visha in vain . She couldn't find out her helper in the end . Dhira picked up after a few rings, "What is it?"

"Who was the designer of that dress you gave me?"


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"Some girls in class wanna know . "

"It was custom made by the famous French designer Pierre . They won't find it anywhere . "

Visha sighed and disconnected the call . She told the girls what Dhira had said . They were very disappointed about it . Priya was smiling, she may not have known the identity yet but she wasn't going back empty handed . She now knew that Visha's helper was rich enough to afford custom made dresses . And that narrowed down to very few people in the college . She texted Divya to inform her about this new development . Whoever it was helping Visha cannot be more rich and powerful than the person behind Divya . People in Divya's class knew that she was related to someone powerful in college . But only a few people knew that she was the younger sister of Dhira!


Shivam entered the class to see Dhira on her desk reading a book . He went and sat beside her . Dhira looked up to see Shivam look like a bomb about to explode .

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"Do you know that you have a sibling in the college?" he asked .

Dhira was confused by his words . He was well aware that Dhira was an orphan . Where did a sibling come from? And why would he know about it and not her?

"There is some fresher going around saying you two are related . Don't know who but the rumor is spreading like fire . "

Dhira sighed at this stupid intel, "I don't have time for some stupid rumor . Anything on the 'Ambassador Group'?"

"Ambassador, really?" Shivam hated the weird names Dhira gave people . Dhira squinted her eyes and Shivam sighed . She was right that's irrelevant .

"Guess who payed the big thug to knock you?"

"They did . " Dhira said sounding obvious .

"You're such a spoil sport . You could at least act surprised . Anyway it was payed by some shell account I traced back to Aditya . "

"And the attack on Visha?"

"They were some local thugs . Anyone could pay a minimal amount to hire them . Just some cheap goons . "

"Keep working on finding out who hired them and why . Leave the Devdoot circus for Srisha to handle . "

Shivam nodded and left for his next class . At the gate he saw Shreya and Aditya, he greeted them with a smile before leaving . Both of them entered and the whole class was stunned . Another person that felt scary like Dhira and suppressive too . Everyone looked down as they felt her overpowering aura . They came in and sat down a few benches away from Dhira .

Does she really have to increase it that much just to show me? Dhira scoffed at her . Shreya just wanted to establish her power in Dhira's domain . But if she knew her, she would've known that Dhira could not care less about it . She will not be involved in this stupid childish competition Shreya clearly wanted .


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