Praise the Orc! - Chapter 203

Published at 24th of September 2017 03:53:55 PM

Chapter 203

Chapter 203 – War of the Gods (1)

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Kumarak’s weapon was called Destroyer, an axe that was much bigger and longer than normal .  He held it as he looked at the battlefield in front of him .  Numerous troops flocked, but just as sheep were unable to deal with wolves, the expedition forces struck the orcs and broke apart .  No matter how many enemies were present, there was nothing to fear .

“Did you smash a mountain?” Someone suddenly said .

Kumarak looked at his opponent .  A man dressed like a knight and exerted a different force from the other soldiers . A moderately strong person, he possessed the power of a knight .  He stared at Kumarak with challenging eyes and pointed his sword .

“You are acquainted with my reputation . ” Kumarak responded with a grin .  He would listen to what the knight had to say .

“I volunteered for this expedition to prove my strength . You are the warrior who made a mountain flat . ”


“It is a great honor to meet you . I will beat you and let the continent know the name of the Arteros family . The world will know that Arteros’ sword is the best . ”

Kumarak’s mouth dropped open .  This knight expressed the intention to increase his reputation by using Kumarak as a sacrifice .  In other words, he was already thinking about after the fight . For him, Kumarak was just a means to an end .

It didn’t make sense .

“I am the last descendant of the Arteros family, my name is Bede…”

However, Kumarak didn’t listen any longer . He looked down at Destroyer .  It drank the blood of his enemies . A demon who covered away blood with blood, leaving stains on it .  There were great warriors and knights he couldn’t help admiring . Hunters, magicians, giant monsters, all of them were terrifying opponents that Kumarak killed .

Kumarak always risked his life .  Kill or die .  That was his principle .  Things were never easy . At the end of a battle, Kumarak was tearful because he was still alive . Then he expressed condolences to the dead enemy .

Kumarak stood here instead of the strong opponents .  Their lives were left there .

Then .

“This battlefield that the gods are watching is the best stage . Come, Mountain Smasher . Attack…”

What was this knight talking about? Increasing fame and spreading the name of his family? He was worried about compensation in a moment when he should be gathering his courage and swallowing back tears?

He seemed so trivial to Kumarak .


The man moved his sword .

Fast .

Kumarak didn’t move .


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The man’s sword stopped in front of Kumarak’s chest .

“What is it?” The knight cocked his head and stared .  “Aren’t you going to fight, Mountain Smasher?”

Kumarak smiled . It was a terrible smile that distorted his face .  The knight didn’t stab him .  Did he imagine a wonderful stage? Or did he think a quick fight was too boring to raise his reputation? Either way, he abandoned the chance to take Kumarak’s life .  He had no idea about the opponent in front of him .


Kumarak’s chest swelled . He condensed his rage . His breath was sealed and the pressure in his abdomen rose .  Then he roared .

“I am Kumarakkkkkkkk──────!”

The earth shook .  The ground shook like an earthquake was occurring . For a moment, all the troops on the battlefield stumbled .

“My name is Kumarakkkkkkk──────!”

Kumarak roared and swung Destroyer .  The knight talking about his family was split apart .  The sword was broken, the right arm severed and the axe pierced the middle of the abdomen . Blood poured from his mouth .

“You are a fool . Grrung . ”

The knight’s eyes stared at Kumarak .  Kumarak pushed the body with his feet . The knight’s body broke down .  It was the end .  People would forever never know the name of that family .

“It is starting now . ”

Kumarak raised Destroyer . Far away, he saw Crockta descending on the great army .  Their eyes met .  Kumarak laughed .  Then he attacked the surrounding soldiers . Once Kumarak started to advance, no one could stop him .

At that moment .  The soldiers stood up .  A light shone down from the sky, healing the wounds of the expedition army and filling their bodies with unknown strength .  Despite the dominance of the orcs, the expedition troops started to push forward using the momentum of the gods .

“Annoying . ”

Of course, it was only a little annoying for Kumarak .  Kumarak wielded Destroyer and his enemies flew through the air every time .

“Kumarak . ”

Once again, someone called his name .

“Who is it this time?”

“I have been watching you for a long time . ” He was a dwarf paladin with the mark of a god on his armor . His eyes glowed blue .  “Do you remember Almutad?”

Kumarak jumped .  It was a name from his past .

“I grieved day and night when that child died by your hands . ”

Kumarak realized who was in front of him .

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“I will return that pain to you . ”

Almutad .  The great worm that swallowed his friends .  Kumarak pursued it, turning the mountain flat and slashing at the worm that emerged with Destroyer . He pulled the remains of his companions out of the great worm’s stomach and buried them .

He received the title ‘Mountain Smasher’ due to this fight .  If that name was mentioned, the person in front of him must be,

“Tartatod . ”

The god of all underground creatures . The father of the creatures who squatted beneath the ground, a transcendental presence who favored dwarves and loved worms .  The paladin, no the incarnation of Tartatod laughed .

“That’s right . ”

The gods were intervening .

Kumarak laughed .  “You are a nasty pervert who pampers those stinking worms . Grrung!”

The dwarf’s face stiffened .  At the same time, a reddish brown aura covered the dwarf . The power of a god . Kumarak was able to feel the intangible energy .  

Kumarak gave strength to his stomach and built up his willpower .  He wasn’t fighting just the expedition members who followed the divine message .  The gods had come out directly .

“Stupid orc . ”

Tartatod wielded his hammer . Kumarak blocked with Destroyer .


Kumarak was thrown back .  The expedition members and orcs fighting were scattered .  Kumarak rolled across the ground several times before recovering .  He slowly got up . Those who were caught in the conflict groaned on the ground .

His whole body creaked .  Kumarak had never been pushed back by a blow before . It was the first time . Kumarak was thrilled by the overwhelming power difference .

“Don’t resist, mortal . ” Tartatod said calmly .  “Not just me, but the other gods will borrow their bodies . You can’t beat us . ”

“Don’t be ridiculous . Grrung!”

“Resistance is useless . ”

“Kulkul, everyone says that before they are beaten up!”

Kumarak grabbed Destroyer and leapt towards Tartatod . However, Tartatod’s body blurred and disappeared . Kumarak stopped .


Tartatod appeared in front of Kumarak .  Kumarak hurriedly wielded his axe . Tartatod blocked with his hammer . There was tremendous pressure .  Kumarak couldn’t compete when it came to strength .

“Uhhhh…” Kumarak pushed his forehead forward and shouted .  His forehead hit the dwarf’s face .

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Tartatod moved back from the sudden hit .  Despite the power of a god, it was natural to receive damage after being hit in the face .  Kumarak touched his forehead and raised his head .  Blood poured from Tartatod’s nose . Kumarak laughed . Tartatod’s face was red .


The power of a god exploded and hit Kumarak .


Mouth dripped from his mouth as he rolled across the ground . He barely managed to hold onto Destroyer .

“I tried to kill you nicely…”

“There is no such thing as a nice death . Stupid god . ” Kumarak raised his body and laughed . Tartatod’s face distorted .  “Tartatod, you really don’t know anything . ”

“Shut up . Dirty orc . Vicious bastards . ”

“Kulkulkul . ”

Kumarak raised his body .  It wasn’t just Tartatod .  The battlefield was now entering a new phase . There were those who showed the power of a god and every time they attacked, the orcs were greatly pushed back .

“I wonder why there is a god who takes care of those who crawl under the ground . ” Flames burned in Kumarak’s eyes .  “If a god dies, will a new one appear?”

Kumarak was the one who smashed a mountain in order to kill a great worm .  A slaughtering machine who moved with a commitment to tearing apart the enemies .  If the enemy was a mountain, eliminate the enemy .  If the enemy was a god, eliminate the god .  Kumarak didn’t choose the enemies .

“Now it is interesting . ”

He hadn’t experienced anything worthy since smashing the mountain . He hadn’t met a good enemy since the time he dug at the mountain for several months .  But the enemy was a god .  He would kill a god and change his title of ‘Mountain Smasher’ to something else .

Kumarak held Destroyer’s handle .

“Tartatod . You will die to me today . ”



Zankus quickly sprang up and fired his arrow .  He only aimed at places where the enemies were concentrated .

The arrows of an unexpected size pierced through the enemies .  His arrows were never satisfied with one life . If one was killed, it would penetrate through the body and kill at least three more . He killed three or four each turn .  The arrows became like a skewer .


“Avoid it!”

“Sun Killer!”

He crushed the enemies .  A single arrow penetrated through and crushed many enemies in a show of pure force . Every time he shot an arrow, it felt like the battlefield had been hit with a hammer .

“You’re lucky we’re fighting on the plains,” muttered Zankus .

The open plains with no obstacles blocking the field of view was a disadvantage for a hunter . If this were a mountain or a forest, they would’ve died without knowing where the arrows were coming from .

Zankus scanned in front of him with a hunter’s eyes .  The expedition had overwhelming numbers, but the strength of the orcs dominated . In particular, the strategy of putting strong leaders at the forefront was effective .  The enemy’s power was crushed by the vanguard, while the scattered remnants were swallowed by the other orcs .  In addition, Crockta was wielding his greatsword at the very front .

Zankus grinned .  When he returned to Orcrox for Lenox’s funeral, he learned there was an orc who survived alone . He didn’t look reliable .  The orc spoke about getting revenge for Lenox; however, owever, Zankus doubted him and warned,

‘I will hunt you down if you play stupid games . I can’t trust a person who ran away alone . ’

That orc was Crockta, who had made those words a shameful memory by now .

“We can’t lose . ”

Zankus fired several arrows at the same time . Then he pulled his bowstring all the way back using his muscles .  When the string was released… It was like the dew rolling off the leaves .  Like feathers falling from wings or stamens dangling to the ground .  Lightly .


It tore through the battlefield .  Everywhere the arrow passed, a large wound was dealt to the ranks of the expedition . There were only dead bodies and the wailing of those who lost their limbs .

“It is boring like this . ”

At that moment, something happened .  A light shone down, healing the soldiers and pouring the power of the gods into the paladins .  It was the participation of the gods .

Zankus’ hands shook .

“It can’t be helped . ”

He scouted the battlefield for his next prey .  At that moment .


An arrow flew .  Zankus’ body twisted . A beam of light passed by Zankus’ neck .  Blood flowed down .

“……” Zankus grinned .  “How interesting . ”

Somewhere among the expedition members .  There was a hunter like him .  He could feel the strength of a god coming from the wound on his neck .  

Zankus’ mouth twisted as he muttered, “If I kill the god of hunting…”

Zankus’ body slowly blurred .

“I will be the god of hunting . ”