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Praise the Orc! - Chapter 21

Published at 24th of June 2017 04:11:33 AM

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Humans and Shaman (2)

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Antuak’s house was cozy .

Firewood burned in the fireplace, emitting warmth . Ian and the three human users sat at the table as Antuak served them warm potato soup .  The users hesitated at first, but started enthusiastically eating after trying the first spoonful .  They ate the soup in silence for a while .


No one was able to open their mouths .  Antuak just smiled .

“Is there something that you want to ask?”


Ian and the three human users looked at each other .  At length, the female magician opened her mouth .  It was the question that no one could utter .

“Over there… is she sick?”

Her eyes were looking behind Antuak .

A female orc was lying on the bed .  She was staring into the air with a blanket covering her neck . Even though she blinked occasionally, all she did was lie down and stare blankly into the air . She didn’t respond at all when they had entered .  Her eyes were grey as if the colours had faded away .

Antuak muttered with a wry smile .


Bul’tar .  Ian’s eyes widened . It was the orc’s motto, but it gave off a different feeling from usual . It felt old . It was closer to the original pronunciation . Ian repeated it to himself . Bul’tar .

“She is my wife, Aruna . ”

“Heol . You are married . So why is she bedridden?”

The conversation between the orc and the magician created a strange gap, like an old historical man talking to a young contemporary student .

“She has been possessed by a different dimension . ”


“Aruna was a shaman like me . She was interested in other worlds . I warned her about the danger, but I couldn’t stop her curiosity . Eventually, she completed the magic to look at other dimensions and cast it . It is something that our spirits can’t afford to see . In the end, she lost consciousness in that other dimension . ”

It was a story that was hard to believe . Everyone nodded .

“Now she is forever contemplating that world, forgetting who she is . It is an incomprehensible world where the laws that we know don’t exist . I can only wait for her to come back . ”

Antuak rose and stood by Aruna .  His rugged hand touched Aruna’s cheek . She was still looking somewhere else .

“It has been only me and Aruna in this house for a long time, so I am glad that guests like you have come . ”

Antuak turned around and smiled .

“Yes . Travellers, why did you come to this place?”

The users looked at each other .  Ian replied instead,

“They are heading for Basque Village to get some help from the orc shamans . ”

“It is a great thing that humans need help from us orcs . ”

Antak looked at the staff that he had leaned against the wall . A surge of unknown power was coming from it .

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“Us orcs were originally close to humans, until the past wars separated everything .  I also had numerous human friends . Yes, humans . What help do you need?”


The users exchanged glances . The magician replied,

“In fact, I don’t know yet . I just know that I will find out once I arrive in Basque Village . ”

“Is that so? Too bad . I hope that it works out . ”

Antuak gave more soup to the archer who had finished his bowl .  The archer bowed his head and drank the soup again .

“Then what brings you here, young warrior?” Antuak looked at Ian .

“I’m not a warrior yet . ”

“You are the only one who can determine that . ”

“I am going to meet Tashaquil . ”

“Hoh, Tashaquil . Why?”

“I want to ask what a true warrior is . ”

“You are searching for the path of a warrior . ”

Antuak nodded .  “I hope you find the answer . Bul’tar . ”

“Thank you . Bul’tar . ”

The magician, who was watching the conversation between the two orcs, got up .

“I’ve never been to an orc house before, so can I see it, Orc Shaman?”

“Of course . There isn’t much to see, though . ”

All three users got up .

Antuak’s house was wider than it looked from the outside . There were tools for magic, as well as the animal skulls that decorated the forest outside . The burning candles revealed the weird magical tools .  The female magician asked Antuak a variety of questions . Antuak was kind enough to explain . The archer and human warrior followed behind Antuak .

Ian was left alone with Aruna .  She was still staring at an unknown place . Somehow, he felt sorry .

“Please wake up . Your husband is waiting for you,” Ian quietly whispered .

It was at that moment .


A long shadow quickly passed over the wall .


There was also a small moan .  Ian hurriedly turned around .

Antuak was sitting down .  The edge of a blade protruded from his chest .  The users were standing behind him .

“What is this…!”

Ian immediately lifted his greatsword . The archer aimed at him . Ian hesitated .  The female magician said in a youthful voice .

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“Orc, thanks a lot! This was easily resolved because of you . ”

“What are you doing?”

“What’s the big deal? I came to the orcs to get a skill . ”

“You said you were seeking help from Basque Village…”


She murmured as fire appeared around her hands .  “What help? The Orcs are helping me . If I obtain the heart of a shaman, then I can receive a skill . So don’t blame me too much, yes?”

She giggled . The men also started laughing .

“Well, his wife is sick, so I guess I’ll send her along with him . Is that okay?”


“If she is left alone, then she would just die of starvation . ”

The archer kicked the sword stuck in Antuak’s back .


“A monster pretending to be something else, how funny . ”

“His wife Aruna… Another dimension… Puhahat . I thought I was watching a historical drama . ”

They spat on Antuak’s head .

Ian’s fists shook .  It wasn’t supposed to be like this .

Antuak was just an orc who loved his wife .  An orc who was friendly to the guests and made good soup, Antuak .  An orc who knew how to pronounce Bul’tar in the traditional war, that was Antuak .  It was a short meeting, but Ian already knew three things about Antuak . He still had some secrets of the world, and some philosophies that Ian wasn’t familiar with .

All of that was now collapsing, due to that sword .  It was an insulting sight .

The users mocked, “Are you mad? Play this game more moderately . It’s like you are a real orc, instead of role-playing . ”

“You could’ve been a human or elf . Why did you choose an orc?”

Ian rushed forward angrily .  The arrow flew towards him .


The archer’s arrow was fast, and pierced Ian’s thigh . Ian failed to win against the force and fell .  Then the man kicked Ian in the face .


“Resisting is in vain . I don’t want to kill you, but it can’t be helped . I’ll just kill you . ”

“Even a user?” The female magician asked .  

“What is an orc user? They are just mobs . ”

“Big Brother, is it okay to kill a user? Isn’t there a PK penalty?”

“Elder Lord doesn’t have anything like that . ”

“Is that so? Good . ”

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The woman giggled .  Ian tried to stand up only to be kicked again .  The woman chanted a spell . Something invisible restrained Ian . His strength fell . He couldn’t move a single muscle . All he could do was collapse .

He would manage somehow if it was a hand-to-hand fight, but he couldn’t resist magic .  Ian was still too weak .

“Keheeo… Aru…na…”

Antuak’s body was completely breaking down . The male archer and female magician searched until they found his heart .

Then the warrior approached Aruna . He stared at her as she gazed towards a distant place and stabbed a dagger in her chest . Aruna kept staring at the distant place as blood poured from her mouth .

Ian pushed strength to his entire body .


He gritted his teeth and twisted .  However, his body wouldn’t budge . The arrow stuck in his thigh pressed painfully against him .

“Don’t fight . It’s over . ”

The male archer smiled and pulled back his bowstring .  The arrowhead pointed towards Ian’s head .  Ian gave a last hurrah .


His body moved slightly .


He stretched out his hand with all his strength . His body moved . Just a little, just a little more .

“What, does he have high magic resistance?”

“An orc? Finish it quickly . ”

The archer let go of the bowstring .  The arrow pierced Ian’s skull .  His eyes dimmed as everything in front of him became blurry .  Darker than black .  He felt like he would sink forever .

Death .




The darkness blurred .

He opened his eyes .  An orc stood in front of him .  The orc was standing at the door of a house .

The orc looked towards Ian and said, “You are alive, young warrior . ”

Ian was standing… He was standing in front of Antuak’s house . He could see the familiar scenery inside the house due to the slightly open door . A stove, the table, and Aruna .  Ian couldn’t understand .

The orc, Antuak, was smiling in front of him .

“Why are you just standing there?”


Voices were heard from behind him .  “Orc, why are you staring blankly?”

Ian turned his head .  The three human users were waiting behind Ian . The female magician’s eyes were as round as a ball .

Antuak asked, “Young warrior, what did you see?”


“See, what is he talking about?”

Ian couldn’t say anything as he looked between Antuak and the users .  Antuak had definitely fed them soup inside his house, and then the users had certainly murdered Antuak, his wife, and Ian .


Ian looked at Antuak .  He was smiling as if he knew what Ian was thinking .

“What will you do?”

Ian finally realized it .  It was the truth revealed by the shaman Antuak .

The three users had used Ian to approach the shaman and to kill him for the shaman’s heart .

Ian opened his mouth, “Magician . ”


“The thing that you have to acquire…”

“Yes . ”

“Is it a shaman’s heart?”


They were stunned . The quick-witted warrior picked up a knife while the archer grabbed an arrow .  However, Ian’s greatsword was already swinging towards his goal .  The magician’s head flew into the air .



They stepped back as Ian moved forward, swinging his greatsword . The warrior blocked with his shield . Ian used a downward blow .


The warrior held up the shield, but collapsed as he was unable to overcome the shock .  An arrow flew towards Ian . He leaned back to evade it .  He stepped on the enemy’s shield and jumped, the face of the archer approaching his blade . Ian’s greatsword sliced through his head vertically .

His upper body was split apart from top to bottom . The archer fell down like a doll split from the middle .


The warrior abandoned his weapons and shield and fled .  Ian threw his greatsword, which flew through the air and stabbed the warrior in the back .


The warrior fell forward .  Ian walked over and pulled out his greatsword, his body twitching before falling still .  Ian lifted his bloody greatsword .

The man’s body turned to white particles and collapsed . The other bodies of the users scattered as well .  After the death process, only their equipment remained on the floor .

Antuak just watched all of this .

Ian stood in front of Antuak .  Antuak said with a soft smile, “I am the shaman Antuak . ”

He opened the door wide . It was as if he knew they were coming .

“Guests are always welcome . ”

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