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Chapter 108

Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhi . Her beautiful small face was at the moment, exuding a unique gentleness of motherhood . Her long eyelashes were lowered, the corner of her lips slightly raised with a faint smile, the dimples at the corner of her lips were a pleasant speck on her face .

Her skin was very fair and one could hardly see any pores under the warm light . Her long smooth hair cascaded down her shoulders in soft waves and her slender fingers lightly patting the blanket that covered the brat .

Mu Sihan narrowed his dark eyes slightly .

His memories from before the age of 12 were hazy . He was not sure if he had anyone coaxing him to sleep when he was the brat’s age .

Mu Sihan went in after a few minutes .

When Nan Zhi saw Mu Sihan, her gentle gaze immediately became alert .

The man was wearing a bathrobe that was tied loosely, revealing his strong and beautiful chest, and his sculpted abdominal muscles could be seen . His legs were toned and much longer than the average man, the curves of his legs straight and powerful .

Nan Zhi drew her gaze away from him and turned her head . “Xiaojie is asleep, you can go back and sleep…”

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Before she finished, a small porcelain bottle was thrown to her .

Nan Zhi pursed her lips, not understanding what he meant .

“The medicine in the bottle is good for your bruises . ”

A trace of bitterness and mocking appeared at the corners of Nan Zhi’s lips . “A reward after a punishment? Young Master Mu, is this your usual method?”

Mu Sihan went to the bed and looked at the woman with her long eyelashes lowered . He lifted her long hair, sniffed at it and twisted it around his finger . “I’ll give you a chance to explain . ”

Nan Zhi pushed away his finger and looked at his handsome and hateful face . “Whether I explain or not, it can’t be reason for you to humiliate me!”

Mu Sihan bowed his head, his handsome face came towards Nan Zhi . Nan Zhi leaned back instinctively and Mu Sihan put his hands on both sides of her body, his well-defined nose almost touching hers, the corners of his mouth lifted up in a wild manner . “Next time you don’t explain clearly, I’ll force myself on you . ”

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Nan Zhi lifted her hand, wanting to give him a slap .

He grabbed her wrist in time, licked his lips and gave a faint smile . “If you can bear the consequences of hitting me, do it . ”

He released her .

Nan Zhi glared at him angrily, not daring to hit him .

Mu Sihan pinched the tip of her nose, his gaze menacing, as if to say: I know you won’t dare to .

He sat down by the bed and picked her up .

Nan Zhi struggled and Mu Sihan bit her ear, saying in a low voice . “Do you want to wake the brat?”

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Nan Zhi met his dark eyes and gritted her teeth . “What do you want?”

“I’ll apply the medicine for you . ”

“I can do it myself . ”

“Can you reach your back?” Not allowing her to say anything else, he lifted her pajama top, unscrewed the bottle and applied the medicine on her bruises .

After he had finished applying her back, he wanted to apply to her front but Nan Zhi refused and he did not force her .

Nan Zhi went into the bathroom to finish applying the medicine . She sighed with relief at the sight of Mu Sihan lying on the other side of Xiaojie, his eyes closed as though he was asleep .

Taking Xiaojie into her arms and smelling the milky fragrance of his body, sleepiness gradually swept her into its arms .

In the middle of the night .

The man who could not fall asleep opened his eyes .

Looking at the small head against the soft chest of the woman and saliva flowing out of his small and delicate mouth, he frowned with dissatisfaction .

Although he was her son, it was not allowed for him to lean against her chest .

There, from now on, belongs only to him .

So, a certain someone with a face of disgust, moved the sleeping child away and shamelessly lay down on the soft area .