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Chapter 1534: 1534

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Chapter 1534: The Rest of My Life Is You

The specific content of the movie could only be seen in the cinema.

There was only a brief introduction online and the netizens did not reveal it to outsiders.

Apart from sobbing, most netizens also prayed to God that the kind and beautiful girl would survive and return to the Prince’s side, so that their family of three could reunite.

When Dai Na saw such a message, she was furious and wanted to smash her phone.

The essence of a movie was not something that could be done in a short time.

From the script, the team, to the casting, filming, and editing, it must have taken a lot of time.

If there were so many good reviews for this movie, it must be a good one.

In other words, Ye Qing had spent a lot of effort to film this movie behind her back for the past two years.

And the name of this movie was’ The Rest of My Life Is You ‘.

Everyone said that he was cold and indifferent, but who would have thought that he would make a movie for the woman he loved?

Who could say that he did not know what love was?

Dai Na covered her face with her hands as tears flowed through her fingers.

She could not figure out how she could not compare to that fishing village girl.

Alright, since he had made a movie, she would go to the cinema to take a look at it!


After Gu Meng got off work, Ling Hui asked her to go to the cinema.

‘The Rest of Your Life’ had yet to be released in Italy when Ling Hui received a call from Ye Qing. He had booked a movie theater here and would play the movie for Gu Meng alone.

Gu Meng did not know what Ling Hui wanted to take her to see, but Ling Hui was in a bad mood recently and Gu Meng would accompany her if she wanted to go.

When they arrived at the theater’s VIP theater, Gu Meng found that it was just her and Ling Hui. She asked in confusion, “Sister Ling Hui, did you book the entire theater?”

Ling Hui nodded. “I don’t want to be disturbed.”

Gu Meng did not think too much about it.

The movie started very quickly. The first scene was of a private plane being attacked. In the private plane sat a handsome and charismatic young man in a suit.

The moment the plane exploded, the young man jumped down from the plane.

Seeing such a dangerous scene, Gu Meng clenched her fists unconsciously.

The screen dimmed and a few seconds later, the screen cut to the scene of the man landing on a tree branch, covered in wounds.

Gu Meng’s fingertips pressed into her palm.

Although she had never experienced such a scene, she somehow felt that it was a little similar to Ye Qing’s situation.

The man woke up after falling to the ground. Then, the wild beasts in the forest attacked him due to the smell of blood.

The man fought with the wild beasts and almost died. He was forced to the edge of the cliff. In front of him was an endless sea, and behind him was a ferocious wild beast.

The man jumped into the sea.

The next scene was very familiar to Gu Meng.

Gu Meng widened her eyes and stared in disbelief at a girl who looked like her. She pushed aside a group of villagers and saved the young man who was covered in wounds.

The villagers and the beach, and even their words were the same as when she had saved Ye Qing.

Gu Meng blinked and looked at Ling Hui beside her.

Ling Hui did not know the story between Ye Qing and Gu Meng, but when Ye Qing asked her to bring Vivian out to watch the movie, she vaguely guessed that Gu Meng might be the female lead in the movie.

Gu Meng wanted to say something, but she swallowed the words she was about to say.

The movie reproduced reality to a high degree, and the details had been handled very well. The young girl’s love for the prince with amnesia was touching.

The movie also filmed the prince recovering his memories but forgetting about the girl alone.

The young girl barged into the King’s wedding and was thrown into jail. The young girl got pregnant by accident and was imprisoned by the Prince. In the end, she jumped off the highway.

The two-hour movie was like Gu Meng’s memories of the past decade.

After the girl jumped off the bridge, there was still a small break. The prince sat on the rescue team’s boat and murmured in despair, “I remember everything. Come back, I know I was wrong!”

After watching the movie, Gu Meng could not calm down for a long time.

She did not want to remember the past two years.

She had given her all for him without any regrets, but she had really been hurt by him to the point of despair.

He had presented the story of how the two of them had met and fallen in love until their eventual break-up in a movie.

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Gu Meng was shocked.

When the movie ended, her face was filled with tears.

Even Ling Hui, who was sitting by the side, kept wiping her tears.

“Vivian, the girl in the movie gave too much for love. She’s too beautiful and kind. She deserves to be happy.”

Gu Meng sniffled, not knowing how to respond to Ling Hui’s words.

She took out her phone and searched for the reaction of the movie online.

After the movie was aired, it was rather popular. Most of the audience stood on the girl’s side and blamed the prince for letting her down. However, a small portion of them felt that the prince was pardonable and that forgetting the girl was not his intention. He had already received the corresponding punishment and they wanted the girl to live and return to the prince.

Their love story was too moving, too complicated, and too touching.

Therefore, the hottest topic was to pray for the young girl who had jumped off the highway. Everyone hoped that she was still alive and would forgive the prince in the end.

Back at the apartment, Gu Meng lay on the bed after taking a shower, tossing and turning in bed, unable to fall asleep.

Those memories that she buried deep in her heart and did not want to touch surged out like a tidal wave because of a movie.

She thought that she could face everything calmly, but it turned out that she still could not do it!

She leaned against the sofa, tears silently falling from her eyes.

The video call rang and Gu Meng wiped her tears. Seeing that it was from Little Gugu, she hurriedly answered the call.

“Vivian, my father is holding a press conference. Look, isn’t he handsome?”

The camera quickly focused on Ye Qing. He was wearing a tailored black suit and the fitting perfectly outlined his tall figure, making him look extraordinarily handsome.

Under his short black hair, his exquisite face was so handsome that people could not take their eyes off him.

He looked at the camera and said, “Xiaomeng, it’s your birthday the day after tomorrow. I’ll wait for you at the place we met.”

Little Gugu took his phone and went to a quiet place, blinking his large eyes at Gu Meng in the video. “Vivian, my father said that my mother’s name is Xiaomeng. If she goes to see my father on her birthday, I can meet her! I haven’t seen my mother since I was young and don’t know what she looks like. I really want to see her!”

Hearing Little Gugu’s words, Gu Meng’s eyes filled with tears.

She wanted to draw the line with Ye Qing, but every time she saw Little Gugu’s pitiful expression and wet eyes, her heart would soften.

“Vivian, do you think my mom will go and see my dad?” Without waiting for Gu Meng to say anything, Little Gugu pouted and cried, “If my mom doesn’t come, I’ll be very sad.”

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