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Chapter 341: 341

It was obvious that Bo Yan had just taken a shower as his short hair was still slightly wet . He wore a perfectly ironed shirt and his normal suit pants . He had a hand in his pocket and looked handsome and cold .

Chen Qianqian followed after him in a white long dress . She had a limited-edition Chanel bag in her hands as her gaze stuck to the man in adoration .

Yan Hua’s mind blanked out immediately when she saw the two of them walking together .

She never thought that the two of them knew each other!

Bo Yan was the one who helped her when Chen Qianqian started to embarrass her and looked down on her during the class reunion .

His gaze on Chen Qianqian then was very cold and unfamiliar .

Yan Hua bit her lip hard . She only followed after them silently until they both reached the rooftop garden .

“Did you go to Hong Kong to do the checkup?” The man’s low and cold voice trailed into her ears as Yan Hua unconsciously tightened her hands that were resting by her sides .

“I did . It’s a boy . ”

Yan Hua felt like lightning had struck her when she heard Chen Qianqian’s words and a wave of dizziness immediately washed over her .

‘It’s a boy’?

Does that means that Chen Qianqian is pregnant?

Yan Hua stared at Chen Qianqian with completely red eyes . She was pretty and charming, and had a good figure that was known as a seductress’s body . Her pair of foxy eyes seemed to electrify others when she looked at them, and despite having a bad personality, there was always a long line of boys wooing her back when they were in school .

Yan Hua thought about the things that Bo Yan did to her last night, with her heart lit up with hope from it . However, in this moment, she felt like she had been thrown into hell by him .

The pain was worse than when she had made herself give up on him the first time .

He had been working in the Yan family for a few years and she never saw him getting intimate with any woman before . He looked rather cold and uninterested, so she thought that he was different from the others .

“I don’t even want this child . ” Chen Qianqian’s hands were in tight fists as she pounded her still-flat abdomen a few times .

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Bo Yan grabbed Chen Qianqian’s wrist easily, as his handsome face appeared to be tensed under the light . His eyes under his spectacles were exuding an extreme coldness .

Chen Qianqian started crying, “You made me pregnant without getting married first, you’re really despicable in getting what you want!”

Bo Yan’s expression was completely void of any temperature . “You know what will happen to you if you lose the child!”

Yan Hua’s body trembled nonstop .

Coldness spread from her spine to the rest of her body .

Chen Qianqian was pregnant, but she was questioning Bo Yan!

Then, what was their relationship?

Could he be…

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Tears swelled in Yan Hua’s eyes as her fingers sunk so deeply into her palms that they almost broke the skin .

She did not want to listen to their conversation anymore . She turned around and left as if she was running away .

Last night, he had kissed her like that and pinched her waist like he did not despise the extra flesh on her at all .

She had been lost in his warmth…

However, the cruel reality made her lose her soul .

Why did he have to be with Chen Qianqian out of all the women in the world? Why was it her?

Yan Hua stood in front of the mirror when she returned to her room . She placed her fingers on her lips that he had kissed last night . That scorching temperature was electrifying and numbed her nerves, reviving her heartbeat as though it had been injected with energy .

Was all of this just a dream?

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However, if it was just a dream, then it was all too real . Why did he have to imprint itself within her heart?

In the buffet restaurant .

Yan Cheng furrowed his eyebrows when he saw that Yan Hua only took half a bowl of porridge without any side dishes . “Huahua, is that all you’re eating for breakfast?”

Yan Hua did not have the chance to say anything when a tall silhouette appeared behind her suddenly .

Bo Yan stood by the table next to Yan Cheng and her with his breakfast in hand, as he spoke with a low and calm voice, “Director, Young Miss . ”

Yan Hua’s heart trembled tightly when she heard the cold and distant ‘young miss’ and a numbing pain spread within her .