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Published at 26th of March 2020 05:15:07 AM

Chapter 407: 407

Chapter 407: Flirtatious Looks were thrown at a Blind Man .

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Ye Ling felt like someone had given him an electric shock . He was alarmed . Her toes had just gotten to his thighs when Ye Ling kicked her away .

“…” Shen Qianshu stared at him blankly .

She finally understood what it meant when flirtatious looks were thrown at a blind man .

Ye Ling, who had never been flirted at like that, could not handle the situation well . His face darkened, and he stared at her . “Shen Qianshu, how did you date all your ex-boyfriends? Is this what you do to them?”

“Huh?” Shen Qianshu felt wronged . “I’m more wronged than Dou’E [1 . Dou’E is a character in a famous play written in the Yuan Dynasty who was wrongly convicted of crimes by a corrupt court official for actions perpetrated by a rejected suitor, Mule Zhang . ] . Why would I have to tease them? All of them are very romantic, and I never have to lift a finger . ”

“What do you mean?” Ye Ling asked angrily . “Do you mean that I’m not romantic?”

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“Wow, this sentence actually came off as a question from you?” Shen Qianshu was flabbergasted . “Don’t you know any better? Do you think you know how to be romantic?”

“Shen Qianshu!” Ye Ling growled!!!

In the other dining room, Zhong Ran and the security guards gathered around to have their hotpot . Their taste was very different from Ye Ling’s, and they could not find many commonalities with Ye Ling . No one bothered to move upon hearing him yell .

They had been used to it long ago .

The French chef laughed . “Ever since Miss Shen arrived, Master has been full of life . ”

“Too lively!”

Shen Qianshu looked like a gentlewoman who had teased a handsome prince . She tilted her head and seemed to be smiling at him . She was not afraid of him at all . The light shone brightly on her face, and as the light reflected on her, she looked really beautiful .

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“Master, have you ever had a girlfriend after all these years?”

Ye Ling bit on his lip, making his mouth seem like a line . He refused to reply . He never dated any girls, but the little rascal had dated many men before . What’s more, there were people who came to confess to her every day . In terms of this, he seemed to have ‘lost . ’

“You… don’t go to those suggestive places when you have business deals?” She continued with her awkward small talk . She loved having awkward small talk with Ye Ling .

Ye Ling remained silent .

Naturally, he had gone .

“When you went there, wouldn’t the person arrange for you to have some bar girls?”

Naturally, there were .

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“You are so charming, so alluring . You are like a drug to the ladies . Wouldn’t they try to flirt with you? For example, touching your arm, your chest… and using their legs to touch you like I did . ”

Zhong Ran got rid of all of them!

Ye Ling remained silent . Shen Qianshu said, “Master, tell me about it . ”

“What’s there to talk about . ” Didn’t he just ask her to have a meal? Why did the conversation end up in such a manner?

“You know everything about me, even the private things I’ve done in Paris . You also figured out my relationship with the Shen Family . I don’t have any secrets, but I know nothing about you . ” When Shen Qianshu said this, she was very soft . “I want to learn more about you and your life, your past, your everything . If I know nothing about you, how could I treat you faithfully?”

After all these words, the last sentence was the main point .

Ye Ling’s eyes darkened, and he stared at her as if seeing through her . He seemed to notice something that made him feel slightly moved .

If you knew everything about me, you’d stray far away from me .

How would you treat me faithfully?

He was mentally ill .

He was an aggressive man who killed without a second thought .

He would not become the gentleman she hoped for him to be .

Shen Qianshu wished that his other half would be a nice gentleman .

He could not fulfill that!

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