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Chapter 644: 644

Chapter 644: Tong Hua Told You What Was Called A Legal Fight

In the castle .

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Zhong Ran naturally did not hear the whisperings from the reporters . The security personnel had blocked the reporters . One of them was being snapped by the reporters . His face darkened, and he suddenly leaped forward, locking her wrist with one hand . He took her camera and destroyed it right away .

The reporter shrieked . “Why did you do this?”

The reporters became agitated and furious . They generally took pictures of celebrities .

The reporters could write whatever they wanted . The celebrities were also very mindful of them .

“Do you remember my face? There are surveillance cameras in Rose Castle . I will remember all your faces . If our pictures get published, you will have to take responsibility for the consequences!” The security guard hollered .

He was tall and strong, and his voice was cold .

His words were filled with formidable power .

In an instant, the reporters were all shocked .

The security personnel did not depend on the public to earn a living .

He was so fierce and had intimidated the reporters who usually bullied the kind and feared the evil .

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“Let’s all shout for Shen Qianshu to come out and accept our interview . ” The reporter shouted loudly .

“What do you think you all are? Are you qualified to interview our young Madam?”

“What young Madam? Does she have the face to call herself young Madam? She and Ye Ling are also not married!”

“It is not important whether they are married or not . Young Master says she is, so she is!”

The security team and the reporters nearly got into a fight . The usually cold and arrogant characters had been torn apart . This was mainly due to them hearing the reporters say that Shen Qianshu and Zhong Ran had an affair, which provoked them and made them furious .

This group of people without eyes .

In their eyes, Shen Qianshu was clear as ice and as clean as jade . She was intelligent and had the support of the masses .

Zhong Ran had a bad mouth, but he was righteous and good in establishing social relations .

Most importantly, when Zhong Ran was around, Young Master would not find trouble with them . If there was anything, Zhong Ran would take the blame .

He was such a good warrior who took all the blame . This was exclusive to them .

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But he was not someone they could slander!

From when he got up from bed this morning, Tong Hua’s angst was very heavy .

He woke up late today, and his hairstyle was compressed very naturally . He had the look of a hairspring . He was not careful and saw a group of people outside making a lot of noise . He could not help himself from frowning . “What is happening?”

“Ye Feifei and Ye Bao are too much . They have led a group of reporters to make things difficult for Miss Shen . They have said very awful things . ” The chefs were indignant and angry .

“What?” Tong Hua’s low-pressure temper when he got out of bed exploded completely . He was awakened in an instant . He took the milk from the chef’s hand and drank it all in one breath . Let little Master fill his stomach first . Talk again when I am full .

“Call Zhong Ran to come over!” Tong Hua ordered .


The warrior who took all the blame, Zhong Ran, hurriedly came down from upstairs . Shen Qianshu got him not to bother about all these matters . When this group of people had shouted until they got tired, they would naturally leave .

“Little Master, you have woken up . Don’t go out today . Just treat it as being bitten by a vicious dog . We don’t want to stoop to their level . ”

Shen Qianshu’s concern was right . Gossip was a fearful thing .

Their main motive was her .

If she did not appear, they could not create a din .

They were wasting their energy .

Tong Hua jumped up and gave a slap onto his chest . “Stupid . Other people are standing in front of my house and blocking me, not allowing me to go out . What kind of logic is this?”

“…” Zhong Ran was shocked .

So, Little Master, what do you want to do?

“Is the security team useless?” Tong Hua’s face had the look of an impending snowstorm . “Beat them up . The place that they are standing on now is private property . I have beaten those who trespassed private residences . Who dares to say anything?”

“…” Zhong Ran was shocked .

“…” The security team was also shocked .

This was something they had not thought of .

After all, they had come here to corner Shen Qianshu . They had wanted to interview her .

They had never thought of using such a violent way to settle the problem .

This would lead to a bigger mess .

Tong Hua said, “What are you looking at? Don’t you understand what I have said?”

He paused for a moment . “Beat them up . Wipe your eyes clean . Beat those two from the Ye Family! Make it so they can’t even sit up for at least three months!”

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