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Chapter 645: 645

Chapter 645: Tong Hua Told You What Was Called A Legal Fight 2

Shen Qianshu pulled up the curtains and closed the windows .

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When the castle was under construction, the soundproofing was done very well . She saw the documents sent over by AG’s higher management in the study room . The companies and industries under Ye Feifei and Ye Bao were obviously almost completely embezzled . It was no wonder they wanted to put all their stakes in and bring reporters to put pressure on them .

She was not the least bit afraid of this group of reporters which have come to put pressure on them . The more they wanted to find her, the more she would not appear to respond . She wanted to see what they could do . Shen Qianshu and the Vice President had a video conference . The conference was in the morning, and it seemed that she would be absent .

She would not let the reporters touch any piece of clothing .

The Vice President’s name was Ye Manfang . She was a 35-year-old woman and was from a side branch of the Ye Family . She was unmarried to date and ruled with an iron fist . She entered AG when she was 20 years old . She became a part of AG’s management team when she was 31 years old . After Ye Ling was in control, she got the position of AG’s Vice President out of nowhere .

She maintained herself very well . One could not tell that she was 30 years old . She had neat, short hair . She was pretty and filled with vitality . She had always been an overbearing big sister President . As such, Shen Qianshu had a very good impression of her .

The relationship between Chen Wanwan and her was very good .

“The company which Young Master had given Ye Bao had been managed considerably well . It is just that this person does not have enough capabilities to manage this company . Within a short span of a few months, there was chaos . This is because the managers who had been hired had all resigned . When this type of company merged, AG still had to spend a very huge amount of energy to integrate the assets . My opinion is to package and sell off those few companies under them . It will not be a problem to use AG’s name to sell them off . ”

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“Alright . I will listen to you,” Shen Qianshu said and smiled . “I don’t quite understand the matters regarding the management . I just want them to go bankrupt . ”

“No problem . Leave it to me . ” Ye Manfang was also a no-nonsense person . “You are the chairman, and you have a group of people under you . You don’t have to do things personally . You just have to tell me what you want to do . As to how to do it, it is for us to consider . ”

“Alright!” Shen Qianshu had also understood .

Ye Ling had enough trust in the management team; as long as the management team was involved, he could leave it to them .

Indeed, she was not required to do things personally .

It did not matter even if she did not know how to manage the company .

As long as she told them what she wanted to do, these people would then go and think about how to do it .

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If they could not do it, they were the ones who were lacking!

“Ye Feifei and Ye Bao do not have many capabilities . There was nothing to be fearful of . ”

“I know,” Shen Qianshu said . “I am not bothered with them . I just… want to vent this out on behalf of Master!”

“There is no need to pay for it with your reputation . In these past few days, the comments regarding Tong Hua and you were not too good . ”

“Nevermind . I don’t depend on the fans to make a living . Tong Hua is still young . Whatever plans there are in the future are matters of the future . Moreover, Tong Hua also does not mind . ” Both of them, mother and son, were not bothered by how the bystanders looked at them .

“I know,” Ye Manfang said . “AG has a few working partners who are on good terms with the media . We will arrange for public relations . As long as nothing major crops up, it will just be some gossip . The consequences will not be too big . ”

“Alright . ”

“Then I shall go and prepare for the meeting . ”


Shen Qianshu ended the video conference . It was so good to have a subordinate with outstanding capabilities . She did not have to be overly concerned . Ye Ling’s other industries were taken over by Zhong Ran . The matters which Ye Ling was usually busy with were also not matters regarding AG .

Zhong Ran did not let Shen Qianshu touch this aspect of business .

Shen Qianshu also did not ask .

She knew that this should be Ye Ling’s industry, which was unknown to others .

A maid carried over a cup of fruit juice . Shen Qianshu casually asked, “Has Tong Hua woken up?”

“He has woken up . ” The maid hesitated whether she should inform Shen Qianshu .

“What’s wrong?”

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