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Chapter 883: 883

Chapter 883: Last Words

In the dead dark alley, there was a dim light, and there was a feeling of death . The moment Ye Ling’s words came out of his mouth, Zhong Ran panicked . No way could this happen! They could not bear the consequences if something were to happen to Master . With them being Ye Ling’s silent guardians for many years, Ye Ling’s life and death had long been directly connected to their life and death .


“Shut up . ” Ye Ling tilted his head, and his gaze was frosty . Zhong Ran did not dare to speak at the moment .

Everyone listened to Ye Ling’s orders .

This was their natural reaction after all these years .

Black Rose looked at Ye Ling in shock and noticed that he was serious about it . For Shen Qianshu, a woman, the domineering ‘king’ was ready to throw in the towel .

“Ye Ling, what do you want to do?”

“Black Rose, I don’t care who you are, but I know what you want . I’m very clear that you just want a puppet . Even if I trained Shen Qianshu, she might not even pass Black Rose’s test, but I’m different . If you just want a puppet, I can satisfy you as well . ”

Black Rose took a deep breath . She was shocked and bewildered . Also… angry . Under the black veil, her eyes burned in fury .

Everyone did not dare to move about .

It was as if a slight move could cause bullets to rain down .

“For Shen Qianshu?” Black Rose laughed hysterically . “Ye Ling, do you think I’m silly? Do you think I’d believe your words? Who are you, Ye Ling? You got a hold of all the power of international mafias in Europe at the age of seventeen . When you were nineteen, you suppressed all those who were against you . You thrived step by step . Your experience is amazing .

“You are just a domineering person in the darkness . You would rather listen to Black Rose’s orders . Who would believe you? Ye Ling, Black Rose is more amazing than you think . Although I am just a proxy, I am in control of most of the power . Don’t bother tricking me . You just wish to sacrifice yourself . We would all lose out, why should I agree?”

Shen Qianshu was her trump card .

Ye Ling should never bring out the trump card .

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Zhong Ran retreated slightly and said softly, “Sniper, on hold . Watch my signal . ”


Zhong Ran’s eyes were sharp and cold, and it seemed as if he could kill Black Rose with one shot . Things would be easier that way .

Ye Ling fell silent .

Black Rose sneered . “You shouldn’t let people know about your weakness . ”

Shen Qianshu was his weakness .

Ye Ling said, “Black Rose, have you ever loved?”

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Black Rose’s eyes darkened . Her fury could be sensed through the black veil . It was on the verge of burning, but Ye Ling pretended not to see anything . He sounded sympathizing . “You must be in great despair for not feeling loved before your whole life . ”

Black Rose was infuriated . “Ye Ling!”

Ye Ling said, “Knowing who you are has no meaning for me . You want a puppet, I’ll give you a puppet . Since you know that Shen Qianshu is my weakness, what are you afraid of? You have a hold of my weakness . My life is in your hands . ”

“I don’t believe it!” Black Rose was infuriated . “I don’t believe that Ye Yan’s son would sacrifice his life for a woman!”

Ye Yan was Ye Ling’s father .

The previous Master of the Ye Family .

“He is just an indecisive and insane man who doesn’t care about relationships . ” Ye Ling sounded really cold when he mentioned his father . His tone was really cold . “He can’t dictate anyone’s life . ”

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Black Rose laughed hysterically, and the sound of it caused chills . “Ye Ling, when your father died, he left behind a sentence . Do you want to know what it was?”

Ye Ling clenched his fists slightly, and in a harsh tone, he said, “When he died, there was no one around . Why would you know his last words?”

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