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Chapter 937: 937

Chapter 937: Papa . The Brothers Have Come Together .

Second Old Master Gu was here .

He had phoned Shen Qianshu four times, two of which she did not pick up . In one of the calls, she only spoke a few sentences before hanging up hurriedly . In the other one, they spoke a lot, but he was still worried . Things between Jing Yun and Yang Po were rather heated, so Second Old Master Gu was afraid that they would come for revenge .

Recently, a private investigator had said that the entire medical team was here at Rose Castle, and it had been three days . He never saw the medical team leaving . Second Old Master Gu had been wondering if they were hiding that Shen Qianshu was injured or if something had happened to Tong Hua .

Zhong Ran had arranged for Ye Ling’s substitutes to appear at several places to let Black Rose know that Ye Ling was still safe . This was kept very confidential . Second Old Master Gu was worried for a moment as there was, after all, a bomb in Shen Qianshu’s body . He was not worried about the fact that the Ye Ling’s were substitutes . Instead, he was worried that the Shen Qianshu that kept appearing at her company was a substitute .

He phoned her several times to persuade her home, but she refused . Second Old Master Gu was just worried . So, he came over personally .

Other than him, Gu Yuanli and the other Gu Brothers came as well . All of them did .

Gu Xie said, “Juan has told us that there’s nothing wrong with Little Shu . Pa, don’t be too fierce later . ”

“Your fiancée has grown up with Little Shu since they were young . Naturally, she would speak for her . I had to come and see personally . ”

Second Old Master Shu was also stopped outside . That made him feel even more suspicious .

The good thing was that after being blocked for over ten minutes, they were let in .

“Grandpa! Uncles! Hello!” Tong Hua, the precious child, looked as if he was just waiting for them . He gave Second Old Master a warm hug joyfully .

Mommy’s home is so impressive .

All of them are handsome men!

Even Grandpa is a handsome man!

I like it!

“Baby, do you miss Uncle?” Fourth Brother lowered his head to carry Tong Hua up . Tong Hua has already passed the age of letting just anyone carry him . His face flushed, and he hit Fourth Brother’s shoulder . “Fourth Uncle, put me down! Put me down!”

Fourth Brother chuckled loudly and put him down .

Seeing that Tong Hua was safe and adorable as usual, Second Old Master Gu sighed in relief .

Shen Qianshu changed her clothes and put on some light makeup . She looked really energized . The makeup masked her lethargy . She smiled and welcomed them in . “Pa, Brothers, we already said that we are all fine . You guys just refuse to believe me . ”

“If nothing’s wrong, why won’t you come home?”

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Second Old Master was welcomed into Rose Castle .

Along the way, he took extra notice of the security amenities in the Rose Castle .

It was really heavily monitored .

Now, the Gu Manor had not installed the second set of security systems yet .

Gu Yuanli looked intently at Shen Qianshu and hid the emotions in his eyes .

The helpers served them tea .

Zhong Ran, Ah Da, and the others were all really alert . Second Old Master Shu said, “What have you been busy with lately? You haven’t returned home in such a long time . ”

“It’s just a week . ” Shen Qianshu felt wronged .

“Isn’t one week considered long?”

“Yes . My bad, my bad . Pa, don’t be mad . ”

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Gu Yuanli blew at the cup of tea lightly and asked calmly, “What’s with the security at the Rose Castle?”

“What’s wrong?” Shen Qianshu was confused .

Fourth Brother said, “They seem panicky . ”

Fifth Brother said, “We don’t feel very welcomed . ”

Gu Xie said, “Might take out their guns anytime to send us out . ”

“… ” Shen Qianshu was speechless .

Tong Hua said, “Recently, we’ve been testing our new security system . It is really strenuous for them and is causing big mental stress . It must be the after-effect of all those frequent training sessions . Ignore them, ignore them . ”

Shen Qianshu nodded . “Right . Right . High-intensity training . After-effects . ”

Suddenly, the sound of a heavy object falling on the floor was heard from upstairs .

Fourth Brother asked, “What’s that sound?”

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Shen Qianshu replied . “N-No-Nothing? What sound?”

Zhong Rang peered out from the second floor and smiled . “Nothing much! A painting fell . ”


Another sound…

“… ” Everyone was silent for a moment .

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