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Published at 16th of September 2020 11:20:05 AM

Chapter 1234: 1234

Chapter 1234: Need Your Full Cooperation

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Ying Bao nodded and said, “Grandma, my name is Huo Yinyin . Huo as in my father’s surname, Huo, and Yin as in music . My nickname is Ying Bao . Ying as in cherry, Bao as in baby . ”

“I see, I see . My baby has such cute names . ”

Jing Ruyue rubbed her on her little head . She had already fallen in love with this cute little girl .

Everyone was home . Jing Ruyue called them for dinner .

They sat down at the table . Ying Bao found that the dishes tasted different today . “Gee, it’s different today, not like daddy or mommy’s style . Oh, I know! Grandma made it!”

“Yeah, you’re such a cutie . Have more . ”

Jing Ruyue kept refilling her plate and Ying Bao had a lot .

She also helped her daughter refill . Xu Xiyan could not stop praising her . “This is it . My mother makes the best dishes!”

Jing Ruyue disagreed . “I haven’t been in the kitchen for over a decade and almost forgot how to cook . It was just a trial . ”

“Simply a trial could be so good . Mother, if you cook everyday you will soon be a queen of cooking!”

Xu Xiyan felt so happy and hoped that she could enjoy her mother’s cooking every day .

“Help yourself, Yunshen . ”

Jing Ruyue helped her son-in-law refill too . She found her son-in-law increasingly pleasing lately . What a perfect couple!

Xu Xiyan stepped on his foot when Huo Yunshen said so .

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He turned to her and asked, “What? Why did you step on me?”

“What did you just call my mother?” Xu Xiyan raised her chin and asked .

Huo Yunshen realized and felt embarrassed . He turned to Jing Ruyue and unofficially corrected himself . “Sorry, I was wrong . Mother, you should have more, too . ”

Jing Ruyue did not care about the way he addressed her . “Never mind, let’s enjoy our dinner!”

Having finished their dinner, Huo Yunshen went playing with Ying Bao while Xu Xiyan spent more time with her mother .

After a shower, Xu Xiyan helped her mother dry her hair, and told her about the plan . “Mother, I’d like you to take some traditional Chinese herbal therapy and I’ll be in charge of your daily diet . I’ll need your full cooperation . ”

Jing Ruyue had been kept in the underground crystal palace for too long . Her physical functions were decaying, and she was weak and lacked energy . Her skin was cold to the touch .

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She would need traditional Chinese medicine and herbal cuisine to get rid of the coldness, plus some exercise to improve her physical functions .

Jing Ruyue knew that her daughter was filial . They had risked their lives to save hers . There was no reason for her to waste it .

Recalling what had happened in the past, Xu Xiyan tried to ask, “Mother, did you know? Your autobiography The Perfect Scenery was made into a movie . Mr . Huang was the director and I starred in it . ”

Jing Ruyue found it surprising . How could she have expected her own daughter to star for the script she had left many years ago?

“And I won the Best Actress Award for that role . I fulfilled your dream, mother . ”

“Well done, my daughter! You made me proud . ”

Jing Ruyue held her daughter’s hands and put on a hearty smile .

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Xu Xiyan held her mother’s hands for a while and asked further, “Mother, that Feng in your script, the man you loved dearly…was he my father?”

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