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Chapter 132

Huo Yunshen thought he’d seen Xu Xiyan go into the building .

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He wheeled himself forward . As he turned around the corner, he saw Xu Xiyan enter Room 102 with another guy .

Xu Xiyan is bringing another guy back to her house?

Who is he?

What’s their relationship?

A bad feeling arose in his mind .

Is he her boyfriend?

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But, I’ve never gotten the chance to truly know her . I never even asked whether she has a boyfriend or not…

Of course, I do hope she’s still single . But I can’t lie to myself anymore . She might have a boyfriend .

She pretty, confident, and bright . Of course, men will fall for her…


Huo Yunshen let out a deep sigh as he went back to Room 101, depressed .

He sat in the dark as he hugged his knees . Even his heart was shaking .

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It was a feeling of wanting to love but being unable . It was drowning him .

He used to be proud, and had everything and every talent that anyone could possibly dream of . He was a man born with infinite possibilities, yet he still couldn’t get what he yearned for .

The pride was stripped away by the accident, and now he had become a person who could only rely on his wheelchair… He’d become a disabled person .

He kept his feelings to himself because he was afraid he might get rejected and he might lose her .

He was careful, or worse, he was timid .

If he wasn’t crippled, he would still try and go after Xu Xiyan, even if she had a boyfriend . But now, he wasn’t sure he would be able to match any man that would appear in her life .

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He couldn’t even save her if she was bullied by other people . He had no right to say that he loved her .

Huo Yunshen fell into despair after he saw Xu Xiyan with another man .

He shouldn’t have come back early . At least he wouldn’t feel as bad as he did .

Yet, in Room 102, four people were having their food happily after Wang Dazhi arrived .

It had been years since Fang Xiaocheng had last tasted Xu Xiyan’s cooking . She and Wang Dazhi kept praising the foods while stuffing their mouths full .

“Xi Baby is the best mum in the world! She’s my super mummy!” Ying Bao smiled .

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“Of course! If I was a guy, I would definitely marry your mum!” Fang Xiaocheng said .

Ying Bao suddenly stopped eating, and began to worry .

“Ying Bao, what’s wrong?” Xu Xiyan noticed and asked .

Ying Bao turned her head and touched her mother’s face . “Since Xi Baby is so good, why hasn’t a guy come and marry her yet?” Ying Bao sighed .

“…” Xu Xiyan had no idea how to answer her daughter’s question .

Fang Xiaocheng also sighed . Ying Bao, It’s hard for her to find someone when she has you…

Tears began to formed in Ying Bao’s eyes as her cheeks reddened .

“I don’t want to drag you down . If Xi Baby has met someone she loves, she should marry him…It’s tough to live alone as a girl…”

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