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Chapter 353: 353

Huang Yanran assumed that he was only her assistant and there was no need for him to bear any responsibility for her, but this man actually spoke such responsible words and was willing to shoulder all responsibilities .

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Why is he doing this?

“No reason . I did everything in the first place, so I should bear the consequences . ”

He Liang’s eyes sparkled with resolution, but he could not tell her the real reason .

Because of the employment contract signed between them, one of the provisions ruled that romantic relationships between both parties were forbidden . If that happened, the contract would be terminated .

He Liang loved Huang Yanran deeply and had always been willing to follow her for many years . In order to stay by her side, he had to suppress his feelings for her in his heart .

In the face of unrequited love, he only wanted to protect the person he loved with all his power, nothing more .

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“But, I don’t want anything to happen to you either . ”

At this time, Huang Yanran realized how much she needed He Liang . He was her assistant . Every day he would follow her like a shadow, and just like the air that was always around her .

She could not imagine: what if He Liang was taken away for real? What was she going to do alone?

“Yanran, I’m just a nameless pawn and my future is not important . But you’re different . You’re a big star . If something happens to you, your career will be ruined and you’ll be finished for life . ”

He Liang continued to comfort her, “Do you still remember how many hardships you went through when you first came to Beijing?”

“You did not eat well and could only afford to live in the basement . Even as an extra, they would only hire you depending on their mood . It wasn’t easy for you to climb your way up into Yunhai Entertainment and become what you are today . You know that President Huo had always despised artists who used unscrupulous means to compete for their chances . If President Huo learned about what you are doing, do you think he would let you get away with it? Would Yunhai still accommodate you?”

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“He Liang…” Huang Yanran was deeply touched by his words .

After working in Peijing for so many years, she had long forgotten her desperate origins in her pursuit for stardom .

In order to climb the career ladder, she’d had no choice but to step on others, attack and retaliate against other competitors, and even maintain illegitimate relationships with many sugar daddies .

She had become a vile and covetous woman . She was no longer the naïve dream seeking girl she used to be .

“That’s enough, Yanran . It’s decided . I’m going to surrender myself to the authorities so I can receive a more lenient sentence . ”

“He Liang…”

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He Liang released her, turned and went out . Huang Yanran watched his retreating back and her heart was suddenly filled with inexplicable sorrow and grief .

Without thinking, she rushed over to him and grabbed him from behind around his waist, tears streaming down her face .

Every day she had been literally living her life as an actor, mingling on the set with a vanity fair of people, with a constant mask of pretentiousness on her face . She had long forgotten what love is .

At this moment, she felt terrible pain in her heart .

For many years, she had never truly shed tears for anyone .

The press conference was still going on . After disclosing He Liang’s identity, everyone was in an uproar after learning that he was the assistant of Huang Yanran, the lead actress of “Root of Evil . ” What did Huang Yanran have to do with this case?

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In addition to exposing He Liang and evidence of his purchase of the poison, Guan Hao also gave evidence of He Liang bribing one of the film crew members, who provided confessions and audio recordings .

The two pieces of evidence confirmed that He Liang had given him a sum of money and had him put the poison powder in Jing Xi’s cabinet, fabricating a false charge against her and placing the blame on her .

The last piece of evidence provided was a recording by the hospital’s surveillance system . It was a video of a nurse sneaking into Jia Qing’s ward and injecting arsenic trioxide into his infusion tube .

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