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Published at 12th of February 2020 04:35:05 AM

Chapter 801: 801

Chapter 801: Unable to Avert His Eyes

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Li Ruochu turned her face and let the soldier have a better look . After making sure that it was an old woman, the soldier let them pass .

After the car made a turn, Xu Xiyan asked, “Ruochu, what’s happening here? Are they here for you?”

Li Ruochu nodded and smiled awkwardly . The soldiers were looking for her, but she did not expect it at such a large scale .

“Are you like some fugitive or something?” Xu Xiyan joked, as she was curious about her identity .

Since Li Ruochu did not explain, Xu Xiyan stopped pursuing .

When they arrived at the studio for “Sceneries,” the male protagonist, Su Jimo, was already there .

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Xu Xiyan was excited as she saw him . Su Jimo was the actor that Xiao Yuqian brought up six years ago .

As he expanded his career internationally, he became the second Chinese International Movie King after Elvis .

Xu Xiyan could not believe that they were able to get such a huge star to play a role in her movie .

The fame that Xu Xiyan had was not even enough for her to stand on the same set with Su Jimo . She was really grateful for the chance that Xiao Yuqian and Huang Guoqiang was giving her .

When Xu Xiyan handed the script for “Sceneries” to Xiao Yuqian, she joked about how good it would be if they could get Su Jimo to play the leading role . She never thought that Xiao Yuqian would take it seriously .

“Mr . Su, nice to meet you!” Xu Xiyan greeted like a little fan of his .

Su Jimo was a handsome man with perfect facial features . His skin was soft with an attractive sideburn, and he moved elegantly . The most attractive part of him was when he wore a pair of slacks .

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“So you’re little Jing Xi?” Su Jimo asked with a smile .

“Yup, is there a big Jing Xi here?” Xu XIyan joked, and Su Jimo laughed .

Su Jimo was almost in his 40’s while Jing Xi was only 23 years old . She was still like a little kid to him .

What was more was that Su Jimo was a huge fan of Jing Ruyue .

As she scanned Jing Xi’s face, he noticed that she really looked like the goddess he looked up to .

His eyes fell onto Xu XIyan’s pretty hands, and he could not avert his eyes any further .

She has pretty hands .

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No one really knew that Su Jimo was the kind of person who favored pretty hands .

Like how he fell for Jing Ruyue’s hands in the past, too .

He accepted the offer to be a part of the movie because it was the work of Jing Ruyue .

It was a surprise to him when he learned that he would be in the movie with Jing Ruyue’s daughter, and it felt like he was shooting the movie with his goddess, herself .

As the recording began, the tension between Xu XIyan and Su Jimo began to disappear .

Su Jimo would always try to teach Xu Xiyan more about acting techniques and skills, and she learned a lot from him .

After the recording for that day had ended, Xu Xiyan left in the van with Li Ruochu and Wan Dou .

But they did not expect to get into trouble on their way back .

Their van was stopped once again as a dozen people were pointing guns at their van .

Xu Xiyan looked through the window and noticed it was still the same soldiers that were looking for Li Ruochu .

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