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Published at 7th of June 2017 04:52:56 PM

Chapter 37

Primordial Blood Throne: Book 1 Chapter 37 – Body Stopping Soul Rending

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Shaking the bottle in his hand, there was only a few drops of its contents within and nothing else .

After throwing the bottle to one side, Su Chen looked at his surroundings .

Only countless mountains were in the distance, filled with green and without an end in sight . That bit of potion remaining could no longer attract any Fiend Beast .

Without hesitating, Su Chen carried his large bag and descended the mountain .

Su Chen had decided to head deeper into the region .

Entering deeper was without a doubt more dangerous but without the Beast Luring Potion, Su Chen would need to enter a place with more Fiend Beast as he does not wish to waste any more time . What’s more, it was impossible for him to always be able to use the safest method to fight .

The past month was akin to refining himself . After experiencing over thirty days of training, Su Chen had received a certain level of jungle survival experience and also had the confidence to face more challenges .

Following the jungle path, Su Chen walked for three days .

Over these three days, Su Chen did not meet any Fiend Beast but he still encountered countless troubles, a few of those times, he nearly lost his life . There was once where he accidently destroyed a bug nest and attracted a horde of poisonous insects chasing for his life . Another time, he leaned on a seemingly normal looking plant which suddenly released a powerful poison that nearly knocked Su Chen off his feet on the spot, fortunately Su Chen reacted quickly enough and escaped the area . However, the poison still caused him to be paralyzed for more than half a day .

What made him even the most speechless was, even when drinking from a small stream, one might also encounter an ambush . At the bottom of the stream was a type of fish, and although it was small, it’s also extremely vicious . The fish will suddenly bite onto its target from underwater, no matter who the target is . It will be able to bite a chunk of meat off it . When this type of fish has gathered enough numbers, it could even devour a Fiend Beast instantly .

Su Chen had personally seen an Iron Bone Mountain Demon being cleanly devoured by a few thousand of these fishes, not even a piece of bone was left behind .

Within the Deep Red Mountain Range, it was truly a terrifying monster .

Despite that, Su Chen did not retreat and hide but ventured on .

In the days to come, Su Chen began to encounter many waves of Fiend Beasts, it was fortunate that his luck was rather good and did not encounter one that was overwhelmingly powerful, allowing him to defeat them one after the other .

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On the fifty-sixth day, Su Chen once again encountered danger .

A Jade Eye Fury Ape blocked his path .

The ape was around three meters tall and was considered a powerful existence among Low Grade Fiend Beast, its strength was similar to the Great Fanged Bear but it was much more agile than the great bear, if Su Chen were to have to face it at his mountain peak ambush, he might consider running away from it .

However, they met in this gorge .

There was no place for him to retreat nor escape, what’s left was to clash within the gorge till the victor was left standing .

Su Chen took out a crossbow without hesitation and shot at the large ape, the bolts that landed on the Jade Eye Fury Ape’s body felt as though they were striking a steel plate . Unable to penetrate the skin of the Fury Ape, the ape roared at Su Chen .

As the roar entered Su Chen’s ears, it shocked him into a dizziness .

Origin Skill!

Being attacked by the roar caused Su Chen to just stand there, unable to move .

He did not panic but immediately swapped the crossbow to his Hunter’s Firearm and fired a shot .

Smoke filled the air, and the ape’s body burst out a splatter of blood .

The pain had caused the ape to become even more angry . It dashed at Su Chen with a roar, trees and everything else in its path was trampled down as it approached .

Su Chen at this moment had also recovered his mobility . He began to move backwards, continuing to shoot at the ape as he did, the powerful backlash of the item sent shocks through his body after every shot .

After three consecutive shots, another splatter of blood appeared on the body of the ape .

This god damn accuracy .

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The Jade Eye Fury Ape had already reached within striking distance and send a slap towards Su Chen .

Su Chen used Vapor Snake Steps that was supported by the Cloud Stepping Boots to evade, while his body turned as light as smoke . He hacked down his blade onto the arm of the ape, the Ink Pattern Battle Blade released a blood red glow and as it struck the ape . The power Origin Skill attached onto the Eighth Grade Origin Armament nearly cleaved the ape into two .

However, the ape was also equally vicious, with a loud roar, it released another Body Stopping Origin Skill .

Su Chen’s body froze, allowing the ape to slap onto his body, exactly at the spot on his chest where there was no defense . Even with armor protecting him, Su Chen still violently vomited blood .

He hastily retreated while once again rise the firearm in his hand . Another four shots was fired, this time, targeting the existing wounds . Two of the shots landed accurately and the wounds on the ape exploded, releasing two pools of blood .

The ape painfully cried, it rushed forward again, throwing another slap . Su Chen returned the attack with another blade of Blood Slaughter, slashing apart the ape’s arm .

However, the ape possessed a powerful life force and did not die despite receiving two Blood Slaughters . On the contrary, Su Chen began to feel dizzy and looked to be unable to hold on any longer .

All the while the Jade Eye Fury Ape jumped up at him, trying to strike his head with its remaining arm .

Su Chen was about to use the Vapor Snake Step to evade but saw the Jade Eye Fury Ape opening its mouth again, he knew that it was trying to use its Body Stopping Origin Skill once more .

Su Chen threw an item as the ape released a roar .

Soul Rending Spell Marble .

“Ao!” a hair-raising roar resounded, at the same time, the marble released a colorless aura, exploding in all directions .

Body Stopping Roar .

Soul Rending Technique .

Two powerful mental attacks exploded at the same time . Su Chen only felt himself going unconscious as though something’s trying to pull its soul apart, causing him great pain .

Unable to hold on any longer, he hugged his head and screamed .

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His mind seems to be invaded by something, something madly tearing at him . Just as Su Chen could no longer endure anymore, a cool rush suddenly came from his eyes . As though the thing wreaking havoc in his mind has found an outlet, it pounced at his ears .

The pain vanished .

Su Chen who was still stunned, opened his eyes, in front of him was the Jade Eye Fury Ape clutching its head and roaring .

The attack also hit it, causing it to experience the pain of its soul being split .

Su Chen knew that this was his last chance, he hacked down with his blade, activating Blood Slaughter once again .


Blood spurt into the sky .

The Jade Eye Fury Ape fell onto the ground while Su Chen’s body began to sway weakly before falling to the ground along with it, unable to stand up .

While lying on the ground, Su Chen felt that he did not even have the strength to move a finger .

The battle wasn’t long but was exceptionally difficult .

To defeat this guy, not only did he use all four Origin Armaments, he was also forced to use a Soul Rending Spell Marble .

The feeling of having his soul being rent was something that he would never want to experience again .

The Deep Red Mountain Range sure was a place of danger, even on its outskirts, it was filled with thorns and danger .

But it all came down to the fact of him being too weak .

If only he could enter Energy Guiding earlier .

Only when he reached Energy Guiding Realm would he be able to use Origin Energy, master Origin Skills, and possess unlimited possibilities .

In front of Origin Skills, martial arts like Blazing Tiger Fists were just techniques used by mortals .

However, with his current situation, being able to reach peak Forged Body was already not bad, as for breaking into Energy Guiding Realm, he should forget about it . Without enough Origin Energy accumulated, it would be impossible for him to guide energy into his body and open an inner sea .

As he felt regret, Su Chen saw some strange light dots above the corpse of the ape .

“What’s that?” Su Chen got curious .

He tried his best to sit up but his body didn’t want to listen to his instructions, he could only stare at the corpse as one light dot after the other began to come out of it, disappearing into the air after existing in the atmosphere for a short while .

Like a drop of water diffusing into the great sea .

One of the light dots landed on Su Chen’s face, after bouncing on his face a few times, it float away and disappeared .

“Is this Origin Energy?” Su Chen seem to have achieve some sort of enlightenment,

Origin Energy could not be seen with the naked eye, while the theory of “Origin Energy will be released after a Fiend Beast dies” was something deduced by powerful Origin Masters after experiencing it .

Just as how humans cannot see air but knew that air existed .

But now, Su Chen was able to see these light dots which could very likely be Origin Energy .

Yes or no, testing it woud reveal the answer .

Su Chen patiently waited .

Very quickly, another light dot lightly landed on Su Chen’s arm .

Su Chen stared at this light dot and began to circulate his absorption technique, focusing it on the area where the dot landed .

The light dot did not bounce off because of that .

It rolled on Su Chen’s skin for a moment before melding into his body in a very unwilling manner .

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