Primordial Blood Throne - Volume 4 - Chapter 35

Published at 17th of February 2019 08:12:27 AM

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Darkness Demon

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Regardless of what the summoned creature was, this summoned darkness beast obviously did not have any good intentions .

Its furious, unrestrained howls gave away the summoned darkness beast’s malicious intent . Waves of dark energy surged forward from its body as it yelled, “Become food for the darkness!”

“Careful! Everyone back up!” Zhu Baiyu yelled .

A blood-colored energy rose up from the surroundings to meet the wave of darkness . The two opposing waves of energy clashed, unleashing a frightening wave of energy that threatened to wipe out everyone present . Anything that these waves of energy touched would immediately disintegrate, but then reform an instant later .

This place was quite good for doing battle . No matter what kind of damage occurred, it would quickly repair itself .

“You insignificant insects, remember my name! I am the Darkness Demon Heath!” the summoned darkness beast howled . Dark clouds began to gather and turned into a massive two-sided lance that pierced down at Zhu Baiyu .

“How arrogant!” Zhu Baiyu harrumphed as he jabbed out with his finger .

This single jab carried with it the bewitching aura of the Heavenly Fox and the power of a Demonic Emperor as it raced towards the Darkness Demon . As soon as it touched the long lance, it exploded with a brilliant light .

“ARGHH!” The Darkness Demon howled in pain . The massive spear fragmented under Zhu Baiyu’s finger strike and turned back into black fog . The bright light was like poison as it corroded the Darkness Demon, causing its body to grow much smaller .

“Damn bastard!” the Darkness Demon howled angrily as the black waves surged forward again .

An arm of one the Zhu Clan’s guards was swept up by the darkness; his entire arm turned into dark fog that then dissipated .

“No! Save me!” the guard yelled, but he could only watch as the darkness continued to eat away at him until he faded away .

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Everyone felt fear rising in their hearts as they watched a person be swallowed up by darkness just like that .

“Everyone, activate your Origin Energy barriers and attack from range . Don’t get into close-quarters combat with it!” Zhu Xianyao yelled .

This was the best way to deal with the Darkness Demon .

Only Su Chen’s eyes lit up .

Shadow Substance!

He could finally confirm that this Darkness Demon’s body was made entirely out of Shadow Substance .

Su Chen had obtained Shadow Substance from the little black stones earlier . Because their origin was mysterious, Su Chen had never found another way to extract more apart from recycling it from his own abilities .

However, without new Shadow Substance, Su Chen would have a very hard time producing more Shadow Servants, and even strengthening the current Shadow Servants would be quite difficult .

But now, Su Chen had actually discovered a lifeform whose body was literally made of Shadow Substance .

How could he not be excited?

At this moment, everyone was locked in battle with the Darkness Demon . Su Chen was standing to the side, carefully watching the Darkness Demon fight .

The Darkness Demon was exceptionally powerful and seemed to possess boundless stores of darkness power that was extremely corrosive . Anyone who came into contact with the dark fog, even if a little bit, would rapidly disintegrate .


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Zhao Jingwen’s Origin Energy barrier shattered . Before the new barrier could form, a bit of the Darkness Demon’s darkness-type Origin Energy came into contact with his body . He acted quite decisively and cut off the piece of meat from his own shoulder and threw it on the ground . That chunk of meat rapidly dissolved into black fog and disappeared without a trace .

The corrosive power of the darkness was really quite frightening .

In Su Chen’s eyes, this was just the concentrated Shadow Substance attempting to find a target to corrode .

This was a special corrosive property of the Shadow Substance . Su Chen had found this out a long time ago when he had combined it with his flames to make the Shadow Flame Giant . However, the amount of Shadow Substance he possessed was limited, as was the corrosive ability of the giant . He never expected that Shadow Substance could have such a shocking corrosive ability when it became concentrated enough .

The presence of this much Origin Substance was a huge pile of treasure in Su Chen’s eyes!

His eyes flickered with greed .

“Tianyang, what are you doing!” Zhu Xianyao yelled when she discovered Su Chen’s strange movements .

The current Su Chen had voluntarily let down his barrier and gotten close .

Was he trying to get himself killed?


The Darkness Demon swung its arm at Su Chen .

Su Chen raised his blade . The Darkness Demon’s arm wasn’t sturdy and was immediately sliced through .

However, the broken arm still hit Su Chen’s body . A large quantity of darkness began to envelope his body . Zhu Xianyao screamed as if she was the one being killed .

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An instant later, however, the darkness seemed to come under Su Chen’s control, eventually gathering near his left hand before disappearing without a trace .

“How is this possible?” the Darkness Demon howled in shock .

It could sense that there was something on this human’s left hand that could exert incredible control over itself .

It was like the frost melting under a scorching hot sun .

Large amounts of Shadow Substance entered the Shadow Glove . This unique item immediately surged with power . Because Su Chen’s blood was connected with it, Su Chen could even sense a kind of satisfaction emanating from it!

It was the satisfaction that came from eating a full meal .

Obviously, Su Chen wasn’t planning on letting things go just like that .

The target in front of him was a huge sink of Shadow Substance . If he missed this opportunity, he would regret it for a long time .

Su Chen lifted his left hand and swung it at the Darkness Demon .

With a tearing sound, Su Chen ripped off a large chunk of the dark fog on the darkness demon’s body .

The glove on his hand began to glow faintly and rapidly absorbed the dark fog .

An instant later, Su Chen swung again .

As if he was eating a lamb or a cow, Su Chen cleaved away at his opponent blow after blow, consuming it bit by bit . Large quantities of Shadow Substance surged into the glove, constantly raising the power of the Shadow Glove .

“NO!” the Darkness Demon howled in fear .

It couldn’t understand how his opponent was doing this, but it knew that every successful attack of Su Chen’s would weaken it until it couldn’t fight anymore .

The Darkness Demon finally felt fear and began to retreat .

“Don’t let it get away!” Su Chen yelled .

The other people also realized that Su Chen’s glove could restrain the Darkness Demon and began to strengthen their attacks to try and keep it in place .

The Darkness Demon howled repeatedly and tried to escape . It was not nearly as threatening as it was before . It looked just like a creature made of sludge as it crawled along the ground . However, Chef Su Chen stopped it at every step of the way and continued to cut away at it .

Once Su Chen had torn off a final chunk of Shadow Substance, the Darkness Demon could no longer maintain its physical form and disintegrated .

Large quantities of dark fog billowed everywhere as it dissipated, leaving behind a bit of grey powder behind .

Su Chen picked up a bit of the powder . The powder contained large quantities of Shadow Substance . When he saw the powder, Su Chen was reminded of the black stones he had obtained previously .

He started to understand the origins of those black stones .

Su Chen carefully collected the powder without wasting it .

They still were full of research value .

When he stood back up, he found that everyone around him had a strange look on their faces .