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Chapter 36

Gu Qi Qi’s eyebrow raised as she shockingly looked toward the hospital beds .

Looking at Zhu Fen’s hideous and mutilated wounds on her backside . It seemed to be caused by glass shards, piercing into her skin before ripping off from her body .

The severity of those wounds were hundred times worse in comparison to the small wounds on her back shoulder yesterday .

Yet, Gu Xue Xue on the left suffered the worst injuries .

Both her arm and leg were in casts, due to the result of fractures .

The most frightening of all was the wound on her forehead . Normally that wouldn’t be a huge issue as long as cosmetic treatment was utilized in the stitching process .

But the stitch marks were crisscrossed like a centipede . Whoever was responsible for the stitching must have been the work of a substandard doctor .

Even if the wounds fully healed, it would leave a nasty scar .

Looking at Gu Xue Xue’s disastrous wounds, Gu Qi Qi couldn’t help but raise her lips and laugh soundlessly .

Gu Xue Xue raised her head just in time to see Gu Qi Qi’s carefree smile .

Heart filled with utmost hatred, Gu Xue Xue instantly glared with bloodshot eyes and clenched teeth: “Gu……”

She wanted to scold Gu Qi Qi as the b**** who was responsible for disfiguring her, and that she was not finish with her yet .

Before she managed to speak more than one word, her head was fiercely pounded by Gi Qi Qi with a fruit bowl . She fainted on the hospital bed silently .

Zhe Fen did not witness this scene because she was laying face down with her head buried into the pillow . She initially thought that Gu Xue Xue had a hoarse voice and speech difficulty .

She melancholically said: “ Xue Xue, I know you wanted me to deliberately swap a fake video recording of that lowly Gu Qi Qi, but do you also know that she’s very cunning? If she discovered that it was a fake all along, we would be in deep trouble . In my opinion, there’s really no need for us to act . We can just sit and wait until she receives the nursery school admission notice, so that she can only watch in envy as we attend the medical university! She can spend the rest of her lowly life as a bottom ranking nurse, and that there’s nothing more humiliating1 than that……”

Zhu Fen calmly explained .

As if Gu Qi Qi had already been stepped under her feet soles .

However, her skull was viciously pounded in the next moment .

That blow’s force was well controlled . Although she might’ve been dazed by the blow, she did not faint from it .

“Who’s there? ——Nhm!”

Zhu Fen terrifyingly screamed

Zhu Fen terrifyingly screamed

But her head was pressed into the pillow, suppressing any voice from her .

Zhu Fen attempted to struggle, but she suffered excruciating pain as her backside wounds began to bleed .

How vicious, who was this person?

“Its me, Gu Qi Qi the mere low ranking nurse . ”

Gu Qi Qi mockingly said, “The video recording, hand it over!”

As Gu Qi Qi spoke, she pounded Zhu Fen’s head with the fruit bowl once again .

Neither light nor heavy

But very terrifying! Very painful!

Once Zhu Fen realized that it was Gu Qi Qi, she became even more fearful . Then she obediently and softly said: “It’s inside…… inside my backpack . ”

“If I find that it’s fake, you know the outcome!”

“If I find that it’s fake, you know the outcome!”

Gu Qi Qi took out an old fashioned video tape from Zhu Fen’s back .

Luckily, she came prepared and took out a miniature videocassette player2
from the fruit bowl . She inserted the video tape into the player and pressed the play button .

Yet……she spent half an hour watching it from start to finish .

Unexpectedly there was no recorded scene of the mysterious perverted man on the surgery table incident .

“Did you edit it?” Gu Qi Qi lifted the fruit bowl and pounded Zhu Fen’s head again .

Zhu Fen screeched with pain: “No! Absolutely did not! This is the original video recording taken from the control room! At ten minutes and twenty seconds, you appeared at the surgery room……”

Gu Qi Qi rewinded the recording .

As expected, she did appear in the surgery room at that scene .

But she only went to the surgery room to take some disinfectant tissue and some simple vulneraria powder!

Because the last time she visited her brother, Little Bei, at the nursing home, she discovered that the nursing home staff were negligent to his brother .

Because the last time she visited her brother, Little Bei, at the nursing home, she discovered that the nursing home staff were negligent to his brother .

When her brother injured himself in a fall, they didn’t even bother to address it properly . Thus the wound became infected .

The medicine she took was just leftover from the surgery room, and it was only used to perform a simple treatment for her brother .

“Just this?”

“That’s correct . Xue Xue wanted me to cut out this scene then give it to your father and mine . So that you’ll be punished for the crime of hospital resource embezzlement .

Hospital resource embezzlement .

Gu Qi Qi could only chuckle .

Leaving that side, she was the elder daughter of the hospital board member . These medicine was only worth a lump of coin, and it was leftover waste from surgery operation .

It was said that Qingcheng hospital was not the property of Gu household at the start .

On the contrary, it was her own biological mother’s investment!

Her Mother once said that this hospital should never be surnamed as Gu!3 

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