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Chapter 81

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After looking for a good few minutes, Lyn grew increasingly frustrated . Is it hopeless after all? She's bought nobody anything before, so maybe she doesn't have a good eye for these things . Perhaps jewel isn't the best way to go, just as Lyn was about to give up something caught her eye .

Ah, this, she's seen something like this before . Lyn picked up the pendant with the blue gem in the center . The elderly woman smiled, "That's a good choice, dear, there is only one of that necklace . "

"Eh? Only one?" Lyn exclaimed, "It must be valuable, how come," actually the reason this one stood out to Lyn was because it seemed out of place from the rest .

"It was mine when I was younger; however, I have no use of it now . I'm old, and my partner has long gone," the lady explained, "I wish to find a suitable owner for it . "

Somebody suitable, Lyn was about to put it down, but the lady shook her head, "Pardon me for saying so, but I've been watching you since earlier . You were looking around various stands with a nice-looking man . Your lover?"

"Ah, yes . "

It felt strange admitting this to a stranger, and she usually would be more cautious . But the old lady genuinely seems like a nice person . Besides it ought to be fine, nobody will recognize her here . Despite that knowledge, though, Lyn ensured that the hood of the cloak never fell . The woman's lips curve to a smile as she commented on him being a good man .

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After purchasing the item, she returned to the bench and found Kazuya there . Lyn walked over, and Kazuta smiled, "How was your shopping?"

"I'm sorry I disappeared . "

Kazuya shook his head, "It's fine . I understand that traveling with two guys isn't exactly ideal; you can go off on your own and buy uhh things . . "

Lyn flushed when she realized what Kazuya meant; he probably thought she wasn't buying anything earlier because she wanted to purchase female necessities . How embarrassing, Lyn took a deep breath, "It's okay, I sorted that out before I left," besides it's not like she is like all the other girls .

Kazuya nodded and reached over, Lyn's eyes lit up, and she immediately made her way over, and he plopped her onto his lap, "My cute and pretty Lyn, are you having fun?"

"I am! There are so many things I haven't seen before here; I'm happy we came," Lyn beamed happily as she spoke about the things she's liked on the journey so far . When Kazuya asked her if there was something she disliked, Lyn recalled him mentioning how eldest sister kissed him . Though Rhys looking at her distracted her thoughts for the rest of lunch, Lyn hadn't forgotten about it .

"Say, Kazuya?"

"What is it?"

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"Um, did you like kissing my sister?"

Kazuya frowned, "That's been bothering you?"

Lyn nodded, "It has," Lyn trailed off, "I mean, I know my sister is beautiful, smart and can do anything . She has experience and isn't naive like me too," Lyn emphasized the word experienced . If she had experience too, then this wouldn't be happening now . Though her sister has been waiting for the right person to show up, that doesn't mean sister hasn't dated other men before .

Kazuya replied to this by burying his face in her neck; Lyn looked at him, confused, "What's wrong, Kazuya? Are you in pain somewhere?"

"Yeah . "

Her eyes widened alarmed; he's in pain? Did he get hurt? When? How come she didn't notice? Okay, so if Kazuya did get hurt, he probably wouldn't be able to hold her like this . Still, Lyn examined him for wounds and Kazuya laughed, "I'm in pain Lyn, but not that kind of pain . "

If it isn't physical, what is he talking about? Lyn stared at him; the confusion grew .

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"My heart has been broken," Kazuya explained . Ahh? Could it be that Kazuya really likes her sister instead, but got turned down? While Lyn felt the whole confession thing was odd, she decided not to dwell on it, considering how well he treated her . But could it be this entire time she misunderstood everything? And Kazuya doesn't really like her that way, but her sister instead? As these thoughts ran through her mind, Kazuya's lips gently brushed against hers, "

"How could you think such a think such a thing, when I love you so much?"

The answer was unexpected, and Lyn felt her cheeks grow increasingly hot . The two of them are a couple, so it's only natural for Kazuya to say these words to her and yet Lyn felt her heart beat grow rapid . Wow, wow, wow - she didn't expect Kazuya to say the words 'I love' so easily, and 'so much . ' Kazuya, loves her a lot? Just saying, 'I like' is difficult for her . But Kazuya said the love word so easily, and Lyn didn't have to look at his face to understand that he meant it .

Just knowing that he felt so strongly for her before was embarrassing enough, but now she's heard him declare his love . Kazuya reached over and brushed his hand on her forehead, "Lyn? What's wrong? Your face has gone red . "

Lyn brought her lips to his ear before she said, "I'm embarrassed, but I think I like it . "

"Lyn . . . . you know, you probably shouldn't do that . "

"Do what?"

"Whisper in my ear, it's bad for my heart . "

There are problems with his heart whenever she whispers in his ear? "I got it; I won't!"

Kazuya scratched his face, "You know, I can pretty much guess what conclusion you just came up with," he trailed off, "It's bad for my heart because I'm embarrassed too . "

That has to be a lie, Kazuya always acts so calmly whenever he holds her . Sure there are times where he is blushing like herself . But most of the times Kazuya is in complete control of everything . It's unfair . Oh, now that she thought about it . This would be considered a 'romantic moment' correct? Lyn was patiently waiting for a good time to bring out the pendant .

Lyn slipped free from his hold and reached over for her rucksack and pulled out the small bag and turned to him, "What's that?" Kazuya asked .

She shyly holds up the box, that she just removed from the bag, "It's for you, Kazuya . "

"For me? You didn't have to," Kazuya opened the box, "Ah, this is?"

"It's a guardian stone that brings happiness," Lyn explained, "I was thinking long and hard what to get you . There were many pendants there, even amulets that focus on health," she was almost half tempted to get that one . But it didn't feel right to give a good health amulet . By providing a charm regarding health, it's like a curse saying something terrible will happen .

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