Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 274.1

Published at 11th of October 2018 03:06:19 AM

Chapter 274.1

Chapter 274: In danger, playing with fire (Part 1)

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Lin Chujiu was very accustomed to how the modern doctor act . She has always been direct in asking the patient’s condition . Although she has no bad intention, for the people in ancient times, this abruptness was shocking . Meng Daren was scared with Lin Chujiu’s straightforwardness .

However, after looking at Lin Chujiu’s eyes and seeing that she was not malicious, Meng Daren replied: “It’s not inborn . He was crying loud when he was born . But later on, when he got seriously sick, he could no longer make a sound . ” This was also a big regret of Meng Daren .

Meng Daren’s facial expression became natural . However, Lin Chujiu didn’t notice it . She only nodded her head and continued to ask: “Aside from not being able to speak, does he have another discomfort in the body?”

Aphasia was often accompanied by another disease . Although it was not inborn, there were some things better to ask in advance .

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“No, except that he can’t talk, he doesn’t have any problem . ” Meng Daren said firmly . After carefully asking a few questions to Meng Daren, Lin Chujiu said: “I want to the see the patient in person first before I conclude that I can cure him . I’m not sure, if that’s okay?”

Lin Chujiu was willing to see his son, which mean she felt like she can cure him . So, without any hesitation, Meng Daren asked: “This, I don’t know when it will be convenient? I will bring my son to see Xiao Wangfei . ”

Meng Daren was very polite and respectful to Lin Chujiu . Meng Daren can directly bring his son . But instead, he asks for permission first .

“I have time now . If it’s not too troublesome to Meng Daren, I can go with you now . ” Lin Chujiu was actually resting today . Because tomorrow, she has to take care of the children in the hospital again . She can’t spend another whole day, just to wait for the patient .

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When Meng Daren heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he couldn’t wait to take her away, but… …


In order to present herself, Lin Chujiu specifically dressed up . Her body was full of pieces of jewelry from head to toe . This kind of get up was not suitable to see a patient . Additionally, her medicine box was not with her .

Lin Chujiu asked Meng Daren to wait a bit and then she went back to her courtyard to change clothes . In order not to let Meng Daren wait for long, Lin Chujiu hurried her footsteps . However, she still took half an hour .

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Meng Daren thought Lin Chujiu deliberately made him wait . But, when he sees Lin Chujiu was breathlessly coming in, he understood that it was not the case .

“Xiao Wangfei, do you want to take a break first?” Although Meng Daren didn’t know why Lin Chujiu was so tired, he still tried to be considerate .

Lin Chujiu did not only changed her complicated dress but also removed all her jewelry . She looked a lot smaller than before, and she looked a lot younger . As if she was only a newly grown-up child .

If Meng Daren didn’t inquire in advance and if he didn’t know that Xiao Tianyao was behind her . Meng Daren will not believe that Lin Chujiu, who was such a young girl, can cure his son’s illness .

“No, let’s go . ” Lin Chujiu just walked fast, she only has shortness in breathe, she’ll be fine after a little rest .

Lin Chujiu and Meng Daren went outside the Xiao Wangfu one after the another . Housekeeper Cao prepared a carriage together with Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen, serving as their bodyguard . So when they left, it was particularly eye-catching .  

Liu Bai, who was standing on the roof of the study room, saw the carriage was being tailed after it left . He couldn’t help but sneer at this .

After gently leaping and falling silently, he turned and entered the study room: “Wangye, Wangfei left with Meng Daren . ”

“Ahem…” Su Cha was choked . “Liu Bai, what are you talking about?” Wangfei left with another man, can he casually talk about that?