Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 337

Published at 8th of February 2019 11:00:05 AM

Chapter 337: 337

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“You are very proud of your talent in chess, calligraphy, and paintings . But for me, I only need to call the palace guqin, calligraphy, and painting master . ” Lin Chujiu spoke very slow . Her face looked very serious, but her words have a different taste .

“If Wangye wants to listen to guqin, I only need to give a command, and there will be the best guqin master in the world that will play for him . If Wangye wants to play chess, then there will be a chess master that will play with him . If Wangye wants to enjoy calligraphy and painting, there will be the best artist . It’s very easy to do these things . So, is it worth to show off your talent? Can you learn and play much better than the guqin master? Can you compare with those famous master?”

Lin Chujiu said and paused a bit . Seeing Nannuo Yao’s face full of disapproval, she laughed again and continued: “I know Princess Nannuo what you Yao wanted to say, Lin Chujiu you have no talent . It’s useless for you to learn these things . But… … why don’t you ask all the unmarried men here, which one they are willing to marry, the woman who is proficient in chess, calligraphy, and painting or the woman who has a good family and a good wife?”

Nannuo Yao know the answer without asking, of course, it’s the latter .

Nannuo Yao shouted: “Xiao Wangfei, you really made a good argument to find a reason to save yourself . But, what we are talking about is chess, calligraphy, and painting, not conditions for choosing a wife . ”

Lin Chujiu’s words looked reasonable, but she just certainly want to change the topic .

“Well then, let’s talk about the chess, calligraphy, and painting . ” Lin Chujiu said in a good tone: “Princess Nannuo Yao, you want me to teach you these, right?”

Lin Chujiu’s face was full of smiles as if the victory was within her grasp . Nannuo Yao was very upset inside her heart, but still nodded her head: “Yes . ”

“You can’t even compare to the palace guqin master, what do you want me to teach you?” Lin Chujiu was not afraid to offend Nannuo Yao . After all, if she won’t offend her, will she stop targeting her?

“You dare to compare me to a guqin teacher?” Nannuo Yao’s eyes widen inconspicuously .

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She is an imperial princess, does she need to compare herself to a mere music teacher in the palace?

Lin Chujiu shook her head . “No, I don’t compare you with the guqin teacher . You can’t compare with our East Palace guqin master . Princess Nannuo Yao, if I were you, I won’t humiliate myself further . ”

In Lin Chujiu’s opinion, whether Nanno Yao was acting stupid or not, she had already shamed herself today . What’s the point of showing off her skill after continuing stepping on the east people’s head? Will the east people still look highly of her?

“Xiao Wangfei, you insulted me, I…” Nannuo Yao’s roar in anger, but she hadn’t finished her words when Lin Chujiu interrupted her: “You want to fight with me? Sure, what’s the prize?”

“What, what do you mean?” Nannuo Yao stuttered for a moment .

“You want to fight with me, right? I agree, but if I win, what’s the prize you will give me?” Lin Chujiu repeated her words again . Nannuo Yao was so angry that she gritted her teeth .

When did she say she wanted to fight with Lin Chujiu?

“I… …”

“Aren’t you challenging me? If not, Princess Nannuo Yao, you better sit down on your place now . Although the imperial family of the south doesn’t have much face, I advice you to still act like an imperial princess and keep the last face of your family . ” Lin Chujiu’s words were not polite, and again, she spoke about the shallowness of the imperial family of the south .

Just because she is a guest in the east, does she think people of the east will completely tolerate her?

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Nannuo Yao’s body trembled in anger, but she didn’t continue to argue with Lin Chujiu . Instead, she looked at the emperor: “Huangshang, is this how your east people treat your guest?

Nannuo Yao was very clear, that no matter how unreasonable she was today, the Eastern Country, a big country who follows etiquette, will definitely give her a face .

The Emperor had enough of Nannuo Yao’s arrogance tonight . But, because she was a princess in another country, he couldn’t drag her out .

Although the Emperor saw Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao not pleasing to the eyes, he will not show it in front of the Southern Princess and Western Prince . He will not embarrass the two in front of outsiders . The Emperor said: “Princess Nannuo Yao, what do you want?”

“I want her to kneel down and apologize to me . ” Nannuo Yao ignored the ridicule in the emperor’s tone .

The Emperor was smitten with Nannuo Yao’s actions: Is she stupid or acting stupid?

While the east and north are fighting in a war, is it necessary a southerner to act like this?



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Imperial Concubine Zhou, who was sitting in the first place suddenly laughed and said in a cheerful manner: “Huangshang, Southern Princess can really be innocent and lovely ah . The South Emperor can raise such a princess, he must have diligently care and love her . ”

Imperial Concubine Zhou cursed without saying any dirty words . Nannuo Yao’s eyes redden: “What do you mean?”

“It means exactly how it sounds . Princess Nannuo Yao is truly blessed, your father pampered you, its really something to be envious . ” Imperial Concubine Zhou said envious, but her eyes were full of contempt .

When Lin Chujiu heard this, she laughed . “When I heard the words of Imperial concubine, I suddenly remembered something, it really fits here . ”

“What is it?” Imperial Concubine Zhou Guifei was happy to give Lin Chujiu a table .

This is what Nannuo Yao hates .

“A good way to take revenge without seeing blood . ” Lin Chujiu sneaked a glimpse of Nannuo Yao, then said in a playful manner: “Some people say, when you have a son, if you don’t teach him well from an early age, you will harm your own family . But when you have a daughter, if you don’t teach her well from an early age, you will harm other people’s family . So, if you have hatred towards another family, pampered your daughter, and marry off your daughter to that family . After marrying, not only you harm their family but also take revenge . That family is finished . ”

Nannuo Yao said she wanted to learn in the east . But everyone present knows that the Southern Emperor wrote in his letter to let his daughter marry in the east, as for the two countries relationship get better .

“This is interesting,” Imperial Concubine Zhou said with a smile on her face: “A worthy wife can bring disaster to her husband . ”

“Yes, such a good logic . ” You Furen was very old, but she couldn’t help but voice out her opinion .

Because Right Prime Minister’s wife gave her opinion, other people also began to discuss it . As Lin Chujiu said, it’s better to marry a woman who will be a good wife than a woman who knows chess, calligraphy, and painting .

If you really want to be a good wife, the foundation shouldn’t be talent in chess, calligraphy, and painting . The women in the brothel can do these easily . Everyone thinks about it carefully, was Miss Lan Xi rejected by Xiao Tianyao directly because of this?

Because the topic caught everyone’s attention, Nannuo Yao was ignored once again . No one even went to see her and ask if she was alright .


Lin Wanting stared at the scene in front of her . The sister she disdains so much brightly shined in the banquet tonight . Even Princess Nannuo Yao was defeated by her and couldn’t help but be shocked .

“Mother…” Lin Wanting’s face was pale and quietly hold Lin Furen’s hand .

Although she promised to her father that she will not make any scene tonight, she actually wanted to show off today, it’s just she couldn’t go out .

Lin Furen turned her head and patted Lin Wanting’s hand to make her feet at ease .

However, her own heart was uneasy .

The daughter of her sister was getting more and more like her . Her sister looked very kind, but in fact, she has a sinister heart . Now that Lin Chujiu gaining momentum, will she let her go, the person who killed her mother?