Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 365.2

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Chapter 365.2

Chapter 365: Worried, beg for mercy (Part 2)

April 15, 2019Ai Hrist

Su Cha admitted that what Housekeeper Cao said was right, but he refused to admit that he is wrong . “Why did she decide to cure Meng Gongzi’s illness this early? Can’t she drag it a few more days? If she drags it a bit more, the palace people will not make a move, for the sake of Meng Family’s face . ”

“Wangfei can drag it for a while, but not in the lifetime . No matter when Wangfei decides to cure Meng Gonzi, this incident cannot be avoided, but the Meng Family will be dissatisfied with Wangfei’s attitude . ” Housekeeper Cao stated the fact . In truth, these words didn’t come from him, they were the words that Lin Chujiu said to him .

At that time, Housekeeper Cao also couldn’t understand why Lin Chujiu was so anxious to treat Meng Xiuyuan, so she explained it to him .

“Now, there is much important issue, the most important thing is to find a way to save Wangfei . ” This time, Su Cha didn’t refute Housekeeper Cao’s words, he simply changed the topic .

“Wangye is not in the capital . No one among us can freely enter the palace . I don’t know how is Wangfei’s situation in the prison . ” No one among them is allowed to enter the palace to plead mercy, nor give something to Lin Chujiu . If she will be bullied in prison, they can’t do anything to help .

“I believe that Wangfei is not someone that can easily be bullied . Even if she is in the palace prison right now, Wangfei will not let herself be bullied . We only need to find out who exactly poison the seventh prince . Wangfei can handle the rest . ” Su Cha finally understood why Xiao Tianyao always saying that he wanted Lin Chujiu to be worthy of him and that Lin Chujiu should grow .

Xiao Wangfei is an identity bound to experience a lot of troubles . To sit in this position, not only she needs to be smart but also capable . Especially, because she doesn’t have the support of her family .


Just like Su Cha said, even if the palace people deliberately harass her, Lin Chujiu will not let herself suffer .

Lin Chujiu offended a lot of people in the palace, but the very first person who tried to took a shot at her was Princess Fushou Zhang .

When Princess Fushou Zhang heard that Lin Chujiu was in the palace prison, she immediately sent two female public servants to humiliate Lin Chujiu .

Who knows if it’s coincidentally or not, but the two female public servants sent by Princess Fushou Zhang met the palace guard, who was about to give Lin Chujiu dinner . The two took the initiative to talk to the palace guard: “Dage, we were sent by Princess Fushou Zhang to take care of Xiao Wangfei . Please let us serve Xiao Wangfei her dinner . ”

The palace guard doesn’t want to give the food, but the two directly rushed toward him and robbed the food . And because they were Princess Fushou Zhang’s people, the palace guard didn’t dare to refute . He even leads the way for them .

“Open the door . ” The two female public servants looked very arrogant . They don’t look like people, who will serve Lin Chujiu .

The palace guard knew that these people were sent to cause trouble to Lin Chujiu, but what can he do?

When the door opened, the palace guard immediately retreated . No matter what happens here, he is innocent .

The two female public servants were very satisfied with the reaction of the palace guard, they took the meal inside . Lin Chujiu was still looking up at the small window, when the two said with a mocking tone: “Xiao Wangfei, this slave came to serve you . ”

“Who are you?” Lin Chujiu turned her face indifferently, she doesn’t seem like had put the other party’s provocation in her eyes .

“We are public servants under Princess Fushou Zhang . When Princess Fushou Zhang heard that Xiao Wangfei was sent to the palace prison, she got worried that no one will serve you . This lowly one was sent to serve Xiao Wangfei . ” When the female public servant said those words, she was looking at Lin Chujiu directly . Seeing Lin Chujiu didn’t show any fear or uneasiness, she couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed .

However, it doesn’t matter, the night is long, they can make Xiao Wangfei kneel on her knees and beg for mercy… …

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