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Chapter 1610

“This is really the greatest gossip ever! Li Lingchuan actually did something so disgraceful, even daring to scheme his own Senior Brother . It seems that Celestial Light Sect is absolutely going to have their reputation going down the drain this time round!”

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 “Isn’t that so? Celestial Light Sect had always been South Sky Region’s major powerhouses’ leader and is usually almighty, but whoever knew that this time round they created such a scandal like this . Both parties actually had a confrontation in front of so many strongholds . Tsk tsk, I think it won’t take a few days before this scandal is going to revolve around the entire Soaring Heavens Continent!”

  “This is really going to be bustling!”

 Various guests from those major Sects were roaring with excitement as they pricked up their ears while gloating over the misfortune .

 Murong De was shaking all over from this piece of news!

 Even though he had subconsciously considered this possibility, but he still wasn’t willing to believe that such a thing could really happen!

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 “Jiyun… . You . . what you said, is it the truth? You must report the truth and not take any sides! Is it really your Second Senior Brother who harmed Eldest Senior Brother?”

 Luo Jiyun replied bitterly, “Master, I’m not siding anyone! What I said is the entire truth! I can swear to heaven that if I’ve lied in any way, may I be struck by lightning!”

 Murong De turned his vision towards Li Lingchuan .

 Li Lingchuan’s heart thumped hard and he clenched his teeth and continued denying, “You still dare to say you’re not taking any sides? You and Li Moying are on good terms and had always excluded me . This is an open secret within Celestial Light Sect, which disciple doesn’t know about this? Why are you putting up an act? According to what you say, I’m the one who harmed Eldest Senior Brother then will everyone please judge this reasonably . Based on my cultivation, how could I possibly harm Eldest Senior Brother? Even if it was a sneak attack, there’s no way I could do anything to him!”

 Usually, Li Lingchuan would never admit that Li Moying’s ability was much stronger than his!

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 But now in front of so many people trying to whitewash himself, he could only admit to this fact through his clenched teeth .

 When he said these words out, he sensed that he seemed to have been slapped by someone, which made him feel extremely embarrassed .

 What made him even more embarrassed was that when he said that, no one actually casted any doubts towards his ability as everyone deeply felt that what he said was reasonable as they all started to nod their heads .

 “Isn’t that so? The disparity between the two of their abilities are just too far apart! Li Lingchuan probably can’t even take one move from Li Moying!”

 “A genius like Li Moying, even if it was Li Lingchuan and Leng Yi Feng added together, could not possibly harm him! This matter indeed sounds a little too ridiculous!”

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 “Could Luo Jiyun really have exaggerated the entire matter?”

 A small portion of people expressed the doubts in their minds and when these discussions entered everyone’s ears, not only did Li Lingchuan not feel the joy of escaping death, instead he felt his face turning fiery red!

 So which he had thought highly of himself during this period of time, the others were actually treating him like a joke!

 In other people’s minds, he could not even be compared to one finger of Li Moying’s!

 When Luo Jiyun heard the doubts, he pursed his lips and seemed as though he hesitated for a moment, but eventually, he still opened his mouth .

 “Eldest Senior Brother fell for it, of course isn’t because his ability didn’t match up to you, but because… . because Murong Fei was one of his accomplices! She was the one who personally pushed Lil Sister-in-law down the cliff and Eldest Senior Brother jumped down the cliff in order to save Sister-in-law! Otherwise just based on you and Leng Yi Feng, how could you possibly have harmed Eldest Senior Brother?”

 He originally wanted to leave some face for his Master Murong De, thinking of exposing Murong Fei’s crimes in private later .

 But now seeing that Li Lingchuan had shamelessly continued to whitewash himself, he could only say this out .