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Chapter 1611

Chapter 1611: Extreme joy turns to sorrow (6)

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When this was told, it immediately caused a brand new commotion among the crowd .

Celestial Light Sect’s scandal was getting bigger and bigger . Not only did it have to do with the fight over Young Sect Master’s authority, it even implicated the Sect Master’s daughter!

Li Lingchuan’s lies had been exposed on the spot and his expression turned extremely embarrassed .

But he quickly stabilised himself as he gritted his teeth and hissed, “You weaved your lie as though it was real! Of course there’s no such thing! This is also something that you made up! How could Third Junior Sister possibly do such a thing? Master, don’t tell me you don’t believe in me and Third Junior Sister’s character?”

Murong De was originally convinced by what Luo Jiyun said, but upon hearing such words, he started to become hesitant again .

Murong Fei was after her his most pampered eldest daughter but now she had been accused of murdering Li Moying’s fiancée in public!

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Sending the gazes from the guests of various major powerhouses, Murong De’s face was almost about to fall off!

However, he wasn’t willing to accept the fact that his own daughter would do such a thing like this .

He looked at Murong Fei, “Fei’er, what exactly is going on? You really… . really didn’t do such a thing… . Right?”

“I… . Eldest Senior Brother…”

Murong Fei opened her mouth but it wasn’t to answer her father’s question, but to call out for Li Moying .

In reality, the minute Li Moying appeared in front of everyone, Murong Fei’s gaze had been fixated on him!

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Not knowing if it was her misperception or what, Murong Fei felt that Li Moying’s appearance this time round seemed to be even more handsome and suave, and even more powerful and charming… . As though he had shed his mortal body and changed wholly as an unexcelled top expert’s aura appeared to be even grander and condensed than before .

To any woman, this overbearing might which belonged to the strong, when paired to that handsome looking face, was a fatal attraction .

Li Lingchuan turned his head back and upon seeing her gaze, his face turned green immediately!

There was nothing more face slapping than this!

His own fiancée had actually ignored himself by her side as she used that star studded gaze to stare at another man! Wasn’t this obviously putting on a green hat for him? Moreover, it was under the situation when so many people were around!

Indeed, the public square started to emit some jeering sounds on and off .

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Li Lingchuan got even more flabbergasted as his tone was tinged with unpleasantry, Fei’er, what’s wrong with you? Haven’t you heard Master asking you a question? Quickly answer him! You’re such a kind hearted person so how could you possibly have harmed Bai Ruoli!”

Murong Fei then regained her senses, “Ughh, this… right Father, how could you possibly not even believe in me? I absolutely have not pushed Bai… Miss Bai . She had lost her footing and fell down herself and I happened to be nearby but I wasn’t able to pull her up in time… speaking of this, I indeed have some responsibility as well because I had not noticed Miss Bai’s situation then . But this is really an accident . Such a matter happening isn’t something that anyone wanted to see… . ”

When Li Lingchuan heard that what she said wasn’t quite bad as it was the same saying as what they had discussed . The expression on his face then smoothened a little .

Luckily, although this woman was quick to change sides and was a wanton woman but at least she still knew what was important… . .

In actual fact, how could he possibly have known that Murong Fei’s soul had flown towards Li Moying once again .

The reason why she had remembered to say this was not to help Li Lingchuan whitewash himself, but was so that she could use this opportunity to get close to Li Moying once again, hence she put on this act .

After Murong De obtained the answer that he wanted to hear, he muttered softly, “Jiyun, this matter is probably a mistake… . . ”