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Chapter 1614: 1614

“No . . that’s not true, you’ve heard it wrongly, no… I said it wrongly… . . ”

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 She tried her best to explain but there was already no way to explain!

 Earlier when she spoke out accidentally, it had already clearly explained everything!

 Murong Fei’s jealousy towards Huang Yueli had already been exhibited in her speech, furthermore she kept repeatedly cursing her to go and die!

 Including the fact that in her words, she had clearly mentioned letting Huang Yueli suffer from multiple “lost footing and falling down the cliff”!

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 If she said now that she had not intentionally pushed Huang Yueli down, no one would believe her!

 Murong Fei kept on shaking her head, simply not believing that these words came out right from her own mouth! She had actually lost her own rationality to such a step!

 Earlier for a moment, she only felt that she was so upset to the limit that a burst of flame was about to explode in her chest and immediately following that, her mind went blank as though she had lost her senses . By the time she regained her senses, those malicious truthful thinking had already come right out of her mouth!

 This… . why did she do that?

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 Even though she had been trying to find ways to make that little slut die, but she had never lost herself so much to have taken such a step before?

 Furthermore, it was under this kind of occasion so wasn’t this simply seeking death’s path for herself!

 Murong Fei would have never thought in her wildest dream that she had been struck with Huang Yueli’s Piercing Sky Eye Technique hence losing her senses .

 The public square’s guests and disciples had totally disregarded all formalities as they all couldn’t hold themselves back from talking about this matter .

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 “Did you all hear what Eldest Young Miss Murong said! So, she really wanted to send Young Sect Master Li’s fiancée to her death!”

 “Not only thinking about it, I think she had already done it! From the meaning of her words, Mister Luo’s accusations are totally true, she’s the one who pushed Miss Bai down the cliff!”

 “This woman’s heart is really too malicious, how could there be such a venomous woman? To think that I had once liked her so much, thinking that she was a talented lady with both outstanding looks and innate talent, my Senior Brother had even been secretly admiring her! Whoever knew that she’s such a hypocrite right down into her bones! It’s all an act!”

 “Which way is this malicious? She’s just dumb! She actually retardedly spoke out the entire truthful thinking in her mind upon seeing Young Sect Master Li and his fiancée getting intimate! Not only had she admitted her crime, she had also indirectly proved that what Mister Luo said was the entire truth . Li Lingchuan and the others had really colluded together to work against Young Sect Master Li… . . ”

 “Tsk tsk, speaking of this, she’s really a wanton woman . One moment she said she liked Young Sect Master Li, the next moment, she’s getting engaged to Li Ligchuan . Now that she saw Young Sect Master Li leaving the mystic region safely, she wanted to stick back to him? Hei, did she really thought all men are idiots, who can be fooled within her palms?”

 Everyone’s words were filled with despise towards Murong Fei!

 After all, Murong Fei’s sculpted cold and saintly image was simply too successful . She was a first class talented young lady in South Sky Region . No matter if it was in terms of background, innate talent, looks or talent, she was the first choice in every aspect . Usually she put on an almighty cool look which attracted admiration from many young talents from various Sects .

 Even though everyone knew she liked Li Moying, but she held herself very well and rarely displayed actions which were too much in front of others, hence she didn’t give anyone the chance to look down on her as well .

 After all, what kind of genius grade was Li Moying? A man so powerful to this extent made all people from the same gender helplessly felt jealous of him .