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Chapter 1847

Chapter 1847: Struck by lightning (3)

Especially Leng Weiming, he was simply trembling with fear .

The two disciples which Huang Yueli mentioned, who had died outside, was something that even he didn’t know of . After all they were just two ordinary disciples so if they died, then they died . Moreover they didn’t die beside Leng Fugui so no one bothered to spend any energy to go look for them .

Whoever knew that this unremarkable oversight had now become Huang Yueli’s evidence!

Everyone was all dazed by this .

Cang Po Jun finally found a chance to perform as he opened his mouth and said, “Since Young Miss Bai already said so, then will all Sects here send someone to follow Blue Profound Sect’s men to the place where Young Miss Bai mentioned, to verify the truth if there are indeed carriage and Leng family’s disciple’s corpses . ”

Saying that, he gave a cold laugh as he spoke with ridicule, “We Blue Profound Sect always use evidence to speak and we will make everyone convinced with it! Unlike some Sect who just speak randomly at will! Obviously it was their own disciples who were being despicable and shameless but they had to pour dirty water onto others instead!”

The few Elders’ expressions turned extremely ugly .

The gazes they threw towards Leng Weiming was exceptionally fierce and abnormal, as though they couldn’t wait to chop him up into pieces!

This fellow actually reported inaccurate news to them, and he totally didn’t mention the two disciples who died, which had turned into the evidence which Huang Yueli had fabricated up .

What should they do now? Did they really have to send someone to look for the “evidence”? So what after they found it? Admit that they had framed someone and apologize to Li Moying?

Then what was the point in them coming today? Sending themselves here specially for Blue Profound Sect to slap their faces?

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“Everyone? Why aren’t you moving? Could it be that you don’t want the evidence anymore?” Cang Po Jun urged .

Elder Pan’s thoughts raced past his mind as he suddenly thought of a point .

“You all… you don’t try to shift the main focus! Even if we really found the carriage and corpse, that could only mean that Leng family indeed had two scums which were killed by Elder Leng! What was so great about that? Such a large powerhouse, having two scums are considered rather normal! Elder Leng is merely placing righteousness before family and clearing the scum from their doors which reflects his noble character and unquestionable integrity! As for how he himself died, you don’t have the evidence at all!”

Hearing his words, the others also started to react .

“Right, that’s correct! What being struck by the heavenly thunder, who will believe this? Obviously he was killed by a thunder attributed practitioner!”

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“That’s right, Young Miss Bai, a person can’t be ungrateful! Elder Leng saved you and is your saviour! You allowed your fiancé to murder him, and still backstab Elder Leng instead!”

“Sigh, a woman’s heart is indeed the most malicious!”

Momentarily, the situation reversed .

Huang Yueli was a little surprised, not expecting this Elder Pan’s mind to be rather bright, at least by now she still wasn’t muddled by her .

But no matter, if they were going to play word games, then he would definitely not be able to win herself .

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Huang Yueli smiled, “Elders, I really don’t know why you are so insistent that my Moying had murdered him! Even if he wanted to kill him, he must have the ability to do so! Surely you’re all aware of this? Elder Leng is a ninth stage realm fourth level practitioner whereas my Moying had just broken through to the ninth stage realm just one month ago! The disparity of their abilities are so great, how could Moying possibly have the ability to kill him!”

The minute she said this, everyone present was struck silly .

Before this they had all overlooked this point and after Huang Yueli’s reminder, everyone was feeling stunned .

For every single level after the ninth stage realm, the disparity in terms of ability was exceptionally huge .