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Chapter 1848

Chapter 1848: Struck by lightning (4)

Especially for a practitioner who just ascended to the ninth stage realm, as compared to established ninth stage realm top experts, the difference between their abilities was like heaven and earth .

The reason was because when practitioners finished the process of forging their bodies and advanced into the ninth stage realm, it was equivalent to entering a brand new territory .

No matter if it was in terms of the flow of Profound Energy within the body, ability to connect between heaven and earth or actual combat style, it was totally different from when they were in the eighth stage realm .

Ninth stage realm rookie practitioners mostly weren’t accustomed to this kind of battle style and would probably need at least one to two years’ time before they were able to reach their normal battle power . Even if two practitioners were on the same ninth stage realm first level grade, a newly advanced practitioner versus a practitioner who had already advanced for a year had a huge difference in terms of ability .

Under this circumstance, if they said that Li Moying was able to kill Leng Fugui, it indeed didn’t sound too reliable… . .

Elder Pan tried his hardest to explain, “Then perhaps… perhaps Li Moying was that talented and he could fight cross-realm battles thus killing the ninth stage realm fourth level practitioner, that is hard to say isn’t it? Isn’t Sky Emperor City all spreading that Li Moying is extremely talented, even more so than Sovereign Mu then?”

Huang Yueli gave a composed smile, “Elder Pan, you hold Moying in high regards and this really makes us feel extremely honourable . But that year Sovereign Mu also did not have the ability to battle cross-realm to defeat his opponent wasn’t it?”

This was the truth and Elder Pan didn’t chirp at all over this .

Huang Yueli spoke again, “Moreover speaking, you probably haven’t seen Elder Leng’s corpse right? That time when that bolt of heavenly thunder struck down, it killed him on the spot so probably Elder Leng’s entire bones and internal organs had instantly been crushed into dregs . Haven’t you even thought about this, based on Moying’s cultivation, is this even possible? No matter how talented he is, to kill a top exponent like Elder Leng must be through a tough battle before he could obtain victory? How could he possibly kill him in just one strike? Ask Clan Leader Leng to move his corpse over and everyone can take a look on just how clean and tidy the technique was . Even if it was the few of you here, not everyone would be able to do it!”

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“This… really was instant death?” Everyone shot their gazes towards Leng Weiming .

Leng Weiming had already bowed his head so low that he couldn’t even lift it up, as he only barely nodded his head .

This time round, all the Elders are really stunned .

An instant kill of an established ninth stage ream fourth level practitioner!

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Without absolute ability difference, it was impossible to achieve, not to mention being the weaker party to defeat the strong .

Although ninth stage realm peak’s top experts’ sights were extremely high, they had once experienced the times when Mu Chengying swept across the entire Soaring Heavens Continent . However they were still totally unable to imagine how this sort of genius could be like?

They had not witnessed Li Moying making a move personally so naturally they would not believe in such a ridiculous matter .

But in this way, the person who killed Leng Fugui, was not Li Moying?

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“Then who was Leng Fugui killed by?” Someone finally could not hold himself in as he posed this question .

Huang Yueli shrugged her hands and said, “I already said that a bolt of heavenly lightning descended from the sky killing him instantly! But where did the lightning come from… ai, my cultivation is just this little bit and my sight cannot make it, so I also can’t differentiate this out!”

“Then in this case, whether it’s heavenly lightning or not, it might be something which this young lass cooked up! It’s possible that a ninth stage realm peak thunder attributed practitioner killed Leng Fugui, only that this lass didn’t see it . ”

“That’s right, a sixth stage realm practitioner, how could she see clearly on how the strong exponent made his move!”

“In this case, this matter really is not related to Li Moying?”