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Chapter 10
Translated by: RandomAlex
Edited by: Cazhe

Luo Ran didn’t say a word about Zhou Xi, or how she fell into the water . But Lu Chen did not forget . He seemed to want to make up to her, and so every day, he would go to Luoyun Palace to accompany her to eat .

The confinement period for Zhou Xi fully passed on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, and Luo Ran was also given a title by Lu Chen at this time, as Imperial Concubine Luo .

In the past three months, Luo Ran seemed to have become even more delicate in Lu Chen’s eyes . Luo Ran could not be bullied, could not even be touched, that was to say; she must not shed even one single tear . Lu Chen could not bear this appearance of hers the most . Often everything would depend on her . Even during the night, Lu Chen had accidentally made a red mark on her body . Lu Chen had begun to feel distressed about it and told her to move more softly and with more lingering flavour .

Zhou Xi stayed in Liuli palace for three months before coming out . Things had changed in the harem .

The most obvious change was that she has been robbed of the right to manage the six palaces, and the person who had taken over this right was that Luo Ran she hated the most .

As soon as the ceremonial procession arrived at the imperial garden, something could be heard from a distance . A sweet and flirtatious manner of laughter was heard in the pavilion . If any man heard it, his heart would melt . But Zhou Xi didn’t think it was beautiful . She felt sick of it in her heart .

The next moment, she heard another voice that made her feel disgusted .

“Is this not Imperial Concubine Ch . . ah… Imperial Concubine Zhou’s ceremonial procession? Why did you stop here?”

Zhou Xi lifted the veil and looked coldly . Lu Yu was dressed in red . Even though it was autumn, he shook the folding fan in his hand and walked precariously to where her ceremonial procession had stopped .

Zhou Xi slightly frowned but it was almost unobservable and held back her disgust and disdain . She was most disgusted with the way this Xian Wang would play around, and asked coldly: “When did Xian Wang get so mighty that when Bengong’s ceremony stops it needs to be reported to you?”

The ruffian-like smile on Xian Wang’s face remained unchanged . He closed his folding fan with his right hand and tapped it lightly on the palm of his left hand . His face faked an ‘I am not worthy of such compliments’ look: “Look at what Imperial Concubine Zhou is saying . Benwang is no more than a Prince . How dare I care about Imperial Concubine Zhou? “

Lu Yu was the Emperor’s brother and a Prince . In addition to the Emperor, the Empress Dowager, and the Empress; there was no one more honourable than him . He was originally named a ‘virtuous’ Wang, but he only asked for the word ‘idle’ .    

(TNote: Xian [贤] = virtuous and able/ worthy; Xian [闲] = Idle/leisure)

The words ‘How dare I’, were just sarcastic remarks directed at Concubine Zhou . Lu Yu laughed again when Concubine Zhou’s face changed suddenly: “Since Concubine Zhou wants to stop here to rest, Benwang will not bother you and leave!”

After saying that, he strode away . His direction was the place where the laughter came from .

Behind him, Zhou Xi was livid . But she also knew that she had just behaved disrespectfully . He however didn’t resist, and she didn’t know why . Since Luo Ran, that base maid came to power, she had become more agitated .

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Luo Ran sat beside Lu Chen, timidly hooking his neck and burying her head near his ear . Lu Chen laughed in a low voice, slightly hoarse and low, which made Luo Ran’s cheeks reddish, like a peach with a honey heart, that gradually matured .

As soon as Lu Yu arrived at the pavilion, he saw that the two looked intimately stuck together like glue . He glanced at the delicate and beautiful features of Luo Ran, and stepped forward to interrupt them .  

“Greeting Imperial Older Brother . “

Lu Chen returned to his former apathy and raised his hand to get him to stand . Luo Ran stood up from Lu Chen’s side . She owed Lu Yu a debt of gratitude, so she smiled at him, and spoke with a charming voice: “His Royal Highness, Xian Wang . ”

Lu Yu pushed the tip of his tongue against the roots of his teeth . After receiving such a visual impact, he gave a flat salute and sat on the other side of Lu Chen with a shy face .

After Luo Ran sat down again, she felt a little constrained . She sat down beside Lu Chen with her eyes down . She would only smile at Lu Chen once in a while and never gave Lu Yu a second look .

Lu Chen was very pleased with this appearance of hers . His younger brother’s face was outstanding . He was liked by both his father and mother since childhood . When he grew up, he even became the most desired man . Even Zhou Xi, though she hated him, could not help but focus on him . Now, this flower beside him acted as if she couldn’t see Ah Yu .

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Lu Chen looked down at her with a smile but saw that her eyes were confused, and she didn’t seem to understand why he did so . Lu Chen shook his head as if he knew something she didn’t . With her beautiful expression, she really didn’t need to impress others .

Lu Yu sat aside and looked at his brother’s boasting . The more he observed, the more the beautiful woman beside him aroused his interest . When he returned home that day, he sent someone to inquire about her . She was a second-class maid in Zhou Xi’s palace . No wonder Zhou Xi was so disgusted with her .

However, looking at her appearance, which was even better than his own, Lu Yu couldn’t help regretting that he hadn’t returned to Beijing earlier, because he would have found such a beautiful woman earlier .

Lu Yu would occasionally cast his eyes on her, Luo Ran knew, but did not look at him . Lu Chen held one of her hands and toyed with her slender fingers . Luo Ran leaned slightly toward him . Looking at the line of people outside the pavilion, she seemed to notice Zhou Xi’s livid face . She tilted her lip up slightly and laughed .

“What’s the matter?” Lu Chen did not pay attention to her for a bit and suddenly heard her burst out laughing . He couldn’t help feeling a little strange .

Luo Ran looked up at him . Even in this season of decline, her whole person was in high spirits and her eyes were clear . She slowly shook her head: “Nothing . ”

Lu Chen nodded, not caring . Lu Yu picked up his eyebrows on one side . He clearly saw Imperial Concubine Luo looking at Zhou Xi and laughing, but he shrugged his shoulders . Sure enough, how could it be easy for women to climb to the top?  However, Lu Yu’s smile deepened, this made him even more interested .

Luo Ran did not pay attention to Lu Yu’s observation . Lu Chen’s jade-like hand was bent and she scratched his palm, causing Lu Chen to look at her: “Are you bored?”

Luo Ran looked at Lu Yu hesitantly, then shook her head, pursed her lips and said, “No, I’m not . “ . That look, the duplicity was too obvious .

Lu Chen knew it was Lu Yu who made her feel uncomfortable . He did not hesitate and looked at Lu Yu: “Why have you been running in and out of the palace lately?”

“Visiting Imperial Mother!” Lu Yu smiled, his temperament remained unchanged .

Lu Chen pulled at the corners of his mouth and sneered, “Three times a day?”

Lu Yu shook his fan and immediately stood up wryly, as if he was wronged . “It seems that my brother thinks I’m bored . I will try my best to stay away from the palace in the future . Imperial Brother, please do take more care of Mother for me . ”

After listening to his seemingly wronged remarks, Lu Chen threw the walnut he had just picked up at him and said grumpily, “Get out, go visit Mother’s palace after 3 days . ”

Lu Yu dodged the walnut with a smile and bowed . “Yes, as you say, brother . ”

Luo Ran’s eyes darkened as she caught a panoramic view of the two men’s movements . In such a situation, it clearly showed Lu Chen and his brother must have a very good relationship . Otherwise, Lu Chen would not tolerate Lu Yu’s impudence .

Luo Ran’s fingertip tapped twice, her eyes were clear again, and she glanced towards Lu Yu . She happened to catch Lu Yu’s line of sight . The two stared at each other . Lu Yu seemed to have determined something and waved the tassel around his waist to leave .