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Chapter 11


Translated by: RandomAlex Edited by: Cazhe


Passing by Zhou Xi, Lu Yu paused for a second and smiled sideways, “Is Imperial Concubine Zhou still here?”

Zhou Xi gripped her hands . Her nails, which she had carefully maintained in the past, were now torn . Lu Yu’s ceremonial following had not put his palanquin down yet . Zhou Xi looked up at Lu Yu and knew he was only here to watch her make a fool of herself . She didn’t want to let him . She gnashed her teeth and said, “Xian Wang, take care on your way home!”

Lu Yu felt bored, folded his hands behind his head, sighed, and left .

That sigh made Zhou Xi frown, she stared closely at Lu Yu’s back . What did he mean by it?

Zhou Xi remembered how Lu Yu unnecessarily cared for her in the past, and how last time he clearly thought she pushed Luo Ran, but he still interceded for her . Suddenly, anger swept across her chest, and she stared at Lu Yu with disgust, but her cheeks turned red .

“Mistress, what’s wrong?”

From behind her came the voice of Zi Fu . Zhou Xi came back to reality, but she was still distracted by her thoughts just now and waved, “I’m okay, let’s go home . ”

“Then… Shall we head over there?”

Zhou Xi looked at the pavilion, where the two people were still sitting and who had no intention to leave . Zhou Xi bit her lips slightly and felt sour and jealous . The Emperor used to always say he was busy with political affairs; when had he ever been with her for such long of a time?

As she was thinking this, she saw the two people stand up, and then walk outside . She looked at the direction they were heading . Zhou Xi suddenly gripped her hands . That was the royal study!  He once said to her that he did not like harem women going into his royal study . She had been there occasionally, but she only to deliver him a meal and then leave, which was already a great honour .

“Yesterday you liked to eat glutinous rice, today, I told the kitchens to make it again . ” Lu Chen took Luo Ran by the hand and said casually, with her, there always seemed to be something to speak about, even little things such as this . He would always want to say a few words to her .

Luo Ran bent her eyelashes, looked into Lu Chen’s eyes with a touch of shyness, and said shyly, “Thank you, Your Majesty . ”

“It’s nothing . Your body is weak…”

While speaking, the two went to the royal study . Recently, Lu Ran would often come and quietly sit beside Lu Chen, who didn’t speak much . Lu Chen would order people to set up a lounging chair for the Imperial Concubine behind a screen and let Lu Ran sit there . Occasionally, if after a long period of time, he did not hear her voice, Lu Chen would get up and go to take a peek at her . However, he would notice that she would still be holding a book in her hand, but her peach blossom lips would be slightly open and she would be sleeping with her eyes closed .

The same was true today . Across the screen, Lu Chen looked at Luo Ran, with her head bowed and her eyes busy, lying across her chair with a small smile .

“Qi’er, check scenes . ”

“At present, your part in the story is 50% . ”


In Luoyun palace, Qing Ru came in with a few small cakes, took one, and placed it lightly in front of Luo Ran: “Imperial Concubine, please try this . ”

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Luo Ran received the cake but did not taste it, she was too busy thinking about how in the original script, the relationship between Zhou Xi and Lu Chen was not natural . In the original script, there was the Xian Wang; Lu Yu . Lu Yu loved beauty . When he would see a beauty, he would feel compassionate, and that’s why he went into the water to save her .

Even if he thought that Zhou Xi might have pushed her into the water, he would still plead for her, only because of her beautiful skin .

In the original script, Luo Ran did not have the courage to hook up with Lu Chen and was bullied . She ran out, but after bumping into Xian Wang, Xian Wang would look out for her . He found what Zhou Xi had done, and Zhou Xi was happy to see the two of them together, so she sent Luo Ran to Xian Wang’s palace .  

Originally, Luo Ran only appeared twice, once to show the true goodness and beauty of the female lead, and the other was to use her to form a connection between Xian Wang and the female lead .

Lu Yu played an important role in the book . Had it not been for his several rescues, Zhou Xi might not have won Lu Chen’s heart .

Luo Ran pursed her lips and put the cake into her mouth .

Qing Ru looked at her while her mind was wandering and said, “What are you thinking about, Mistress?”

Luo Ran looked back at her and replied, “Well it just occurred to me that Imperial Concubine Zhou seems to be very quiet recently?”

“I saw the Emperor accompany Imperial Concubine Zhou to visit the garden once . When he went back, there has been no movement from her since . ”

Luo Ran propped up her delicate face with one hand on her cheek and asked with a smile: “Do you think this is normal?”

Qing Ru looked at the smile on her face, frowned and thought for a moment, then hesitated . “Now that the Emperor is spoiling you, even if Concubine Zhou wanted to do something to you, she can’t . ”

Qing Ru was right, but Zhou Xi, as the original female lead, would never give up so easily .

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“Mistress, Zhang Gonggong from the internal affairs office came . ”

Luo Ran gave a quick laugh and said, “Please, let’s go to the main hall . ”

When Luo Ran arrived, she saw Zhang Gonggong standing there with a sad face . When he saw her coming out, he gave a salute immediately .

Luo Ran sat down and asked him, “Why is Zhang Gonggong here today?”

“Madam, last month, when you checked the usage of each palace, you said that each palace should follow the rules . ”

Luo Ran looked at him quietly with soft and puzzled eyes: “Well, what happened? Are some of them dissatisfied?”

Zhang Gonggong paused and said hesitantly, “Today, the people from Imperial Concubine Zhou’s palace said that our internal affairs office is greedy and embezzled their share . ”

“What happened? Was there less stuff sent to Liuli palace?” Luo Ran bit her lip and hurriedly asked, seeming a little nervous .

Everyone in the harem knew where Luo Ran came from, and naturally, they knew about the feud between Luo Ran and Zhou Xi . Zhang Gonggong bowed his head and said, “Madam, how could we dare? The expenses sent to Liuli palace are all in accordance with the rules, just…”

Luo Ran frowned . “Just what?”

“It’s just that when Imperial Concubine Zhou was in charge, the money sent to Liuli palace was always 20% more than others, but now it’s been reduced . ”

“Is that so?” Luo Ran pursed her lips and seemed a little embarrassed . “Does Imperial Concubine Zhou know about this?”

“This slave dare not say . ” When Zhang Gonggong said this, he complained in his heart about how when Imperial Concubine Zhou was in charge, he was always filial to her . But now that she hadn’t seen his Highness in such a long time, she still wanted so much more for her monthly stipend and didn’t bother to even give him face . She even told off a little eunuch and rebuked him until his face turned red .  

“All right, Bengong knows that you did not reduce the monthly stipend for Liuli palace . The other matters, Bengong will take care of . ”

Seeing that Luo Ran would take care of this matter, Zhang Gonggong breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “Yes, I understand . ”

“Hmm . ” She bowed her head, so others would not see the smile that flashed across her eyes . When she looked back up, Luo Ran’s expression was casual .  

After Zhang Gonggong left, Qing Ru asked her, “Mistress, what are you going to do about this?”

“What am I going to do?” Luo Ran covered her mouth and smiled lightly: “I’ll let her do whatever she wants, let’s just let her make a scene . ”

Qing Ru was worried: “If she goes to complain to the Emperor…”

“Boo!” Luo Ran interrupted her with an innocent look on her face . “Bengong didn’t do anything, I just followed the rules . ”

Qing Ru felt dumb . She looked at the deep meaning coming from Luo Ran’s eyes and felt a chill . She bowed her head .

The Imperial Concubine was waiting for Concubine Zhou to complain .