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Chapter 18

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Lu Chen’s heart was quivering . She said that she was in pain . He didn’t dare lose his temper . He walked up to her without hesitation . Before De Gonggong could help him, he saw that he had already walked to the bedside and half bent over .

Luo Ran, with tears in her eyes, looked at him closely . The hand was slowly raised and wanted to touch him . Lu Chen held her hand and only heard her broken voice: “Your Majesty … It’s so painful … so painful …”


Lu Chen holds her hand and trembles slightly . The room was full of blood smell . All he could see was her wet dress . Lu Chen only felt a pain in his heart, which made his eyes red .

Luo Ran’s lips trembled with pain . She looked at Lu Chen with fear and pain in her eyes . She opened her mouth in a very low voice and it all seemed to be in pain: “Majesty … Your Majesty, you … hug me … I’m in pain …”

“Okay …” Lu Chen finally spoke, and his voice trembled slightly . He sat by her bed, held her in his arms, tightly around her, and pressed his chin against her black hair .

Her hand moved, and Lu Chen looked down . Her hand changed position and shook his fingers, with her careful thought . Lu Chen only clasped her hand . She leaned against his chest, and her voice was crying . She was so aggrieved:

“… Your Majesty … I’m in pain … I’m so scared … “

“Don’t be afraid, you will be fine …”

The bitter and rough mood overflowed in his chest, Lu Chen held her tightly, but suddenly closed his mouth and stopped talking, because there was a hint of coolness in his hands . He knew that she was crying . She was crying very sadly .

“Your Majesty … ”

It was the voice of the imperial doctor . Lu Chen turned around and looked at him with no expression, but the imperial doctor felt heavy pressure . He did not dare to delay anymore . He hurriedly said, “Your majesty, Imperial Concubine Luo’s child has been saved!”

Lu Chen tightly hugged Luo Ran’s hand, and suddenly loosened . He closed his eyes and then felt that his worried heart finally stopped shaking . It seems like he has been given a new lease of life . He heard Luo Ran suddenly cry harshly, crying that she was worried and afraid .

Lu Chen was finally able to speak . He caressed Luo Ran and gently said, “It’s all right, it’s all right . ”

The smell of blood in the room had not dissipated . He listened to her crying and shouting, “Your Majesty, I am so scared . ”

“I know . ”

How could she not be scared?

Even in this season, the clothes behind him are already wet, because he is also afraid, afraid to stay all the way, afraid to open his mouth, afraid that as soon as he opens his mouth, others will know that he is afraid .

For a long time, she was tired of crying, and her voice gradually went down . It was not until he could not hear her voice that Lu Chen looked down . She had fallen asleep . Lu Chen breathed a sigh of relief, wiping away the tears from the corners of her eyes and putting her on the bed .

He stood by and looked at her for a long time before he turned around and went out .


Zhou Xi waited outside for a long time but still didn’t see Lu Chen when the doctor came out . When she got the doctor, he said that Luo Ran’s child was saved . She was relieved but also disappointed .

At this time, she saw Lu Chen come out and wanted to explain, but she saw his dark look . The night outside was rolling behind him, which made him look a little bit colder . Zhou Xi’s lips trembled and dared not speak .

Lu Chen did not look at Zhou Xi but first looked to the doctor to the side: “Imperial Concubine Luo is pregnant . Why didn’t you come to see it when you asked for her pulse?”

The Imperial doctor wiped the sweat from his forehead and knelt down . “Answer Your Majesty, Imperial Concubine Luo’s body was weak . These months, she often uses some tonics medicine, and Imperial Concubine Luo was only one month pregnant, which had a very shallow pulse . Because of her body, it is even more difficult to see . ”

Lu Chen frowned slightly, paused for a while, then asked, “How is she?”

“Imperial Concubine Luo is not in good health . Getting pregnant is not an easy thing for her . But now she nearly had a miscarriage, and delivering this baby would be hard . ”

This sentence is more difficult to hear, Lu Chen’s hand is tightened, and his face was cold .

He closed his eyes . After a while, he opened them . He stopped looking at the doctor and looked at Zhou Xi with cold eyes: “Did you hit her?”

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Zhou Xi has never saw him look like this, biting the tip of her tongue and her voice trembling: “I, this Chenqie*, didn’t mean to . I didn’t know she was pregnant…”

(*TN: self-appellation of a lower-rank wife . )

Lu Chen did not want to listen to her explanation, he only needed to know who had hurt her: “I was kind-hearted before . ”

Zhou Xi turned pale when she looked at him . The last time Luo Ran just fell into the water, he threw herself into the lake, but Liu Yu interceded for her . Then, this time, what would he do?

Lu Chen reached for De Gonggong: “Demote her position and send her to the cold palace . Wait for Imperial Concubine Luo to wake up and let her deal with it personally . ”

Lu Chen doesn’t want to waste his breath on Zhou Xi . What’s more, she should want to solve it by herself .

When thinking of Luo Ran, Lu Chen’s eyes had a little warmth, but it was also fleeting . It seemed that Lu Chen smelled the strong smell of blood again and Lu Chen’s face became even colder .

Zhou Xi fell to the ground, stretched out her hands to pull Lu Chen’s clothes and cried: “Your Majesty! Chenqie didn’t do it on purpose!”

When she was dragged down by the palace maid, she suddenly remembered something . She suddenly looked at Lu Chen and shouted, “Your Majesty! It’s not me! It’s her! It was Imperial Concubine Luo who bumped into me!”

Lu Chen suddenly laughed and said, “Not pulling her down yet!”

Zhou Xi knew that Lu Chen didn’t believe her, but what she said was true . She didn’t bump into Luo Ran . She just remembered that the path was not narrow . How could she bump into her? Since she didn’t bump into Luo Ran, it was Luo Ran who bumped into her .

Lu Chen stayed with Luo Ran all night and didn’t leave until time to go to court .

After he left, Luo Ran woke up with trembling eyelashes . Qing Ru stepped forward to wait on her and leaned slightly . She looked at Luo Ran’s face, which was much better than yesterday .

Qing Ru pressed her doubts all night, finally can’t help but ask: “Madam, have you known that you were pregnant all along?”

Luo Ran looked up at her and was slightly surprised: “why do you think so? How can I know that I’m pregnant? Even the Imperial Doctor doesn’t know that I am pregnant . ”

Qing Ru looked at her eyes and always felt something was wrong, but she also knew that she was right . The doctor didn’t know . How could she know? There’s no way she’s better than the doctor, right? Dispelled the doubt in the heart, Qing Ru hated Zhou Xi even more .

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Now she and Luo Ran are tied together . If Luo Ran has a miscarriage, it will not do her any good . Only when Luo Ran is well, she would also be well .

She bowed her head and tidied up the bedding for Luo Ran . She didn’t see Luo Ran looking at her, and the corners of her mouth warped slightly .

She had a special body, and as soon as the child fell on her, she knew that her physique was different from that of others . Coupled with the protection of Qi’er,she just didnt want to give birth . It’s hard .

Because of her body, Lu Chen doesn’t allow her to get out of bed . She stayed in Luoyun palace for two months until the doctor said that the fetus was stable and then she was able to leave Luoyun palace . Now it’s spring .

She was pregnant and unable to sleep, but Lu Chen did not go to any other palace . On this day, he laid on the bed with Luo Ran in his arms, gently protecting her belly with one hand, thought for a moment, and said to her:

“Zhou Xi is still in the cold palace . Do what you want . ”

He had forgotten all about this person, but today De Gonggong suddenly mentioned her, saying that she was making a noise in the cold palace and wanted to see him . She also said that she was wronged and that it was Luo Ran who bumped into her .

He didn’t believe these words, but he couldn’t allow her to slander and gossip arbitrarily, but he couldn’t let the people in the palace disbelieve him . If there was a strange look in his eyes, it would be detected by a sensitive person because he is afraid she would think that he is bored in his heart again .

Luo Ran leaned against his arms . Her eyes were curved . After listening to his words, she pursed her lips and said hesitantly, “Your Majesty, maybe Imperial Concubine Zhou didn’t mean to, and she didn’t know I was pregnant . ”

Lu Chen shook his head: “She doesn’t know you’re pregnant, maybe it’s true . But it is an indisputable fact that she bumps into your honor guard . You don’t have to defend her . This time you are lucky . You didn’t have an accident . If there was an accident―…”

Lu Chen suddenly stops . He doesn’t want to think about Luo Ran’s pale face lying on the bed . He doesn’t want to think about the bloody smell of Luoyun palace that day . He doesn’t want to think about the impossible .

He felt the person in his arms tremble for a moment, and when he closed his eyes, he saw that her face was slightly pale . Even thinking of that day, she bit her lip lightly and hesitated in her eyes, but eventually, she didn’t speak and just buried herself in his arms .

Lu Chen heard only a muffled voice from her: “Okay . ”

Lu Chen sighed in his heart . She was still too soft-hearted .

“Don’t mind it . ”

I’d better come . I don’t want your hands stained with blood .

Luo Ran withdrew from his arms and looked at him with her eyes open . With some astringency, her fingers tentatively hooked his hand, again and again, until Lu Chen was discouraged to look at her, she smiled and bent her eyes, and her voice was clear:

“Thank you, Your Majesty . ”

Luo Ran seemed to think for a moment, frowned slightly and looked carefully at Lu Chen, but said earnestly, “Tomorrow, I’ll go and see her . ”

Lu Chen made a move with reluctance: “You are still pregnant, don’t approach her . ”

She surrounded his waist and said softly, “Your Majesty, it’s all right . Just rely on me . ” She bit her lip and trembled her eyes, and then slowly said, “I wronged her first . ”

Lu Chen looked at her and saw a bit of guilt hidden in her eyes . After all, she was soft-hearted . Although he didn’t think Luo Ran owed her, he didn’t want Luo Ran to feel guilty again . If she went to take a look and could feel better, then go .

Lu Chen poked the tip of her nose and said with a smile, “Okay, just take a palace maid with you . You can’t meet her alone . ”

She smiled and her eyes seemed to have stars scattered in them: “Thank you, your Majesty . I know . ”

Lu Chen doesn’t want to talk about other people anymore . He touches her belly and asks her, “Is he making trouble for you?”

Luo Ran shook her head and covered his big hand with some tenderness in her eyes: “No, he is very good . ”

“You must understand her and be a good boy . ” Lu Chen was relieved, and he had also heard that pregnant people could not eat well or sleep well, but no one in his palace had ever been pregnant, and he did not know that now the child didn’t disturb her . That would be good .

Luo Ran could not help but laugh . She raised her eyes and looked at him softly, pursing her lips shyly, slowly approaching him and kissing the corners of his lips . Lu Chen didn’t respond . She blushed first . She lowered her voice, as if embarrassed:

“Our child is extremely good . ”

Lu Chen looked at her without speaking, but there was a smile in his eyes .

The sunlight from the window came in, shining on the flower branches beside the window . It seemed to cross a layer of gold, which was extremely dazzling . The room was quiet, but full of tender feelings .