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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 . The First World


Three days later, Xiao Lizi delivered a message to her, saying that the frontcourt had nothing to do recently, and the Emperor was ready to go to the harem .

Luo Ran didn’t worry about a chance encounter . Since he entered the harem, he would naturally come to this Liuli Palace . She sat in front of the bronze mirror, took the rouge and lightly pointed her red lips, which became more and more beautiful . Lu Ran’s red lips were smiling, waiting for the noise in the palace .

Sure enough, in a short while; Lu Chen arrived, accompanied Zhou Xi to have lunch . Because Zhou Xi has the habit of taking a nap, Lu Chen occasionally sleeps with her for a while then occasionally sits in the study .

And that’s when Luo Ran got her moment .

When she walked out of the room, she saw a palace maid carrying tea and water to the study . Luo Ran stepped forward and stopped her . She was also a second-class servant girl like Luo Ran, she naturally knew Luo Ran . Although she had some pity for her situation, but that was all .

That’s why Luo Ran stopped her . If it was those older maids, Luo Ran would have hesitated .

Qin Ru looks at the person who is standing in front of her and frowns . She didn’t know what she was going to do: “I’m going to send tea to the Emperor, so I can’t delay . ”

“I know . ” Luo Ran glanced at her timidly, then quickly lowered her head . A pair of white and delicate jade hands were twisted together, and she said stiffly, “let me help you . ”

Everyone in the palace are very clever . As soon as she said this, Qing Ru knew what she meant . Then she changed her face, looked around, pulled her with one hand and lowered her voice: “Do you want to die?”

Luo ran was in a hurry, so tears hung around the corner of her eyes, with a trace of grievance: “Sister knows that… if I don’t take this step, how much longer could I live?”

Qing Ru paused . She knew that she was telling the truth . When she heard the news, it seemed that her mistress was going to send Luo Ran away . But those senior maids were dissatisfied with her for a long time, saying that they were going to send her to the laundry room, where there was nothing good .

However, Qing Ru frowned, there was hesitation in her eyes . Even though she sympathized with Luo Ran, if she let her go today, what should she do if he later blamed her?

Luo Ran seemed to know Qing Ru’s worries and said in a low voice, “if I can succeed, naturally, I’ll make you a senior palace maid . ”

Qing Ru listened to her words, looked at her carefully, and saw that her eyes seemed to contain a myriad of watery lights, a look that she couldn’t help but feel pity for . She bit her teeth and gambled!

“Okay, I’ll let you go . I hope you keep your word . ”

Luo Ran looked grateful: “Thank you, Sister . ”

When those words fell, Luo Ran took the silver plate from Qing Ru’s hand and turned and walked towards the study . Her hair blew with the wind, covering the slightly tilted corners of her mouth .

Standing at the door of the study was Xiao Lizi, looking at Luo Ran who was holding tea, with eyes flashing . Luo Ran lips smiled at him, soft and weak . Xiao Lizi stood away from the line of sight, according to the agreement; tested the tea with a silver needle, and opened the curtain to let her in .

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He stood in his place again, resist looking back, and finally lowered his head to hide the sadness and worry between his brow .


There was no one else in the study, Lu Chen was the only one there . He was sitting at his desk and heard the sound . He did not look up, he was still looked through the book in his hand .

Luo Ran gave him a second look . The man reading the book, both in appearance and bearing, was naturally excellent . Lu Chen was dressed in casual clothes, even so, he still gave off an imposing momentum just sitting there .

“This maid has seen the Emperor . ”

Luo Ran took the tea and took two steps forward, bending her waist carefully . Her elegant palace skirt added a bit of femininity to her . She opened her pair of timid eyes, her voice was crisp, but it had a soft and waxy feeling .

Lu Chen heard the sound, closed the book in his hand, and looked up . He saw the person in front of him looking at himself timidly . He saw her looking up, she hurriedly lowered her head again, just a little flush around her eyes, revealing a white neck .

Lu Chen felt a movement in his heart . He put down the book in his hand and rubbed his fingers twice . He saw that the dress she was wearing was the palace dress that had just been sent this year . It can be seen that it was brand-new . A delicate hairpin was attached to her hair . What did she want? Both of them knew .

Lu Chen had an indifferent expression: “Get up . ”

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Luo Ran lowered her head and slowly stood up, showing her graceful posture . She stepped forward lightly, put the tea on the table, and stood awkwardly aside . The white jade hand stirred uneasily .

Lu Chen took a sip of tea and didn’t speak . He took back his eyes and continued to look at the book in his hand . However, he allowed Luo Ran to stand aside . He didn’t tell her to stay or leave .

Luo Ran lowered her head and didn’t hear anything for a long time . She slowly raised her head and looked up . She saw that Lu Chen had taken the book and faced herself to his side . Luo Ran bit her lip . She didn’t understand the Emperor’s meaning . She tentatively raised her foot and stepped forward then she stopped again . Lu Chen didn’t respond . His Majesty seemed to give tacit consent . Luo Ran trembled as if she was hesitating and afraid .

Lu Chen saw Luo Ran’s actions from the corner of his eye, especially when she finally stopped . Lu Chen seemed to want to give up . Lu Chen wanted to turn the page . He did not make a move because it would hurt Xi Er’s pride if he took the maid here in Liuli Palace .

However, the maid’s actions did agree with him, when she hesitated a little, but at this time she seemed to want to withdraw . He frowned again . Before Lu Chen could think it over, he suddenly felt something soft behind him . Lu Chen had just prepared to turn and felt those soft arms reaching his neck .

Lu Chen did not hesitate any longer . He reached over the woman behind him and put her in his arms . He looked at her biting her lip tightly, afraid of making a sound . Lu Chen’s eyes darkened . He locked her waist with one hand and said with a heavy voice, “what are you doing?”

His cold and stern voice did not match his movement, but the woman in his arms was startled and the hands clasped around his neck tightened a little . Her eyes were glistening with water . Her white teeth clenched her lip and shouted weakly, “Your Majesty . ”

Her voice was sweet and charming, and she was also tender and weak, which made Lu Chen’s palm around her waist feel even hotter . Lu Chen lowered her body and took a closer look at her appearance . Her eyes were slightly amazing, no wonder a woman with such appearance had ambitions . No one else in his harem is comparable to her appearance .

Looking at the blush on her cheeks and the shyness in her eyes, Lu Chen heart was on fire, his voice was raspy . But he still looked indifferent: “why?”

Luo Ran saw that the Emperor didn’t seem to want what she wanted . Tears hung from the corners of her eyes for an instant . She wanted to fall back, she was flustered and scared . She had no way to retreat . She raised her waist slightly and leaned close to Lu Chen . Her lips inadvertently swept Lu Chen’s cheek . Her face suddenly turned red . however, she was holding back her shyness . She summoned up her courage and said, “Your Majesty, this slave wants to be with you . ”

At that moment of softness, Lu Chen also had a mishap . Listening to the explicit words of the woman in his arms, he felt an itch in his heart but felt that she was more and more in line with his own heart .

Lu Chen’s hand moved around Lu Ran’s waist, Luo Ran’s eyelashes quivered slightly . She understood Lu Chen’s meaning, loosened her arm around his neck, moved down gently, stroked his buckle while trembling, moved it lightly, and freed Lu Chen’s shackles .

Lu Chen pressed her on the table, looking at her silky seductive eyes, only one thought ran through her heart: Only a desk?! So unfair!

The people outside could clearly hear the movement inside . Several people bowed their heads . They did not expect that the palace maid who had just entered was so bold . This was still in Imperial Concubine Chen’s palace . If the Emperor disliked her afterward, would she have a good life?

Xiao Lizi, like other people, hung his head . The imperial eunuch beside the emperor just came back and listened to the news . He was surprised and asked, “who is the one who just went in?”

“Imperial Concubine Chen’s palace maid . ”

(TNote: I think “Chen Fei/ Imperial Concubine Chen” is “Zhou Xi”; her title in the palace . )