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Chapter 20

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She didn’t want to accept it . How could she accept it? She was very proud of herself . That’s why she looked down on Luo Ran from the bottom of her heart . So, how can she admit that it was all her selfish thoughts!

“… Lu Yu, how could you do this to me!  How can you give up!”

There was despair in her eyes, and there was supplication . Please, please, don’t break her last trace of pride .


Lu Chen’s face darkened instantly as he listened to her . He looked straight at Zhou Xi, his eyes were cold as if he were looking at a dead person . All the palace people in the room all fell to their knees . They just want to seal Zhou Xi’s mouth, who wants to hear such a scandal?!

Lu Yu seemed puzzled . Why would she say this? He raised his head and smiled wantonly on the corner of her mouth: “What Imperial Concubine Zhou just said, Benwang doesn’t understand . ”

When Zhou Xi saw that his eyes were cold, she remembered that he was the one who slaughtered 170 people in the Qi Prince’s Residence together with his servants . On that day, the smell of blood in the capital didn’t go away . How could she forget that he was a member of the royal family!

Zhou Xi’s eyelashes trembled, even though the truth was in front of her, she still didn’t give up: “Don’t you … like me?”

“Pfft–” Lu Yu laughed, and he stood up straight: “Why does Imperial Concubine Zhou like to joke around?”

Tears fell from the corner of her eyes . Zhou Xi bit her lips and swallowed all the voices . She stopped crying . She knew that she had already said what she said, and she had been ruined .

“Very well . ”

Lu Chen’s voice was cold and sharp, but she still shivered uncontrollably . She closed her eyes, and was afraid to look at Lu Chen’s face .

But it’s not that if she doesn’t look, Lu Chen’s face would get any better . Lu Chen never thought of Zhou Xi who always said that she had been pleased with him since she was a child, would have had such courage to hide this thought, seriously!

Lu Chen knew Lu Yu’s temperament, he used to love to help her, but because he loved beauty, Zhou Xi actually thought that he loved her? It’s hilarious!

Lu Chen frowned slightly . How could he have never found her such a mind before? Could it also happen this time? Lu Chen gently tugged at the corners of his mouth . She was also a vain woman .

“I’m afraid there’s no room for you in this cold palace . ”

Zhou Xi’s face went white . What does he mean? No! It must not be what she thinks! She looked at Lu Chen and shook her head desperately, hoping that Lu Chen would not say it . Don’t say it!

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, unwilling to have a little more emotion because of her: “Send her back to the Zhou family . Say that I, a royal family member, is not up to the standards of the girl of the Zhou family!”

Zhou Xi’s face collapsed . She wanted to open her mouth . Don’t! Don’t! She knew her mistake!

Lu Chen did not want to stay here any longer . He looked coldly at Lu Yu, hugged Luo Ran, and turned away . Lu Yu touched his nose and followed him without a glance at Zhou Xi behind him .

Only Luo Ran casted a glance at her .

She withdrew her sight and lowered her eyes . In the original text, she sent Luo Ran to Xian Wang’s mansion but afterward, as she has done now, she took Xian Wang as her personal belonging . She also put medicine in her food, ruined her face, made her get abandoned by Xian Wang, and then died suddenly in Xian Wang’s backyard .

Now, it’s revenge .


The sound of the impact behind her made everyone turn around . It was Zhou Xi who was released by the palace maid . She fell to the ground . Her forehead was scarlet, her blood flowed everywhere, mixed with her tears, and she looked at Lu Chen desperately with her eyes open .

Her eyes were full of pleadings . Don’t send her back .

Her Zhou family has been honorable for a hundred years and she can’t afford to lose this family!

The tears in her eyes flowed desperately . She was waiting for an answer, but until the dizziness came and her eyes closed, she still didn’t get the answer she wanted .

Luo Ran put her hands over her mouth . Her eyes were shocked and unbelievable . Before she could close her eyes, there was sudden darkness in front of her, Lu Chen blocked her view .

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Lu Chen looked at Zhou Xi . She was lying there quietly . The palace maid on one side trembled when she placed her fingers on her nose . After checking her breath three times, she took back her hand, lifted his clothes and she knelt on the ground, her voice shaking: “Concubine Zhou … has died . ”

Lu Chen did not move for a long time until he felt a wet sensation coming from his palm . He frowned slightly and looked at Luo Ran, but saw that Luo Ran frowned as if she was in some pain . He immediately panicked and hurriedly shouted, “Call the doctor!”

As soon as the words fell, Lu Chen picked up Luo Ran and ran to Luo Yun Palace .

Luo Ran bit her lip lightly as if she were speechless with pain . From time to time, some crystal fell from the corners of her eyes . Lu Chen holds her in a panic and leaves, but Luo Ran looks back through his neck, her eyes falling on Zhou Xi . Her eyes were slightly cold .

But for a moment, she withdrew her sight but did not expect to bump into Lu Yu’s sight . He looked quite as if he had long guessed that Luo Ran would see it . Luo Ran raised her mouth slightly . At the next moment, she buried her face in Lu Chen’s arms in pain, holding Lu Chen’s lapel with her white fingers .

Lu Yu stood where he had been, and stopped shaking the tassel . Thinking of the change of Luo Ran’s look, he smiled and whispered: “She was really … cold blooded . ”

Also very bad . No, it should be poisonous!

The palace servant behind him hesitantly stepped forward and asked him, “Your Highness, this … What should we do here?”

Lu Yu gathered his face, looked up, and looked back carelessly: “Didn’t Emperor brother say that, you should send her back to the Zhou family . Of course, we have to follow the imperial edict . ”

The palace servant swallowed his saliva and said, “Yes, this slave knows . ”

When several people lifted Zhou Xi’s body, they looked complicated . They don’t know if they should pity her . The beauty has died, but she still hasn’t changed his holiness thoughts . .

Although it was said that the dead are the greatest, in the end, the old is not as good as the new in this harem .


Lu Chen looked at the doctor in front of her impatiently: “How is Imperial Concubine Luo?”

“If I answer to Your Majesty, Imperial Concubine Luo should have been suddenly frightened, and then it moved her fetus . ” The doctor paused and said hesitantly, “Your Majesty, I have said before that it should be more difficult for Imperial Concubine to bear this baby and should not be frightened any more . Ordinary people are considered dangerous, what’s more … Imperial Concubine’s body … ”

The doctor did not finish his words, but Lu Chen also understood what he meant . He frowned and looked at Luo Ran’s eyes with some worry . Luo Ran’s eyebrows tightened at this time . It isn’t hard to see that she was in some pain: “Is Imperial Concubine Luo in danger now?”

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“This… There should be no more . However, it’s better for Imperial Concubine Luo to stay in bed and recuperate . Her baby can’t stand any more troubles . ”

As soon as his voice fell, Lu Chen’s face sank . He glanced coldly at the doctor, but knew that he only told the truth, reached out and smoothed Luo Ran’s frown, and waved to the doctor:

“Go down and prescribe . ”

Not long after the doctor went down, Luo Ran woke up with trembling eyes . Lu Chen was sitting by her bed . As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Lu Chen’s frown . There was a touch of panic in her eyes . She suddenly took Lu Chen’s hand and said with some caution and fear: “Your Majesty … My child?”

Lu Chen regained his thoughts and patted her hand: “Don’t worry, it’s all right . The child is fine . ”

Luo Ran breathed a sigh of relief and lay limp on the bed, panting slightly .

Lu Chen felt a little distressed . He helps her to tuck in her quilt: “The doctor said, you need to stay in bed and recuperate, and not be frightened again . ”

Luo Ran was stunned and knew what Lu Chen meant . She pulled Lu Chen and said timidly, “Is it true that if I have a good rest, the child will be alright?”

Lu Chen touched her cheek and nodded: “Yes . ”

Luo Ran nodded again and again: “I will have a good rest . I will certainly have a good rest! He will certainly be fine!”

Lu Chen sighed and personally fed her with the medicine . He didn’t leave until she fell asleep .

Lu Yu has been waiting for him in the imperial study for a long time .

“What’s the matter with you and Zhou Xi?”

Lu Chen frowned and looked at Lu Yu . If he hadn’t misled her, Zhou Xi wouldn’t have the courage to show her thoughts .

Lu Yu looked innocent: “Emperor brother, don’t you know me? I helped her in front of you several times before . Who knows, she didn’t like me before, and when you spoiled imperial concubine Luo, she immediately felt that I was better . ”

The more he said, he still felt aggrieved and complained: “Emperor brother, you don’t know, before my wedding, she suddenly rushed over and cried holding me . From the beginning to the end, I was in a state of ignorance . Emperor brother, I still feel aggrieved . I am also a prince . Since when does she need to be high above and give a little bit of love like alms?”

Lu Yu flashed sarcasm in his furrowed eyebrows and thought of the tone of charity that day, as if she had responded to him, it was his great blessing . Lu Yu thought it was funny . He thought she was just a little pure and lofty, but didn’t think that she thought so highly of herself .

“Have you met before? Still holding each other?” Lu Chen knew him and didn’t listen to his pretended grievance . He asked directly .

Lu Yu’s face froze and he touched his nose and said with a smile: “Emperor brother, it’s none of your business!”

Looking at Lu Chen’s face was still not good, Lu Yu could also understand that if the woman in his backyard was suspected of having an affair with other men, putting them to death was a light punishment . If it’s not because he was the brother of the emperor, how can he tolerate himself still here to defend himself?

Lu Yu explained with some caution: “That was the day when I came to pay respects to my mother before marriage . Zhou Xi stopped me but I didn’t want to!”

Lu Chen sneered and didn’t believe him at all: “If you hadn’t let her go, would she think she was close to you?”

Lu Yu coughs softly . He just wants to see what kind of situation Zhou Xi can achieve . Is it the same as the fickle woman in her mouth? But Lu Yu dare not say it . Lu Chen’s sight was cold enough . He doesn’t want to be punished .

“If I had liked Zhou Xi, I would have directly asked father for marriage . Why would it be so troublesome?”

Hearing his mumble, Lu Chen would laugh angrily: “You don’t like Zhou Xi . I always know that I am only angry with you for being unclean! Which girl do you like? There are so many women in the capital for you to choose!”

Seeing Lu Yu’s mouth curled, Lu Chen scolded him: “If the actions between you and Zhou Xi spread out, do you still want your reputation? Do you still want the face of the royal family?”

Lu Yu may not care about his reputation, but when it comes to the royal face, Lu Yu dare not ignore it . Now he seriously said: “Yes, Emperor brother, it is me who was negligent . I know I was wrong, and I will never do it again in the future!  Brother, you can rest assured . ”

Lu Chen threw down his folded hand and glanced at him coldly . He often made mistakes and quickly admitted them, but he refused to correct them .

Lu Chen didn’t want to talk to him anymore, waved his hand at him and said with a headache, “Leave now . ”

“Yes, I’m leaving!”

Lu Yu touched his nose, peeped at Lu Chen secretly, and hurried out .