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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 . The First World


After the event, Lu Chen took Luo Ran to his seat . The purple plainclothes he had been wearing had been draped over her at this time, only vaguely revealing her white skin with the red marks he just left .

Lu Chen put on his inner garment but didn’t tie it on . Luo Ran’s arms, circled around Lu Chen’s waist, attached to his skin, and he felt the delicate and smooth touch between his waist . Lu Chen’s eyes were slightly satisfied, and his voice seemed to have some warmth: “What do you want?”

Although all harem women wanted to be superior, but few dared to do what she did . Of course, she was the only one who made him this satisfied .   However, in the name of ‘recommending oneself as a pillow’, it is natural to ask for something . He just didn’t know what to expect in her request .

(TNote: recommending oneself as a pillow = taking the initiative to offer her body to him in bed . )

After just a few intimate moves, Luo Ran seemed to open up a little bit, holding his arm tightly, sticking her lips to Lu Chen’s ears, and whispering: “This slave… this slave, just doesn’t want to be bullied anymore . ”

Lu Chen listened to her words, frowned, and looked at her face again . There was a flash in his eyes . It was normal for her to be excluded in the palace . The warm and humid breath answered in her ears . Lu Chen didn’t make a promise, but said to her, “don’t call yourself a slave in the future . ”

Luo Ran saw Lu Chen’s meaning, and her voice trembled slightly . Her hands climbed Lu Chen’s neck, pasted herself on his chest, and printed her red lips on his cheek . Lu Chen looked at her darkly . Although she was bold from her ‘self-recommendation’, he didn’t expect that she would do this .

Luo Ran also saw the look in Lu Chen’s eyes . Her cheeks were red and she bowed her head coyly . Her eyes looked straight at Lu Chen as if they had been washed by water . She spoke timidly, “I was just happy . Thank you, Your Majesty . ”

Thinking of what Lu Chen said just now, Luo Ran hurriedly changed how she called herself and shyly buried her face in Lu Chen’s neck .


At the main hall of Liuli palace, Zhou Xi just woke up . Her consciousness was still hazy, she just felt that the atmosphere in the palace was not right, but she didn’t think much about it . She sat up with help from Zi Fu’s and asked softly, “where is the Emperor?”

Zi Fu lowered her head and thought of what happened when her mistress was sleeping . Her face was pale and she didn’t dare speak .

Zhou Xi finally realized that something was wrong . Her soft eyes moved and he asked with a light smile, “what happened?”

Zi Fu shuddered and said, “His Majesty went back . ”

“Back?” If he just went back, how could she show this expression?

“It’s just that… the Emperor took two people away . ”

Zhou Xi’s face sank . Looking at the palace people who dare not speak loudly, she could probably have guessed what had happened . Her face changed dramatically, but she didn’t want to believe it . How could the Emperor do this to her?

“Who?” He spoke softly, but a cold glint flashed in her eyes .

“Luo Ran and Qing Ru . ” Having said that, Zi Fu lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Zhou Xi .

Luo Ran? At the thought of her appearance, Zhou Xi couldn’t help change her expression: “What happened? Tell me clearly!”

Having never seen an imperial concubine look like this before . Zi Fu shuddered and told her the whole thing again . In addition, she had long been dissatisfied with Luo Ran . So, she added: “Mistress, the Emperor left with Luo Ran in his arms . Mistress has been so kind to her, but this is how she repays your kindness!”

After listening to Zi Fu, Zhou Xi knew that Qing Ru must have been involved, otherwise, why would Luo Ran take her? It’s just that, the Emperor did it in her palace, has he no consideration for her?

Zhou Xi’s hand clasped the table edge, and her nails, which had been carefully maintained in the past, were destroyed with a crunching sound . Zi Fu did not dare to speak anymore . She lowered her head and heard a muffled voice of her Mistress: “Cheap maid!”

Zi Fu’s neck shrinks . Although the Imperial Concubine looks gentle and considerate in front of the Emperor, she is domineering when she is at home . No one has provoked the Imperial Concubine in the past . She naturally wouldn’t just erupt . But now, no one can imagine how the Imperial Concubine would deal with Luo Ran .

Without waiting for the reaction of all the people in the palace, there was another Noble Lady in the harem that day .

After sealing her as a Noble Lady, Luo Ran became a real master . Lu Chen was satisfied with her and let her live alone in Luoyun palace .

(TNote: A Noble Lady is different from a concubine; it’s said that they were there to entertain noble people in the palace; like play zither, or dance . While their relations with the Emperor is public ‘secret’, because they do not marry him officially like a concubine . Status lower than a concubine but higher than a normal servant . )

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Qing Ru washed Luo Ran’s body, her eyes were bright . She didn’t think Luo Ran really had such a great fortune . In her heart, she was glad to win the bet and felt a bit sour . If she wasn’t plain-looking, would she still have to serve other people all her life?

It’s easy to tell what Qing Ru was thinking, but Luo Ran doesn’t care about her . In the original world storyline, Qing Ru is also clear-headed . She knows that her appearance can’t enter Lu Chen’s eyes . Zhou Xi also has a close relationship with him, so she can’t get close to him . Later, she followed a Noble Lady who had just entered the palace and helped the woman to see the Emperor . However, Zhou Xi is her mistress after all . In the end, Zhou Xi won the battle in the harem .

Qing Ru’s mind adjusted quickly . Now that she is tied to Luo Ran, she naturally plans for her: “Mistress, you are now a Noble Lady, and Imperial Concubine Chen is on the opposite side . Do you have any ideas on what to do?”

Luo Ran turned to look at her, with a smile in her eyes, picked up a handful of water and sprinkled it on her body . She spoke softly and weakly, but casually: “it’s better to be in a higher position than her . ”

Qin Ru is surprised to see the smile in Luo Ran’s eyes . In the past, Luo Ran looked timid and weak . She didn’t expect that the gap between how she presented herself and how she is personally; was so big . She thought that she could make the Emperor ignore Imperial Concubine Chen’s face and just seal her as a Noble Lady . Qin Ru felt she underestimated her and stopped talking .

Zhou Xi is looking for trouble with Luo Ran . However, Luo Ran never came out .

Lu Chen luckily did not enter the harem for half a month after seeing Luo Ran several times . He also heard about the incident and went to Luoyun palace . Luo Ran sat on a soft couch with her hair hanging loose, a needle and thread in her hand, and staring outside the window in a daze . She was somewhat absent .

Lu Chen coughed softly . Luo Ran was surprised . In an un-careful moment, she pricked her finger . Her eyebrows puckered and she put her bleeding finger in her mouth . With a gentle sip, this one move made people feel pain and anxious to treat her wound .

Lu Chen sighed lightly, but his eyes were also filled with pity . Such a heavenly woman should not be disturbed by these human injuries . He approached her, puckered his brow and took out a handkerchief to wrap her finger .

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Luo Ran’s eyelashes quivered, it has its own delicate and touching meaning . She looked at Lu Chen’s gentle and pitying movements and suddenly jumped into Lu Chen’s arms . Lu Chen held her in his arms . He only felt that the fragrance was boundless, soft and gentle .

“Why are you sitting alone in your room?” The more he gets along with her, the more pity he has in his heart . Lu Chen worries about her being alone . She would entertain foolish ideas, and change her ways . He wants her to go out for a walk and take a break from it .

Luo Ran lowered her head in his arms, frowned, and said softly, “I like being alone, it’s quiet . ”

If he had not just seen her dejected and lonely appearance, Lu Chen would have believed her words . He sighed in his heart and knew that she was afraid to see her old mistress, and wanted to find a clean place . Not to mention that although Zhou Xi was gentle, it was only to him .

He frowned, stroked the corner of her eyes, looked at the dependence in her eyes, and suddenly thought of what she said that day; ‘unwilling to be bullied again’ . Lu Chen felt a quiver in his heart and almost blurted out a promise . However, he swallowed it at the thought of Zhou Xi’s gentle and lovely appearance in the past .

The night was so thick that it seemed too dark to melt away . The light wind blew through the bamboo forest and the hot air was surging through the water .

Lu Chen enveloped Luo ran, listening to her delicate voice; which seemed to tickle his heart, making him even more unrestrained . Her exquisite body, without the reserve and inflexibility of those noble women, boldly and powerlessly clings to him . Lu Chen’s actions were a little rough .

After the event, Luo Ran’s forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat and her eyes were red . She leaned on him lazily and coyly . Lu Chen looked at her . She seemed to like this move very much . Lu Chen caressed her body and said, “don’t be afraid . ”

Luo Ran was still a little confused, but she quickly responded . She bit her lip to suppress the joy in her heart . With a trace of gratitude, tears in her eyes fell down in strings . Her eyes were filled with gratitude, bright colors, like stars in the sky . She loosened her teeth and said softly, “thank you, Emperor . ”

Lu Chen wipes the dazzling tears, and the regret in his heart disappeared because of her reaction . His woman, who should have been protected by him; looks at him as if she wants to repay him . She acted shyly and boldly with sudden changes . Lu Chen’s other thoughts also faded away, and he leaned over and covered her delicate lips .