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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 . The First World


Zhou Xi returned to Liuli palace, broke two cups and calmed down .

She tore up Lu Chen’s handkerchief which she had embroidered beautifully on that day . Her eyes were calm and she was thinking about these days carefully . Since Luo Ran was able to win the Emperor’s sacred heart, she must have some ability . How could she not know that he was dissatisfied with her and went to the imperial garden alone? It was her own doing .

After thinking about this, Zhou Xi calmed down . She was temporarily blinded by anger; otherwise, how could she have been affected by Luo Ran’s simple way of doing things . She can maintain the glory of ‘Imperial Concubine Chen’, naturally, her heart should not be higher than the sky . Since she already knows that this Luo Ran should not be underestimated, she will not take her lightly .

When she closed her eyes and opened them again, she returned to the gentle and considerate Imperial Concubine Chen . She glanced at the delicate and beautiful face in the bronze mirror, which was not as delicate as Luo Ran . She smiled, and said softly, “take off the hairpin for Bengong . ”

A step behind her, Zi Fu was stunned, take off her hairpin? Aware of what Zhou Xi wanted to do, she disagreed: “What is this, Mistress? She is just a slave; how can you make amends yourself?”

“She used to be a slave, but now she is the person in the Emperor’s heart . Bengong just forgot this and made a mistake . ”

Zhou Xi raised her hand and pulled out a pearl hairpin from between her buns, a wisp of hair was scattered down . It doesn’t matter what position she holds in the harem . As long as she has the respect of ten thousand people, she can do whatever she wants .

Zi Fu listened to her words, her eyes flashed a trace of jealousy, but she didn’t say anything . She took down the hairpin on her head .


The night wind was getting cold . Lu Chen was resting in Yangxin hall in the evening, but when he saw De Gonggong coming in and saying something in his ear, he frowned and finally got up and walked out .

Zhou Xi was dressed in plain clothes and knelt down under the steps with her hair disheveled . Lu Chen saw her like this and narrowed his eyes . “What are you doing?”

Looking at Lu Chen coming out, Zhou Xi breathed a sigh of relief . The Emperor was still mindful of their previous friendship . Zhou Xi blushed slightly and smiled . “Your Majesty, don’t be angry with Xi’er . ”

The way she forced herself to smile aroused Lu Chen’s pity . He said softly, “do you know what you have done wrong?”

Zhou Xi knew what answer the Emperor wanted at this time, but she could not say it . Her tears in her eyes suddenly fell and she was stubborn: “If Your Majesty is speaking about Concubine Luo, then Xi’er will not admit her mistake! Xi’er is right!”

Lu Chen looked cold . If she doesn’t know what she did wrong, then what is she doing here today?

Zhou Xi stretched out her hand to wipe the tears on her face, and looked a bit like when she was a spoiled girl at youth: “Your Majesty, Xi’er is willing to admit her mistake because Xi’er is unwilling to make the Emperor angry and distance herself with the Emperor . However, Your Majesty, did you think of Xi’er’s feelings when you married Concubine Luo from Xi’er’s palace? She stabbed me in the back, and I slapped her in the face . Does the Emperor have to be angry for so long?”

Lu Chen frowned and his cold eyes melted away . It was indeed his fault, and it was only natural for her to be angry . However, Lu Chen’s eyes flashed; remembering Luo Ran’s tears hurt him, so he naturally did not want to wrong her .

“You get up . Don’t bother her again in the future . ”

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Zhou Xi put her hand at her sides and shook it tightly . Only then did she look carefully at Lu Chen, hiding the thoughts: “Emperor, you’re not angry?”

“Ng . ”

Zhou Xi’s mouth finally bloomed a smile . She picked up her clothes and stood up, threw herself into Lu Chen’s arms, encircled him, and looked at him with sparkling eyes . Her tender voice complained, “Your Majesty, you scared Xi’er . I thought you really didn’t want to take care of Xi’er anymore . ”

Listening to her charming complaints, Lu Chen patted her on the back, but he felt a little bored in his heart . He looked at the direction of Luoyun palace .

If that little woman is spoiled, it will make people’s hearts go soft; make people want to hold what she wants in front of her .

When the news reached the Luoyun palace, Qing Ru understood what Lu Ran said yesterday . Qing Ru frowned and looked at Lu Ran, who seemed to see nothing wrong . She gritted her teeth . Since Mistress could guess Imperial Concubine Chen’s actions, she would also think of a good way to deal with it .

However, in half a month, all the rumors in the palace have changed again . There are many things in the royal court, Lu Chen seldom entered the harem . Naturally, everything is left to Zhou Xi to take care of . In this case, how could Luo Ran have a good life?

Qing Ru couldn’t take it and wanted to see the Emperor, but she was often stopped by Luo Ran . Qing Ru asked her why, but she only smiled and said, it’s not yet time .

Today, Xiao Lizi entered the Luoyun palace to send a reward from the Emperor . Seeing Luo Ran become thin, he showed a severe frown and could not help but blame: “What is wrong with you? In order to find a safe place to live, you have lost yourself . Now, you have to do this . You might as well just be a palace maid . ”

Luo Ran smiled at him . Her charm was pitiful, but the spoiled pet raised by Lu Chen had long since disappeared . The sharper her chin, the bigger and brighter her watery eyes became . She only asked, “When will the Emperor be free?”

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The more Xiao Lizi thought, the deeper his eyes became . Was it wrong for him to help her? In the beginning, even though she was bullied by others, she was not as she is now . She put all her thoughts on one person . Xiao Lizi told her the Emperor’s whereabouts in a low voice: “Listen, Imperial Concubine Chen has sent someone to invite the Emperor to dine tomorrow . ”

Xiao Lizi only heard her soft waxy voice: “That is good . ”

When Xiao Lizi left, Qing Ru asked her what she wanted to do . Luo Ran smiled lightly: “Take a walk in the imperial garden . ”

“Now?” Qing Ru was stupefied .

“Yes, tomorrow it will be too late . ” Luo Ran ignored her surprise and simply walked out .

Luo Ran tied a jade pendant to her waist and a smiled between her brow and eyes . Shyly walking in the imperial garden and watched Zhou Xi’s ceremonial group beside the lotus pond . It seemed that she had long known that she was coming and had waited there specially .

With an imperceptible smile in her eyes, Luo Ran approached Zhou Xi like a lotus flower, swaying gently and bending down slowly . After several months of a master’s life, Luo Ran had the temperament of a small master, but still kept watery mist in her eyes: “Greeting Imperial Concubine Chen . ”

Zhou Xi called her up . Luo Ran lowered her head and leaned a little closer to Qing Ru, as if she was afraid of Zhou Xi .

Zhou Xi approached her side and smiled a little: “Why did Concubine Luo come out?”

Luo Ran looked at her timidly with tears in her eyes, but when she spoke, she smiled with a soft smile: “Naturally, will come out . Otherwise, it would waste the Imperial Concubine’s painstaking efforts . ”

Zhou Xi’s smile disappeared and her eyes were slightly cold: “Why stop pretending?”

Luo Ran bit her lower lip and seemed to feel very wronged: “The Emperor is not here . Who will the concubine pretend for?”

Zhou Xi felt a little more depressed and gently said, “cheap maid . ”

Luo Ran’s body trembled slightly, and the tears in his eyes fluttered down: “As we both are concubines of the Emperor, why should the Imperial Concubine humiliate this concubine so?”

Looking at her acting like this, Zhou Xi couldn’t help but want to tear her face, but didn’t think she actually dared to say that . What is her identity and what is this girl’s identity? She even dared to compare herself with her; at the beginning, she didn’t even have qualifications to enter the rooms!

(Tnote: Maids are divided into ranks; only high-ranking maids could enter the rooms of her masters to serve on intimate things . This means; before, Luo Ran was only a low-ranking maid who cleaned the outside and do heavy labor . ) 

She looked wronged and she let people look at her and spread it to the Emperor . Wouldn’t he think that she bullied her?

Out of the corner of her eye, Zhou Xi caught a glimpse of a man coming over . Suddenly, a little smile appeared on her mouth . She grabbed Luo Ran with one hand and with a worried look on her face she said: “What’s wrong with Concubine Luo?” As she spoke, she led her toward the river .

Luo Ran noticed her movements, a subtle smile flashed in her eyes . With her movements, she followed a few steps toward the river .